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Thread: What songs make you cry?

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    AI Critic
    These songs don't really make me cry, but they are pretty heart-drenching:

    -"Music Of My Heart," 'N Sync & Gloria Estefan
    -"I'll Make Love To You," & "End Of The Road," Boyz II Men
    -"Thank God I Found You," Mariah Carey, Joe, 98(degrees)
    -"One Sweet Day," Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
    -"All Cried Out," Allure & 112
    -"Back At One," Brian McKnight
    -"Have You Ever," Brandy
    -"I Swear," All-4-One
    -"Nobody Knows," Tony Rich Project

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    Originally posted by RavenCrow
    "In the Living Years" -Mike and The Mechanics

    That song came out right after my best friend's grandfather died & her dad couldn't handle it when this song was on the radio. He'd get all teary eyed. It was sad.
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    for me it was/is because my father and I had a very strained relationship in the past. We didn't speak for about a year at one point. I kept hearing that song and crying because I would think "what if." I always had to turn the station in the car because I would start bawling while trying to drive. I still can't listen to it, even though we have made amends, the song is just too sad. Very thought provoking song, beautifully done, but sad.


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    I was thinking of romance relationships til I read all the posts (not worded well but, you know what I mean)

    Then I thought of Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird.

    When I was a kid 2 of my older brother's best's friends were killed in a car accident. At the cemetery the priest went over to a tape player and pressed play and Free Bird came blasting on.

    The guys that died were only 17 & 19 and the song was dedicated the 17 year old - who was one of my favorite "big brothers" to this day, I cannot hear it without tearing up.

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    AI Critic - Thank you for mentionning Music of My Heart, it's one of my favourite songs!

    Fathers & Daughters - Paul Simon, makes me cry. My dad was killed when I was young. I like to think that the I'm gonna watch you shine, gonna watch you grow makes me sad.. I'd like to think that my dad got to see my sister and I from up above.
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    Loving You- Minnie Riperton

    Sunflowers for Alfred Roy - Mariah Carey

    Somewhere over the Rainbow - Judy Garland

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    aw Somewhere over the rainbow gets me once a year..

    The A.I Proud to Be an American had me crying last night. My daughter was trying to pull a blanket off me hiding.
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    Originally posted by AI Critic
    These songs don't really make me cry, but they are pretty heart-drenching:
    -"Back At One," Brian McKnight
    Yeah. That song is really, really sweet.
    And the way he sang the song is wonderful.
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    Even though Im not American I thought the A.I's did the best job of proud to be an American and it choked me and Kimberly was clearly moved too

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    Jesus Savior- Alison Krauss...happy tears I guess, but it gets me every time!

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