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Thread: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    Quote Originally Posted by AJane;3207908;
    My favourite Joplin album. I know the Kozmic Blues Band stuff was a big departure from her earlier work, but I think this album showcased the raw emotion of her voice just brilliantly. I still can't listen to "Little Girl Blue" without tearing up.
    The past few issues, if they have mentioned Janice at all it hasn't been very kind. It'll be interesting to see, if they review the album, what they have to say about it.

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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    Razor, you made me curious enough to check. I found the review online (from November 1969). Janis is praised but her band is slammed.

    Janis Joplin: I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! : Music Reviews : Rolling Stone
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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    Rolling Stone Issue 42

    Dated September 20, 1969. Woodstock on the cover.

    RS says “Slapping the life into the newborn was American Rock & Roll music provided by the Woodstock Music & Art Fair.” They quote coverage in the New York Times that called it an “outrageous episode” & asks the question, “ What kind of culture is it that can produce so colossal a mess?” But, in a later editorial even the Times had to admit “the gathering was essentially a gathering of innocence.”

    Max Yasgur addressed the crowd on Sunday afternoon & said, “ I don’t know how to speak to 20 people much less 500,000, we had no idea there would be this many…& you have proven something to the world, that half a million kids can get together for fun & music & have nothing but fun & music.”

    The New York Post in an editorial says “ What is an event in social & generational history? The historians will have to reckon with it…these young revolutionaries are on their way…to slough away the lifestyle that isn’t theirs…& finding one that is.”

    The original estimate was for 60,000 & with that in mind the promoters had hired 346 police for crowd control. But, NYC issued a warning that the officers were not to moonlight, no cops, no crowd control & worst of all no traffic control. Roads were jammed for mile in all directions coming into Bethel. Finally hundreds of State Troupers were gathered to help.

    600 portable toilets were not nearly enough, fresh water trucks ran dry, & food concessions were immediately sold out & traffic made it impossible to get any more supplies into the place. Despite all these issues the local Constabulary had this comment “ They are the most courteous, considerate, & well behaved group of kids I have ever been in contact with in my 24 years in police work.”

    Original openers Sweetwater & their equipment were stuck in traffic & even though helicopters were used to get them to the site, they had to relinquish their opening slot to Richie Havens, followed by Sweetwater, Bert Sommer, Tim Hardin, Ravi Shankar, Melanie, Arlo Guthrie, & Joan Baez.

    Ticket booths & entrance gates were destroyed first thing causing the promoters to announce just hours into the thing that from now on it was all free. By Friday evening there were already 200,000 there with another 100,000 on the road.
    By Saturday afternoon there were 300,000 there & still another 100,000 on the way. Radio stations were asking people to stay away in one breath & in the next breath announcing that it was now a free show, which had the effect of driving more to go.

    The Saturday show opened with a group called Quill. The were followed by Country Joe & the immortal give me an F cheer. John Sebastian, Keef Hartley, Santana, The Incredible String Band, Canned Heat, Grateful Dead, Creedence, Janis, Sly & The Family Stone, The Who, & Jefferson Airplane closed it out.

    Sundays show was opened by Joe Cocker, The Fish appeared again, Ten Years After, The Band, Johnny Winter, & at 3am Crosby Stills Nash & Young made only their second concert appearance as a foursome, unexpectedly The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Sha Na Na, & at 8:30 am Jimi Hendrix finished things up. By the time Hendrix hit the stage & finished there were only 30,000 left in attendance. And it was over!!

    WNEW in NY has banned the song I Wanna Little Schoolgirl from airplay. The song is on the new Ten Years After album & is a cover of an old Sonny Boy Williamson blues tune, but it is now considered offensive.

    Graham Nash
    recovered from throat blisters & a three week layoff at doctors orders just in time to appear at Woodstock.

    Donovan is scheduled for a 7 week tour of the U.S.

    Harry Nillson has just finished writing 13 songs for a new TV show called The Courtship of Eddies Father.

