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Thread: Country Music: Help!

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    Re: Country Music: Help!

    Quote Originally Posted by burntbrat;3378019;
    Nothing gets the bar singing like "You don't have to call me darlin', DARLIIIIIIN!!"
    You never even callllllllllllllllllll me by my naaaaaaaame.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Re: Country Music: Help!

    One song that I notices gets ALL the women up dancing is Shania Twain's: I feel like a woman. I cringe when I hear it, but it does seem to crowd the dancefloor.
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    Re: Country Music: Help!

    River of love- george strait
    Fried Chicken- Zac Brown Band
    anything by Brad Paisley although my favorites to hear at the bar are "celebrity", "online", "ticks", and "alcohol"
    Carrie Underwood songs are always fun
    Five O'Clock Somewhere- alan jackson and jimmy buffet
    I love this bar, whiskey girl, i should of been a cowboy, as good as I once was- toby keith
    I wanna fall in love, with you- lila mccann

    thats all I can think of for now
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    Re: Country Music: Help!

    You've got some great suggestions already. Off the top of my head, I'd add the following:

    Brother Jukebox by Keith Whitley or Mark Chesnutt

    Down at the Twist and Shout by Mary Chapin Carpenter

    Cleopatra, Queen of Denial by Pam Tillis
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    Re: Country Music: Help!

    While you're mentioning Gretchen Wilson, I'd also add "All Jacked Up". That's a great bar song and it's fun to dance to.
    Carrie Underwood "Before He Cheats" aaand "Last Name". In fact if some of the people dancing know the Canadian Stomp. Those are both perfect songs to do that dance to.
    Alan Jackson's new one. (Well, kinda new...CRAP! I can't think of the name of it. The video has a whole bunch of people all over the country doing a line dance to it.) I'll come back in and post it as soon as I figure out what it is.
    The name of the AJ song is "Good Time". There's a great dance to it for those who know it. Called the 4 Wall Dance. Another great AJ song to get up to the floor to is "Country Boy".
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