In The Mists of Appalachia, Op. 114
New work by bigedlb

In the Mists of Appalachia : A Tribute to Charles Ives

“John Doe” arises in a medium sized city in the Appalachian Mountains and takes a stroll on a foggy morning down to the local diner for his scrambled eggs, wheat toast, and coffee. As he walks down the street he takes in all the sounds of the day, the birds, and the traffic. As he passes the High School, he hears the band practicing a familiar tune (Shenandoah), which gets stuck in his head. He continues on his journey , and finally reaches his destination, enters the diner, still hearing the sounds of the morning. The tuba player from the band comes into the diner, and sits next to him at the counter, ordering a stack of pancakes. The familiar tune has a fleeting moment in his mind.

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