    The Turtles are starting their own label called Blimp Records to be distributed by White Whale records.

    Joe Cocker is in LA finishing his second album. It is rumored to include a song called Something, written by George Harrison.

    There is an article that gives a track by track listing of the, (scheduled for December release), next Beatles album. Tentatively titled Get Back, it would be re-titled Let It Be, but it still wouldn’t be the next Beatles album. That would be Abbey Road. They even made some errors on the tracks. They listed Don’t Bring Me Down which isn’t on either album; Teddy Boy, which to my knowledge was never released by them; Octopus’s Garden was on Abbey Road not Let it Be; & they completely left off I Me Mine, Maggie Mae & Across the Universe.

    King Records, Capitol, Paramount & RCA were all bidding for the services of Ronnie Hawkins, but for a $300,000 bonus he has signed with Atlantic Records. Jerry Wexler will be at the helm of his first album getting set for Muscle Shoals studios.

    The husband of Joan Baez has begun to serve his 3 yr. prison sentence for being a draft dodger.

    Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs have re united & have just completed a new album in Nashville.

    Ads for groups or albums this issue:

    Arif Mardin - Glass Onion on Atlantic Records

    Love- Four Sail available on Elektra

    Buffy Sainte Marie - Illuminations a Vanguard Recording

    The Impressions - The Young Mod’s Forgotten Story on Buddah Records

    Blues Image - Blues Image on ATCO

    Joe South - Games People Play from Capitol Records

    Dan Hicks & His Hot Lick - on Epic Records

    Miles Davis - In a Silent Way on Columbia

    Moby Grape - Truly Fine Citizen on Columbia

    Album Reviews:

    Spooky Tooth - Spooky Two
    When Spooky Tooth tries to make it’s own sound it is less successful. The compositions are rather dull, the lyrics try to be far out like Procul Harem but mostly they end up just being conventional. They are probably great in person, their musicianship is excellent, the lead singer is particularly effective, & the excitement the band could generate in concert might make up for any musical daring….David Gancher

    The McCoy’s - Human Ball
    Human Ball is not a great album or a significant one on any level, but it does contain some of the most pleasant, least pretentious studio rock to appear in months. The question is how much of the credit goes to the producer & how much to the band? For all their flaws, the rock & roll tradition is alive & well in the music of the McCoy’s….Lester Bangs

    Other albums reviewed:

    Marty Robbins - Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs

    Wilbert Harrison - Let’s Work Together

    George Coleman - Bongo Joe

    Burton Greene - Presenting Burton Greene

    Skip Spence - Oar

    Mark Levine - Pilgrims Progress

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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    If I remember correctly (it's been a while since I saw the Woodstock documentary), Joan Baez mentions in her Woodstock appearance about her husband being in jail.

    I think that what I like about reading this stuff 40 years later is that we have SUCH a different perspective on the music, albums, songs, artists and events, than was had at the time it was going on. That's why I like reading, so keep on posting.
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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    Rolling Stone Issue 43

    Dated October 4, 1969. The Underground Press on the cover.

    This issue includes 25 pgs. On the Underground Press, I skipped it. Sorry, not to interested.

    Bob Dylan has just made his first public appearance in concert in more than 3 years. Despite all the rumors that he would be at Woodstock to perform with The Band, he skipped that event & chose instead to show up at The Isle of Wight Festival. The event also had The Band, The Who, Joe Cocker & Richie Havens among others, but the 200,000 in attendance were there in large part to see Bob. He was reportedly paid $84,000 for this show. An unheard of amount in 1969. For example it is also reported that The Who were paid less than 1/6 of what Dylan got.

    The magazine is finally reporting that the next album by The Beatles will be released in October & will be named Abbey Road.

    In the midst of many personal issues, (her failed marriage, an arrest for disorderly conduct, & hospitalization for mental & physical exhaustion), Aretha Franklin has put her career on temporary hold.

    Frequent RS contributor, Jon Landau, has taken a leave of absence to produce the next album by the MC5.

