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Thread: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    She really DOES go out of her way to be weird, doesn't she? But she could have taken it a step further I suppose. A cane to go with that Top Hat. And maybe a Mr. Peanut style monocle. And a cape.

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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    I CAN'T STAND KANYE WEST AND WISH HE WOULD JUST GO AWAY. HE IS SUCH AN EGOMANIAC AND YOU KNEW HE WOULD EXPLOIT HIS MOTHER'S DEATH. Not for nothing, but that "tribute song" had a line in it that he would buy his mama a big house and she wouldn't have to work. But even with all that money and him being "sooo responsible" wouldn't he make sure his mama got the best doctor to perform a surgery as such?? and his speeches....aaarrrgghhhh!!!!! IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!!! BET YOU MY KIDNEY HE WAS BITCHIN BACKSTAGE ABOUT THEM PLAYING MUSIC DURING HIS RANT.
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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    I actually enjoyed Kanye's performance...very inventive and cool...he's always been a smartass so that part hasn't really changed! I didn't get the feeling he was exploiting his mom in any way though

    Carrie looked and sounded great (as usual)

    I liked Beyonce's hair and her and Tina did great! I've seen Tina live before too Unk and she does do a FANTASTIC job!

    I thought Amy Winehouse did a great job....she seemed genuinely surprised that she won (?) Record of the Year...

    Memorable performances for me:
    Andre Bocelli and Josh Groban ....unfreakenbelievable! I love those 2!
    Carrie, of course

    And I was whooping and hollering when Prince was there and then right after that we had a little Morris Day and the Time!!! WOO HOO
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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    I think Tina Turner STOLE the show last night She looked HOT!

    Carrie was great as usual.

    Rhianna was so-so IMO. I didn't like her attire at all. She seems like to wear these "ballerina" dresses .

    I thought Kanye's performance was great as well. His "mama" song was very touching IMO.

    Fergie and John did well also.

    Amy Winehouse did ok as well. I also like the fact that she was genuinely surprised when she found out she won Record of the Year. Seeing that moment made me happy for her. She actually looked much better last night compared to all her tabloid photos!

    And lastly, who was that guy who won Album of the Year again?!?? I wish either Kanye or Amy Winehouse won it
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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    Quote Originally Posted by OutsideLookinIn;2790057;
    And lastly, who was that guy who won Album of the Year again?!?? I wish either Kanye or Amy Winehouse won it

    That was Herbie Hancock.
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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    Hee! I only caught the last 30 minutes of the show but I was laughing hysterically when Herbie Hancock won for Album of the Year. If there's one thing you can consistently count on is for the Grammys to be completely out of touch with reality. While I think Kanye West is an utter schmuck and a pitiful megalomaniac, he did churn out some decent stuff last year. I'm no Winehouse fan either, but you can't discount the fact that she made a pretty good album.
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    FORT Fogey
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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    Herbie Hancock?who is that. did they grammy people get bribed?

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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    Oh man, jacobson... you're making me feel old. Herbie Hancock was a huge jazz pianist from the 80s. I may not have really listened to his stuff, but you heard his name everywhere during those days.

    Much like MY favorite act of the night... The Time. Oh ee oh eee oh.
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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    -Loved the Beatles tribute. Beatles RULE!
    - Glad Amy Winehouse won for Rehab but I'm very disappointed that Feist was completely shut out after a fabulous year
    - Enjoyed the duet with Tina (she rocks)Turner and Beyonce.
    - Can't stand Jayz at all; he's ugly to boot.
    - Loved Tony Bennett. Pure class.
    - Also thought Alicia Keyes was great.
    - What on earth was Kanye West thinking when he got dressed? Puffy hoody under a suit with reflectors on the front. And those white glasses? Who is he trying to be, Elton John? Blech. He gets no respect from me.
    - Carrie Underwood is just so darn pretty.
    - I missed Fergie and John.
    - Hated Nellie Furtado's blond hair. WTH??
    - Adored the duet with Josh Groban & Andrea Bocelli. My favorite of the night.
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    Re: 50th Annual Grammy Awards CBS 2/10/08

    Carrie Underwood still so underwhelming for me. When I hear her sing I just feel like that was time I can never get back she is so boring.

    I went back in my wayback machine with Morris Day and the Time. I had to get up and dance to Jungle love.lol

    Tina & Beyonce excellent performance. Tina is just ageless!

    Am I the only one that felt that Kanye won because his mom died?

    Aretha Franklin-The dress was just dreadful she looked like Big Bird.

    I loved Fantasia's Dress and one half of her hair.

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