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I don't know if the comments above were directly addressed towards me, but if they were, I definitely don't think CB had any right to hit Rihanna. I was just saying, there must have been something between the two of them that caused him to do such a horrible thing. But still, the meaning behind it all does not justify his actions.

The police stated that Rihanna was indeed the woman who called in and said that Chris had hurt her (source is the second link I posted above). I'm still wondering what it was that led him to do this.

AsIs, I'm sorry that I brought up such an unfortunate situation to this thread. But it is related to the show itself since they were both scheduled to perform, and I was curious as to how others felt about it. I do agree with you, though, that he is ultimately responsible for what he did, no matter what the reason was.
CG, thanks for clearing it up. There has long been a pre-conception that the woman did x, so she deserved it. And unfortunately even in this day and age it the woman is still being treated like the criminal in many domestic violence cases, especially concerning rape. So I think anything that feels like a justification tends to hit hot buttons.

Please know I have always respected you as a poster and still do. It just hit one of my hot buttons.

In all situations both parties have a responsibilty. It is never 100% one side. But I firmly believe in almost every situation, leaving is better than coming to blows. And the press is talking about this more than the show so it is fair game. I just find it sad.