    And he’s not the only RS person to get into the producing business, it seems as though RS head honcho Jann Wenner is in the studio producing the first solo effort by Boz Scaggs. On a personal note: I wasn’t aware that Jann had produced this album, but it is truly a great first effort from he & Boz. If you haven’t heard it, I’d suggest giving it a listen. It is worth the effort for the incredible Loan Me A Dime alone, & you’ll also be hearing some wonderful slide guitar by a young Duane Allman.

    The Youngbloods are in feuding mode with Johnny Carson. They were scheduled to appear on his show, but the set & lighting were evidently horrible & they complained to everyone. So, Carson “wiped their noses, told them they had been in showbiz a day & a half, & sent them home.”

    Switched on Bach, by Walter Carlos has become the first ever Gold Certified record done on Moog Synthesizer.

    Back in May, in New Orleans, 6 members of the Jefferson Airplane band & entourage were arrested in New Orleans for possession, all charges have been settled & everyone was given either suspended sentences or had the charges dropped.

    Concert promoter extraordinaire Bill Graham is branching out into the record business. He is starting a record label called Fillmore & plans are to kick it off with 3 releases. Elvin Bishop, Aum, & Cold Blood all have albums ready to go.

    CSN&Y have just completed a sold out 7 night gig at the Greek Theater in LA. For the week the band made $70,000, & performed for 30,000 fans. Joni Mitchell was the opener.

    A club named Matrix in San Francisco has been burglarized. Some of the stuff stolen: a recording of a Johnny Winter/Elvin Bishop jam session, early tapes of Jefferson Airplane & Big Brother, & a live performance recording of the Blues Project. A set of Steve Miller performances, Ten Years After live at the Fillmore West, & a tape by the Flaming Groovies. The club had no insurance to cover these priceless tapes.

    Ads for groups or albums this issue:

    The first album by Irish Blues band Taste is available on ATCO Records

    Country Joe & The Fish - Here We Are Again on Vanguard

    Judy Collins - Recollections on Elektra

    John Mayall - The Turning Point on Polydor

    Albert Collins - Talkin Trash on Imperial Records

    Nick Gravenites - My Labors on Columbia Records

    For only the second time I can recall there were no albums reviewed. I presume they gave way due to the length of the Underground Press expose.

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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    Rolling Stone Issue 44

    Dated October 18, 1969. David Crosby on the cover.

    Toronto, September 13, in a college football stadium, as a part of an old time Rock & Roll show starring Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Didley & Jerry Lee Lewis, John Lennon made his first concert appearance in over 4 years & it was the very first concert by The Plastic Ono Band. The hastily assembled band included Eric Clapton on guitar, Klaus Voorman on Bass & Alan White (eventual Yes drummer) on drums.
    The party also included performances by the relative new comers Chicago Transit Authority, (the swamp fox) Tony Joe White, Cajun fiddle master Doug Kershaw, Sreaming Lord Sutch from England, & what is being described as the wildest show of the day, Alice Cooper. Alice is still so new at this point that the article reminds us that Alice is male. The show’s closing act was an anti-climactic performance by The Doors.

    There are a bunch of new record companies listed in the latest guide put out by Billboard Magazine. Ever hear of any of these?
    Elbejay, Ha-Ha, Stoned, Lucky Leprechaun, Gun, Varmint, Zip Code, Mace, Sound of Money, or Hype? I thought not

    Cracks are already beginning to appear in Blind Faith. Just off their first American tour, stories of disagreement in the types of music to play (Winwood likes more sedate lyrical songs, Ginger Baker likes to bang it out), the members are set to now record a series of solo projects.

    Due to a supposed “drug-sex-rock squalor culture” the archdiocese of Seattle is suing to stop any more rock festivals from occurring in their city.

