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Thread: Gossip on Brittney

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    Gossip on Brittney

    Britney: Mini-Madonna?
    Spears throws yet another hissy fit. Plus, are Stones offspring hooking up?

    From msn entertainment

    By BeatBoxBetty

    The talk is that a bar-hopping Britney Spears was getting around town famously with few problems, until she hit the uber-trendy Joseph's in Hollywood. Perhaps the night she popped in, they were fresh out of patience for divas. According to The Star, after Britney and two gal pals were given the best seats in the house, the perky tag team proceeded to light up cigarettes. When club bouncers asked for the smokes to be squashed, her burly bodyguards said she didn't have to. Well, apparently she sure does! It's the law here in Tinseltown and that's why she was thrown out of the club.

    Hmm, is it me or is Britney sounding more like Madonna every day? The two even swept away the competition at the recent Razzies. The annual spoof of the Oscars declared that Madonna tied for worst actress with fellow pop queen Britney, who made her dud of a debut in Crossroads. Britney also won Worst Original Song for "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" from the same movie. Perhaps the tune should be "I'm Not Above the Law, Not Yet Truly Obnoxious."
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    She has really become a spoiled brat. Kinda weird ~ the older she gets the more juvenile she acts.

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    Originally posted by holly71
    Kinda weird ~ the older she gets the more juvenile she acts.
    You could say that for a lot of celebrities, though.

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