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Thread: MTV Video Music Awards 2009 (Sep 13)

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    Re: MTV Video Music Awards 2009 (Sep 13)

    Quote Originally Posted by KeepItReal;3701126;
    Kanye is a classless loser. I love how the local radio station here has put him on a "time out". Every time they play a record he collaborated on and his turn to rap comes up they cut the song off and say "uhh ohhh, Kanye's on a time out, let's move on to the next one"...
    they said on our local news this morning that a radio station (i don't remember where) would start to play his music, but after about 10 seconds, they would stop it and play a taylor swift song instead.

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    Re: MTV Video Music Awards 2009 (Sep 13)

    I love this thread. It brings the laughs.

    My favorites:

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher;3700852;
    I watched last night and I don't normally watch awards shows. I think this one just got left on after ABDC was over!
    Anyway, a few thoughts:

    I thought Madonna did a wonderful job talking about MJ. I also liked watching the performances to his music. I didn't think it fell flat at all. I did think it was odd that I couldn't hear Janet during the Scream performance, but I just overlooked it because I was enjoying the show.

    I am generally ambivalent when it comes to Beyonce, but I thought her performance was really very good. She also showed a lot of class calling Taylor out to have her moment instead of taking that time for herself. And on that note I felt terribly for TS. I enjoy a few of her recorded songs, but like one of the PPs, I don't think she is a very good live performer. However, regardless she did not deserve to have KW interrupt what should have been a delightful moment for her. She is quite young as was clearly at a loss for words when he handed the mic back to her.

    I like Lady Gaga and I think she has an incredible voice. On the other had, she is definitely out there. Her performance ended and I looked at my husband and said something like "What the heck was she trying to say with that performance? Comment on health care? Take a stab at the paparazzi for being too aggressive?" and he said "She was talking about Princess Diana." At that moment I realized that only she probably knew what the heck her point was!

    I thought the host was a bit crass, but it's MTV so they would probably call him edgy instead...
    I agree with the last statement in the bolded part.

    "She was talking about Princess Diana." I also laughed here (I really don't know why, it's probably because I had never thought of it that way and thought it was a bit out there at first), but then I also thought that was a reasonable guess. The set was very royal. And Lady Gaga did end up dying at the end. But in the end, I was very intriguied by her performance also.

    On a side note, I thought Russell was much more mellow this year than last. He didn't make any controversial comments, I felt. He did pretty well as a host.

    Quote Originally Posted by fluff;3701108;

    Nickelback, well, it's just all a little fraught for my liking.
    It's just a song, lads. Lighten up.

    This is so true. I admit that their videos have gotten to me in the past. But now, it's just old.

    Quote Originally Posted by AJane;3702211;
    That has to be the best description of Nickelback I've ever heard..."a little fraught".

    I'm another Pink lover, but Katy Perry's tweet about Kanye - "it's like u stepped on a kitten" - had me rolling.
    My friend and I were just talking about this. What a funny comparsion.

    Kanye also wrote an apology on his site after the fiasco went down. He was probably drunk; everything was in caps. My favorite part was, "I LIKE THE LYRICS ABOUT BEING A CHEERLEADER AND SHE'S IN THE BLEACHERS!"
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    Re: MTV Video Music Awards 2009 (Sep 13)

    honestly i don't like lady gaga's music vidoes....
    i like her music not her videos...
    her songs is all over philippines..but churches criticize them...

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    Re: MTV Video Music Awards 2009 (Sep 13)

    My favorite tweet about the kanye fiasco was from chris masterson.. "I'm SO surprised that kanye would act like that, he is usually so in tune with the feelings of others" hee!
    Clay Aiken "when everyones working on it change isnt impossible, its inevetible"

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    Re: MTV Video Music Awards 2009 (Sep 13)

    I finally had a chance to watch that behind the MJ tribute show on MTV. It was nice seeing everyone come together to honor Michael. Only person I could think of who was missing was Fatima Robinson who did his "Remember the time" video. I love her work and I love that video so that's why she popped into my mind but it's amazing that they could get all of these top notch people in the same space at the same time to make this thing happen. It was surely a labor of love and a beautiful thing to witness.

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