    George Harrison on Abbey Road: “We had Get Back in the can, but one day we just decided that we would like to do a newer album. There was no particular reason, we just wanted to use some of our newer songs.”
    Song by song observations fro George:
    Come Together - John wrote it a month ago, just after his car accident. It’s a 12-bar type of tune & one of the nicest things we’ve done.
    Something - I wrote it just after we finished the White Album. I imagined somebody like Ray Charles doing it, but I’m much more limited. We did what we could. It’s one of the nicer melodies I’ve written.
    Maxwell’s Silver Hammer- We spent a hell of a lot of time recording this one. It’s one of those instant whistle along tunes that people are either going to love or hate.
    Oh Darling - It’s very typical 1950- in it’s chord structure. We do a few ooh oohs in the background, but mainly it’s Paul shouting.
    Octopus’s Garden - It’s Ringos song, it’s lovely. Ringo gets very bored playing drums so at home he plays piano. He only knows about 3 chords & about the same on the guitar. He likes mainly C&W so this has a very Country feel to it.
    I Want You (She’s so heavy) - It has just John singing the lead & playing the same as he sings. The riff is basically blues.
    Here Comes the Sun - It was written on a nice sunny day sitting in Eric Clapton’s garden. It has a very simple riff, sort of like If I Needed Someone.
    Because - One of the most beautiful things we have ever done. It resembles Paul’s style, but every now & then John just wants to write a simple 12 bar thing. It’s my favorite song on the entire album.
    Then we have the medley of Paul & John songs all shoved together. You have to hear them together to describe them.
    You Never Give Me Your Money - is like two completely different songs patched together
    Sun King was written by John & originally titled Los Paranois.
    Mean Mr. Mustard & Polythene Pam are two songs that John wrote 18 months ago in India.
    She Came in Through the Bathroom Window - is a very good song of Paul’s with great lyrics.
    Golden Slumbers - another very melodic Paul composition.
    Carry That Weight - the melody keeps coming in all the way through.
    The End - is just that, a little sequence that ends it all.

    Frank Zappa has dissolved The Mothers of Invention. He felt that the drudgery of touring was just not worth it in the long run. He has gone to LA to work on a solo project that would turn out to be Hot Rats (which would include Jean Luc Ponty on violin). The final performance of the original band was in Montreal. He says that he has recorded enough material for at least a dozen more albums, that is just sitting on the shelf at the moment. He plans to release these through a Mothers of Invention record club. These are the titles:
    Before the Beginning
    The Cucamonga Era
    Show & Tell
    What Does it all Mean
    Rustic Protrusion
    Several Boogie
    The Merely Entertaining Mothers of Invention Record
    The Heavy Business Record
    Soup & Old Clothes
    Hotel Dixie
    The Orange County Lumber Truck
    The Weasel Music
    To the best of my knowledge none of these have seen the light of day yet.

    James Brown says that by July 4th of next year he is retiring from concert appearances. He’s tired & his brain is to heavy.

    Ads for groups or albums this issue:

    Rhinoceros - Satin Chicken on Elektra

    Boz Scaggs - Boz Scaggs on Atlantic - produced by Jann Wenner

    Mother Earth - Make a Joyful Noise on Mercury Records

    The Band - Playing the Music….This album would eventually be just titled as The Band but would be known as the brown album. Capitol Records…here are some of the songs included: "Up on Cripple Creek," "Rag Mama Rag," "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," and "King Harvest."

    Cher - 3614 Jackson Highway on ATCO

    Jethro Tull - Stand Up on Reprise

    Firesign Theater - How Can You be in Two Places at Once when You’re not Anywhere at all?

