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Thread: Mick Jagger Had Voice Lessons!?

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    Mick Jagger Had Voice Lessons!?


    LONDON (AFP) - For 35 years Rolling Stone frontman
    Mick Jagger has famously strutted his stuff and belted out the hits without ever once having a singing lesson -- until now.

    "Better late than never," the 63-year-old rock star revealed on Virgin Radio ahead of the band's London gigs on August 20 and 22, part of their "A Bigger Bang" world tour.

    "I did a bit of voice coaching a couple of years ago, after 35 years with no voice coaching," he said.

    "A bit of voice coaching and warm-ups ... really helps. I always tell these younger singers: 'I never used to do it either but you should'."

    "I mean, you sing a lot. Every night you are singing for hours and hours and your voice gets tired, like anything -- like running every night. That's why you have to warm up properly. I just learnt that so that's probably helped me."

    In the same interview, guitarist Ronnie Wood admitted that he has yet to see Kasabian despite the fact the young, hard-edged English band is supporting the Stones on their ongoing tour.

    "If I get time I may check them out," Wood said.

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    I read that Jimmy Buffett recently took voice lessons as well. It's a good idea. As people age, their voices change and the assistance of a vocal coach can help them maintain their signature "sound". Vocal coaches can also help them learn how to take care of their voices so they don't end up losing it all together. Kudos to Jagger for actually seeing the benefits. I wouldn't have thought he'd be that smart about it.
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    That's very interesting to me. I've always been a big fan of the Stones, but I thought mick already had voice training in the 1960s or something. Well I guess as he says, "It's better late than never." At least he can sing whereas Fash can't.


    Yes he can play the drums, but he can't talk, sing, open his mouth or anything. At least he's into music too, which is saying a lot consider that Fash is the weirdest puppet I've ever seen.

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