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Thread: Songs and Artists of your childhood

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    My parents were big time into Neil Diamond, and that rubbed off on me. A lot of the music they loved, I could not stand - then or now. Anytime my dad tries to put The Kingston Trio on, I flip. There are a few others - Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand, etc - who I like in a sentimental way now because of exposure from my parents. But at the same time, I would not seek out their music on my own.

    Because my sister and I concluded that so much music my parents liked was horrible, I found myself looking to the "cool moms" of my friends to pick up music. A couple of the moms I thought were the coolest were big time into Abba. I picked Abba up from them, and they've remained a favorite of mine.

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    ehe..My Parents...lol..Listened to very good and interesting artists mostly 70's-80's and some of those new ones later on..Examples are:
    -Duran Duran
    -Swing Out Sister
    -The Police
    -The Doobie Brothers
    -Eric Clapton
    -Donna Summer

    lol..And I still like these artists..haha..^.^

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