    Doug Kershaw - The Cajun Way

    Donovan - Barabajagal on Atlantis

    Album Reviews:
    Moby Grape - Truly Fine Citizen
    When I first heard the album, I couldn’t believe my ears. I hadn’t heard in months a more pathetic, complacent LP. There is a deadly sameness to all the cuts. The singing is often bland, tired & weak. The producer is less than useless. Being a fan, it grieves me to say all this, but it is appalling to see what has happened to a band so full of promise….Ben Gerson

    Free - Tons of Sobs
    Free, is little more than just one more face in the crowd - competent, usually musical, but ultimately boring. The opening cut Over the Hill sounds oriental & promising & Part 2 of the song ends the album gently. To bad Free let so much crap come between the songs halves….Ed Leimbacher

    Creedence Clearwater Revival -Green River
    Make no mistake about it, CCR, despite some obvious limitations is one of the most exciting rock bands around. Their music sometimes tends to lack variety & finesse, but their distinctive driving sound mixed with Fogerty’s vocals results in something so fine that it makes such criticisms irrelevant. CCR have come a long way since Suzy Q they are now creating the most vivid American Rock since Music from Big Pink…Bruce Miroff.

    Santana - Santana
    For those that hoped the second generation of San Francisco bands would be better than the first, this album along with Sons of Champlin & It’s a Beautiful Day should destroy such fantasies forever. Carlos Santana has stumbled across a tired & mechanical guitar lick that he likes so much he uses it almost every song. And the engineering! Along with the loudness of the drumming it almost makes you forget how bad the music is. The album will sell very well. People will buy it, play it night & day for a week, then most will file it away under “S” & forget about it. They’d be better off though to skip the first three steps & just forget about it altogether….Langdon Winner

    Ten Years After - Sssh
    TYA is more or less built around Alvin Lee, the guitarist, singer & writer. His singing is at best functional. It is his reputation as a guitarist that has to be confronted. So far as I can tell, his only distinguishing feature is to play to excess. Ssssh, in spite of Alvin Lees liner notes cannot be considered a step forward….Ben Gerson

    Other albums reviewed:

    The Flock - The Flock

    The Stooges - The Stooges

    The Byrds - Preflyte

    Tony Joe White - Black & White

    Merryweather - Word of Mouth

    The Masked Marauders - The Masked Marauders

    Savage Rose - In the Plain

    Rolling Stones - Through the Past Darkly

    The Who - Direct Hits

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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    Rolling Stone Issue 45

    Dated November 1, 1969. Tina Turner on the cover.

    Jimi Hendrix is working on his next album, tentatively titled Gypsies, Suns & Rainbows. He is quoted as saying, “ I’m tired of being a clown & a rock & roll star.” And he is now into “cosmic music!”

    The last Jefferson Airplane album is only 3 months old, but, due out Oct. 20th is their next one called Volunteers.

    Maurice Gibbs wife, Lulu, has been signed to Atlantic Records & has completed her first album.

    Marty Robbins is recovering in a Nashville hospital following a heart attack.

    The Band, without Bob Dylan, are on their first extended US Tour.

    A four night stand in S.F. by CSN&Y has been cancelled due to the untimely death of David Crosby’s girlfriend. Christine Hinton, 21, was killed when her VW bus collided with a school bus North of S.F..

    Employees in NYC & LA head shops have been arrested for selling obscene materials….Zap Comix.

    Diane Linkletter, a 20 yr. old actress & daughter of Art, has leaped to her death from her 6th story kitchen window in Hollywood. Art refuses to call it a suicide & instead is calling it murder. He claims she was taking LSD & was in effect murdered by the dealer that sold it to her.

    There is an article on Johnny Cash, he has just recorded his next single & no one is willing to tell what it is. There is a bunch of insecurity about others in the industry stealing the song & releasing a cover prior to Johnny’s version.

    For anyone interested & thinking about getting this DVD set there is a long article on the Ann Arbor Blues Festival, highlighting Howlin Wolf, Big Mama Thornton & a whole bunch of others. But, I have never been much of a Blues fan, so I skimmed it at best, skipped a bunch of it at worst.

