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Thread: Britney Vs Lady Gaga

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    Re: Britney Vs Lady Gaga

    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster View Post
    Lady Gaga. She's a tiny bit freakish to me, but her freak appears to be genuine, rather than contrived just to make a buck, even if she's raking in oceans of it.

    Spears just skanked up a line from decades ago to match the tastes of this era, uncreatively and only for the loot it would bring, in my opinion.
    I guess you didn't see the old photos of her from a few years back when she looked like Snooki.

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    Re: Britney Vs Lady Gaga

    I wasn't familiar with Britney's song but liked Lady Gaga's, so I went on YouTube to hear them both. I watched the music videos for them too.
    My Review:
    I didn't care for Britney's song at all, but I liked her video & WOW does she ever look great now! Clearly she's back to taking care of herself & putting her all into her music.
    I liked Lady Gaga's song before going into this. It's lively, catchy & fun. But her video... Holy cow! What was that??? I HATED it. It nearly changed my mind about liking the song.
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    Re: Britney Vs Lady Gaga

    Quote Originally Posted by RealityLovesMe View Post
    I guess you didn't see the old photos of her from a few years back when she looked like Snooki.
    Admittedly, I hadn't.

    And after reading your response, recalling I posted after too little sleep and ingesting too much sauce I admit I could have been off-basely opinionated from what I"VE SEEN and heard, reather than what might represent reality for most.

    Actually neither one of these is a favorite of mine, but I've generated more negatives about Spears than Gaga based on what I've READ and seen, not what I've listened to.

    This reminds me of a story I read in the paper a few weeks ago, Katy Perry vs. Adele; who's made more of an impact.

    My knee-jerk response was it had to be Adele, but after all the tabulations shown were finished, I had to agree that Perry has had more of an immediate impact than Adele, even though I believe that Adele is for the ages, and Perry for the moment.

    Both Spears and Gaga have entertained me; I just cop more of an attitude toward Spears for letting her life intrude with her work.

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    Re: Britney Vs Lady Gaga

    [QUOTE=norealityhere;4288659]While I happen to think Lady GaGa does have a very good voice, I do find her and all her music / presentation to be totally imitative of Madonna. QUOTE]

    I like Gaga's music but her ego turns me off. And I'm tired of the media going crazy over her crazy costumes and persona. They act like she's so original but she's a total rip off of Madonna.

    I like both artists but if I had to pick a favorite, I'd go with P!nk every time. Even though she isn't one of the two choices.
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    Re: Britney Vs Lady Gaga

    Hold It Against Me all the way! I love Britney and have followed her entire career and feel like I've grown up with her (she's four years older than me) and have always found her fascinating and her music addictive. For me the first single she releases off of each of her albums are always the HUGE, cinematic type songs that when they come on you wanna just stop everything and listen. Hold It against me was all that and more and went perfectly with her previous first singles like Baby One More Time, Oops, and Womanizer. I just absolutely loved it.

    Since the release of Hold It Against Me I have absolutely fallen in love with Femme Fatale and think the entire album is an absolute masterpiece minus two songs (Trip To Your Heart and Don't Keep Me Waiting <--just can't get into them). But the rest of the album is pure genius with Till The World Ends, Trouble For Me, Up N Down, Seal It With A Kiss, Criminal, and I Wanna Go being absolute favorite of mine. Also look at Gasoline, Selfish and Drop Dead Beautiful as classic Britney guilty pleasures. Just an all around great album that is classic Britney while being something totally new and different. Amazing album. Britney all the way.

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