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Thread: First concert / Best concert / Worst concert

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    Kinda boring, I was in a bad mood that night, and someone put a cigarette burn in my best jacket.

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    Sorry to hear that. I thought Santana was a legend. Thanks for sharing !

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    Don't get me wrong, I like Santana's music. I just think when you're talking concerts, it's more than just the music, it's the experience as a whole. We had bad seats and I think there was something else going on that night I would rather have been at. No insult to Carlos Santana, I was just having a bad night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Best Concert: Wallflowers-'97, Springsteen-2001, Phish--The Great Went (Limstone, Maine)
    ooooh, i am so jealous of the Great Went-Limestone concert... i've been to 21 Phish shows since '91- would trade 20 of them in for a chance to see that show.

    First- ashamed to admit- Mister Mister (saw the Cure that same weekend)

    Worst- Mister Mister- they only had a few songs anyway- so they took 15 minute breaks after every other song- i ahve a feeling some sketchy things were going on in that back room...

    Best- Phish's Millenium concert in the Everglades. 2 days of camping and 18 hours of shows culminating with bringing in the New Millenium with 7.5 hours of bliss (last song was "Here comes the Sun" at daybreak... amazing.
    Honorable Mention: Inxs- "Kick", LIVE at Cornell U, Pink Floyd ('88, Orlando)

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    Oh man I've got you all beat on first, Donny and Marie! I was in 6th grade okay?

    Best-Duran Duran summer of 2000

    Worst-hmm toughie I guess I would have to say John Mellencamp only because he didn't play very long

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    I thought I would dig up this thread since I got back from the Linkin Park, P.O.D., Hoobastank and Story of the Year concert last night. It had to be the best concert ever, so high energy and loud. I had a blast and think a few other FORT member were there too...think they had a great time as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennajo
    The first concert I went to was Bad Company. I don't even remember who was with them, but it was great because I was 16, with my girlfriends, and we had to go out of state to see it! What a night!

    The best concert was Aerosmith.

    The worst concert was Eric Clapton, which I saw in St. Louis, and I got lost trying to get out of the Kiel center, took the wrong road. Man that sucked!
    It's funny now, but at the time, well, it was quite an ordeal. I won't drive in St. Louis ever again.
    I know you posted this almost a year ago but I'm just now got around to finding it.
    Hello from a fellow Southern Illinoisan!

    My first concert was at the Kiel Center - it was Motley Crue. I agree the driving is completely horrid. Especially since everyone I went with is just small town people. But we did have fun once we got there.

    My favorite concert was Metallica - It was Jason Newsted's Birthday. Metallica had a really good time that night. It was ages ago.

    ETA: Good bump Clipse.
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    It's fun to read what everyone's favourites were. After reading everyone's, i feel like i should share too.

    First concert: i got a late start (seemligly) at 17, and no field trips don't count, cuz then it'd probably be Sesame Street Live, and no, i'd be too embarresed to say that. The first show i paid for was a festival with Sponge, Tonic, Bloodhound Gang (who i went to see), Sevendust, Rev. Horton Heat, and a couple of other bands.

    Best Concert:
    -Bad Religion by far the best. I had waited 8 years to see them, and they never came around or played the warped tour [which i hate]. Every time they'd come by, something would come up (one year, i had to go in for a MRI, another time i was out of state, a third time they cancelled their local date for another day in NY instead) So they finally came by, and they played all the stuff that can be find on their various greater hits, and i, being one of the older ones there, actually knew all the words to all the songs
    Runner Ups: Cold, Stabbing Westward, Sugar Ray (Floored, when they were still thrash metal, not pop), Everclear (sparkle and fade tour)

    Worst: It's hard to pick a whole show...i got dragged to a pink floyd tribute show...and they're not my cup of tea, so we left halfway though it, ditching like half of my friends in the process.
    runner ups: no 'show' as a whole was bad, only certain bands on the bill. so ....

    but i'm too old now to go to shows. All 15 year old kids at the shows now. its a shame, but i had good times.

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    First--George Harrison, Dark Horse Tour, 1972
    Worst--Aerosmith early 80's (band too high to play) or Grateful Dead early 90's; I'm not really into the Dead anyway and the 'jam' thing bored me to death; very interesting crowd though.
    Best--hard to decide between Rolling Stones Steel Wheels, either of the 3 Queen shows that I went to, the Ramones, or Judas Priest (yes, Judas Priest!) 1983
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    Wow QueenB - nice mix of concerts... (you're one Rock Chick!!)

    I don't live in a capital city so I have not yet been to a concert.
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