    The Interview in this issue is with Phil Spector.
    He says that when he was singing with The Teddy Bears that they used to get 1 penny per record in Royalties. The Drifters were paid $150 per week, because during those times everybody screwed everybody else to get ahead.
    He makes the comment that Bob Dylan has never been recorded right & that if he were to produce Dylan he would do so as sort of an opera type thing.
    He also has issues with the way George Martin produces The Beatles saying this “I don’t know how influential their producer is, & I’m sure they have a great deal of respect for him & he’s the fifth Beatle & all that but I don’t think he thinks the way I would.”
    He thinks Johnny Rivers will never be a great “contributor” to music.
    He speaks about Ahmet Ertegun & quotes some of Ahmet’s opinions , “Ahmet says that in the long run the Bee Gees ain’t gonna be nothing & the group that will in the long run be the biggest there is…..Vanilla Fudge!”
    He really takes his friend Don Kirshner to task for foisting onto the world that great invention of his, The Archies.

    Ads for groups or albums this issue:

    Lonnie Mack - Whatever’s Right on Elektra Records

    Blond - Sweden’s new thing on the Fontana label

    Grand Funk Railroad - On Time on Capitol Records

    Roberta Flack - First Take on Atlantic

    Savoy Brown - A Step Further on London Records

    Album Reviews:

    Words & Music by Bob Dylan - The Hollies
    The concept behind this album was the last straw for Graham Nash & the cause of him finally leaving the group. Not to mention he was writing 6 out of 10 songs for previous albums & now the band wanted to do a covers album. This is what the reviewer has to say:
    For those keeping score, Nash’s absence isn’t even noticeable. He’s supposed to be on 3 cuts, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out which ones. In short I love this album, & I love the Hollies. Listen for their parts more than Dylans & you are sure to be knocked out. It’s simple & happy Rock & Roll at it’s best….John Mendelsohn

    Kosmic Blues- Janice Joplin
    I’ll play Kosmic Blues a few times, then file it away. I just don’t care anymore-my loss, not yours, all you faithful, but I can no longer hear what it was that turned me on at Monterey. The good’s gone. Or as Janis sings in the Title Tune..Time keeps movin on, friends they turn away, And it don’t make no difference babe….Ed Leimbacher

    Other albums reviewed:

    The Kinks - Arthur

    The Chantels

    Mother Earth Presents Tracy Nelson

    Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis

    Nothing but a Heartache - The Flirtations

    Two Sides of Linda Gail Lewis

    Melanie - Melanie

    Sweet Linda Devine

    Stronger than Dirt - Big Mama Thornton

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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    Rolling Stone Issue 46
    Sorry, this is a long one, but there was lot’s of cool stuff in this issue: Enjoy

    Dated November 15, 1969. The Beatles on the cover. (Paul is not dead)

    Big rifts are beginning to appear in the Beatles fabric, most of it revolves around financing & The Apple brand. Their American management contract with Allen Klein has still not been signed by Paul, who neither likes nor trusts the man. He cut himself in for 20% & Paul didn’t like it. Other management companies are on record as saying 5% should have been more in line. It is estimated that since 1963 the band has earned $154 million.

    The article is called One & One & One is Three & it’s all about the Paul is dead thing. For those that don’t remember here are some of the details.
    Paul has been dead since 1966, before Sgt. Pepper.
    On the White Album, when you play the song Revolution #9 backwards, there is a voice saying over & over again, “Turn me on dean man, turn me on.” This is true, I did it & it’s pretty creepy.
    On the cover of Sgt. Pepper, there is a hand above Paul’s head, this is the Greek & American Indian sign of death. On the back cover, he is the only Beatle with his back turned towards the camera & the guitar on the grave is a left handed variety, which only Paul would play.
    On the inside of the Magical Mystery Tour cover, there is yet another hand above Paul’s head. All the Beatles have on a red rose, except for Paul, his is black. At the very end of the song I am the Walrus, a voice is hear saying I Bury Paul, then on the cover the walrus is the only person in black, while the song Glass Onion on the White Album has the lyric, “The Walrus was Paul.”
    On the cover of Abbey Road as the guys are crossing the street Paul is the only one out of step. John is dressed all in white as if he is a preacher, Ringo is dressed in a long tailed coat as would be an undertaker, Paul is barefoot (some societies bury there dead without shoes) & he has a cigarette in his right hand while everyone knows he is left handed. Then comes George dressed in Levis as if he were the laborer digging the grave. The guys are crossing the street leading away from a cemetery. Also in the background is a Volkswagon Beetle, the liscense plate number is 28IF, speculation is that IF Paul were alive he would be 28.
    On the song A Day in The Life, one verse talks about “He Blew His Mind Out in a Car, He Didn’t Notice that the Lights had Changed.” Did Paul die in a car accident?
    There is another song on the White Album, I can’t remember which one, but if it is also played backwards, the voice says over & over again, “Paul is dead, miss him miss him. Paul is dead, miss him, miss him.” I have done this as well & heard the voice.
    This was all big news back in the day & even lead to a full hour long investigative show moderated by the famous attorney F. Lee Bailey.

