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Thread: Taylor Hicks (AI 5)

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    I just noticed his "musical influence" list.

    Favorite Female Artist:
    Cyndi Lauper.

    Favorite Male Artist:
    Billy Joel, Van Morrison, Bob Seger.
    I have to say I'm a bit surprised, and maybe overall pleased. Sure, Joel is a cartoon character these days, but you can't deny how solid he is as an influence. Seger shows a kind of odd melodic influence that's quite apart from southern rock, but somehow still in the neighborhood. Lauper is the most interesting choice, because I've always thought that for all her foolish antics in her prime, it always took a bit of discernment to dig through that and realize just how spectacular a performer she really was. Also, I commend him for having the sense to not put "Ray Charles" on the list, even if he couldn't restrain himself with the impressions after the fact.

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    Taylor is an interesting character for sure. I think he does add flavor and a little something different..however, can he sing the different genre's, I guess thats out for the jury to decide..

    he has some demos online, not sure where I got them from, but he has a song on there called "helluva day" that I am OBSESSED with. definitely not a hearthrob for me, but a good jazzy voice for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    Also, I commend him for having the sense to not put "Ray Charles" on the list, even if he couldn't restrain himself with the impressions after the fact.
    That's what really surpised me. On his video interview, which the questionaire is based off of, when asked who his favorite musician was, he said it was Ray Charles because Ray 'truly had soul'.

    I wonder if he was asked to provide back-up artist's that would be more in tune with the Idol concept. This was also the same with other finalists as well.

    As a side note, last night I found six songs by Taylor Hicks on the internet. He is very talented. They ranged from James Taylor to blues to pop. I think he'll do ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by srs_in_Oregon View Post
    he has some demos online, not sure where I got them from, but he has a song on there called "helluva day" that I am OBSESSED with. definitely not a hearthrob for me, but a good jazzy voice for sure.
    I like that song a lot too!

    Anyone else who is interested can listen to it and 2 other songs here - >

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    Wow thanks for the links to more of his music, totally love them! I sure hope my husband is understanding when I tell him I have to leave him to go follow Taylor around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dberk View Post
    This guy doesn't belong here and shouldn't have made the first cut. He looks like an old man, doesn't have his own style and will NEVER be able to sing the songs they will give him. He is a white man doing a a Ray Charles impersonation and that's IT. The only reason he is here is because Simon told him Paula and Randy would never put him through the final group cut and they wanted to prove him wrong. Their petty game took a spot away from someone far better and will subject him to unrealistic hopes and needless humiliation.

    Interesting. As far as I'm concerned, he's probably has more talent and personality than any other contestant this year. The grey hair might turn a few people off, but it will definitely help him stand out and get noticed. As for the Ray Charles impersonation, well he does a pretty good Sam Cooke as well. As a matter a fact, from the little bit they've showed us so far, he seems to be one of the most versatile performers they've ever had on this show- I doubt that there's a genre in extistence that he can't handle at least as well as his competitors. As for why Randy and Paula put him through, most likely they did it because they enjoy watching and listening to the man perform. He has already proved that he not only belongs in the top twenty-four, but is actually a decent threat to win the whole thing.

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    My biggest fear with Taylor is that he will continue to imitate Ray Charles and Joe Cocker. He seems to have a great voice, he doesn't need the weird body movements, I think that will hurt him if he doesn't relax the theatrics. I personally don't like to watch him, but I enjoy listening to him. If he turns into a caricature then I won't even like to listen to him. I think he just needs to be careful.

    I agree that he has a real shot at winning this if he tones it down.

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    I enjoy watching and listening to Taylor Hicks. He is unique and certainly stands out to me. I think he will turn out to be the best performer we have this year and look for Taylor to go very FAR in this competition.

    Thanks for the links to some more of his music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockytop Chick View Post
    I like him. And I don't think it's a schtick. He's real. I like his voice, so I'm rooting for him. But I can do without any more of that "roll tide" stuff, thanks
    Alrighty then....Go, Dawgs!

    At least we can agree on Taylor!

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    Well, love him or hate him, Taylor now has a FOUR page thread and the show hasn't even begun, beyond the eliminations! I feel secure that the Ray Charles bit was his "in" to be memorable and now that he's secured a spot, his musical depth will surface.
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