    Columbia Records wants to release a Live album of Dylan’s performance at the Isle of Wight festival. He says absolutely not.

    Paul McCartney has produced a version of the old standard Que Sera Sera by Mary Hopkin. No one is sure if it will ever see the light of day. It did, but peaked at #77 in August 1970.

    The Buddy Miles Express is no more. When asked why, one of the members said, “You know how Buddy is, Impossible Man.”

    Small Faces have reportedly reformed without former leader Steve Marriott.

    Bernie Leadon, who would go on to great fame with the Eagles, has joined The Flying Burrito Brothers as a rhythm guitar player.

    The Moody Blues have established their own label called Threshold, to be distributed by Decca.

    Abbey Road has become the fastest selling Beatles album ever, moving 2 million copies in just the first 2 weeks.

    Three men in Brooklyn jumped in a Taxi & followed Miles Davis home after a gig. As Miles was sitting in his driveway talking to his lady friend the 3 fired 5 shots into his Ferrari, one of which struck Miles. No arrests have been made….well…to make matter worse, when the cops arrived to investigate they arrested Miles for possession of marijuana.

    Aretha is back in the studio.
    Dion has completed his first album for Warners.
    Willie Dixon has signed a 3 album deal with Columbia
    Mac Davis has been signed & started his first album, also for Columbia
    Randy Newman’s second album is in the mixing stage
    Ry Cooder’s first for Warners is scheduled for New Orleans
    Chicago’s second is in the final stages in LA
    Love has completed their first for Blue Thumb
    Fleetwood Mac has signed with Reprise

    Noel Redding, the bass player for Jimi Hendrix has left the group on not so good terms with JH. He refers to JH as being almost bipolar in that he is great but also a huge pain in the arse. Anyway, Redding has founded his own band in England called Fat Mattress. The story behind the band’s name is this…a few guys were together in Morocco & they obtained a huge quantity of Hash with no way to get it back into the UK. So the inspiration hit them to stuff it into a mattress & ship it back. Well, the mattress got fat, & that was that.

    Leonard Chess, the co-founder of Chess records has died of a heart attack at the age of 52.

    James Taylor is out of action for several months due to a crash on a mini bike that broke both of his hands. It is also being reported that he will be leaving Apple for Warner Brothers.

    Legendary maker of the best & purest LSD on the market Owsley Stanley, has been convicted of possession, conspiracy to manufacture & sell LSD. All this stemming from an arrest 2 years ago, when he was caught with 67 grams of the stuff (700,000 hits).

    On the other hand Donovan has announced plans to make educational films for high schools warning of the dangers of drugs.

    And on a third hand, due to an 8 point drop in popularity, President Richard Nixon is proposing to drop marijuana possession from a felony to a misdemeanor.

    The Stones are set to begin their first US tour in over 3 years. It will begin 11/8 at The Forum in LA, tickets top out at a whopping $8.50. The band, depending on ticket sales, could get as much as $60,000 per night. They are also working on their next album called Let It Bleed (they have to rerecord one of Mick’s vocals that accidently got erased from the tape, but he has been in Australia filming a movie & out of touch, so the album has been delayed). Keith is excited about a couple of the new songs & he mentions Midnight Rambler, Honky Tonk Women & You Can’t Always Get What You Want.
    Some comments by Keith about other bands.
    Creedence---he is bored by their sound.
    Blood Sweat & Tears---he doesn’t like them much, but he doesn’t like that type of music
    Led Zepplin---he played their first album a bunch, but then Robert Plants voice began to get on his nerves so he stopped.
    Blind Faith ---they have a bunch of issues, Winwood is great, but he never does the type of stuff Keith would like to hear.
    Jethro Tull- He really likes them but hopes Ian Anderson avoids becoming to cliché.
    The Band---They are to strict & non spontaneous.
    The Bee Gees ---- They are in their own little fantasy world.
    CSN&Y---They do some really nice stuff
    The Beatles---It’s impossible for them to ever tour again. They are a great recording group though.

    Ads for groups or albums this issue:

    Jack Bruce - Songs for a Tailor on ATCO

    Sons of Champlin - The Sons on Capitol

    Butterfield Blues Band - Keep On Moving On Elektra

    Taj Mahal - Giant Step on Columbia

    Album Reviews:

    The Beatles - Abbey Road
    Side two does more for me than the whole of Sgt. Pepper, & I’ll trade you The Beatles & Magical Mystery Tour & a Keith Moon drumstick for side 1.…John Mendelsohn
    What’s it like--well I don’t much like it. Since Revolver I’ve been buying their albums, playing them a couple of times & then forgetting about them. It treads a rather tenuous line between boredom, Beatledom, & bubblegum. Side two is a disaster, even though it begins nicely with George’s Here Comes the Sun. They’ve been shucking us a lot recently & it’s a shame because they don’t have to. Surely they must have enough talent & intelligence to do better than this. Or do they?…Ed Ward

    Boz Scaggs - Boz Scaggs
    Boz travels with talent to spare, he moves all the way from gospel to rock & back again ringing all the changes & making all the whistle stops along the way. The peak of the disc is the 13 minute Loan Me a Dime. Most extended cuts-let’s face it folks- are a drag. But, not this time. Boz’s vocals seem mournful & relaxed at the same time, & then midway the singing stops & the cooking begins. Horns soaring, organ stomping, drums pushing & some spine tingling guitar work by Duane Allman.That’s Boz’s style, Panache….Ed Leimbacher

    Jack Bruce - Songs for a Tailor
    This album is a disappointment. It is a patchwork affair lacking any unifying thread. A baggy misfit made up of a shopworn miscellany of jazz riffs, rock underpinnings, chamber music strings, boringly baroque lyrics, & a Bruce bass that oompas like a horny tuba, leaving everything to bottom heavy…Ed Leimbacher

    Other albums reviewed:

    Miles Davis- In a Silent Way

    Tony Williams - Emergency

    Ike & Tina Turner - The Hunter

    Jay Hawkins - What is this Screaming

    Southwind - Ready to Ride

    Terry Reid - Terry Reid

    Lonnie Mack - Whatever’s Right

    Vanilla Fudge - Rock & Roll

    The Zombies - Early Days

    Doug Kershaw- The Cajun Way

    Al Kooper - You Never Know Who Your Friends Are

    Mother Earth - Make a Joyful Noise

    For the first time the magazine has published circulation figures. There are only 14,974 subscribers, & the issue closest to publication date sold a total of 59,649. Pretty inauspicious as to where they were headed.

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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    Interesting all the speculation about Paul being dead and it being SUCH a huge thing at the time. Sad that he has now outlived 2 of them. (that didn't comre out right, but I meant it's sort of ironic that Paul is still alive and we've lost John and George).

    Keith Richards doesn't like much does he.
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    Re: Rock & Roll Historical Perspective

    The Stones are set to begin their first US tour in over 3 years. It will begin 11/8 at The Forum in LA, tickets top out at a whopping $8.50.
    Good grief. You can barely buy a beer at a concert nowadays for $8.50.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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