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Thread: Taylor Hicks (AI 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pillbeam View Post
    19E has the option to sign up any Top 10 contestant for a recording contract after the show is over. I am fairly certain they are prepared to sign Taylor no matter when--or if--he leaves the show. Also, Taylor seems like too nice a guy to deliberately let down his Soul Patrol.

    pillbeam, I couldn't agree more with you. Taylor wouldn't let down his fans on purpose. He just doesn't seem like that kind of guy.
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    Theme Night

    Am I the only one who finds these theme nights stupid. I like it better when they have theme nights that are - sing anything during the 90's etc.

    I also think Taylor takes these theme nights to heart. Just as he tried to be somebody from the 50's - I think he thought John Denver is country - and I think he sings better then John Denver. He definitely was not the worst last night - if you watch it over. Ace was worse, Bucky was worse, I thought Mandisa was terrible. I agreed with Simon that Paris was good too.

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    I agree. I don't think Taylor was the worst by ANY means. Not even close.
    I thought his performance was just as good as most last night. I thought ace's performance was worse, too.
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    I think he mailed it in. First time I was unimpressed with Taylor, but the Soul Patrol will certainly save him.

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    Awwww Taylor...what gives?? How can you not pull off John friggin Denver??? (That's ok, I still love you.)

    I posted on the spoiler thread already as to why I think he blew but I'll sum it up here.

    A: He was the first performer and usually they don't do well (right? I have no long term memory so someone can dispute this.)

    B: He's concentrating too hard on singing and not being spastic. Let it out my man...If you're crazy and you know it clap your hands!

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    Quote Originally Posted by combatcutie View Post
    Taylor wasn't bad last night, he just lost some of his spark and personality. I think his nerves got him a little.
    Either that or he doesn't care if he goes home.
    Last night and last week Taylor reminded me of Bo last year during that 3-week slump that ended with him being in the bottom 3. At that time Bo seemed like he was just along for the ride, and Taylor kind of seemed like that last night too. But the other AI memory that comes to mind is Clay on "country rock" night in AI2, when he sat on a stool and sang "Someone Else's Star." He sounded great but the performance didn't have a lot of energy; he was sick with the flu or something at the time. Taylor sort of seemed like he might have been a bit under the weather last night too. Or maybe Miss Libby is onto something:
    ... He's concentrating too hard on singing and not being spastic. Let it out my man...If you're crazy and you know it clap your hands!

    One of the Foxes On Idol columnists wondered why Taylor he didn't do one of the country songs that Ray Charles recorded, and I do too. Were they not on the "cleared" list? (Someone said last year that 19E has permission for only about 600 songs for the contestants to choose from.)

    But re-watching my tape, I think Taylor sounded fine, and I don't think he'll be going home this week, even if he does end up in the bottom 3. The votes may be pretty evenly split this year, so almost anyone can end up in the bottom 3 on a given week.
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    I've seen some posts elsewhere that Taylor is ill with strep throat. If so, he did a heck of a job to just show up and sing that well. And an even better compliment to him is not using it as an excuse - standing up there like a man and taking the criticism, especially that "lazy" comment of Simon's. The first thing that came to my mind, when I noticed Taylor wasn't himself, is that he didn't look well. That would also explain him staying off to the side from the group.
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    Does anyone know how true it is that he was ill with strep throat? That would explain why he didn't sing well, put much effort into the song.

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    He sounded "sick" to me!

    Quote Originally Posted by graycat11 View Post
    Does anyone know how true it is that he was ill with strep throat? That would explain why he didn't sing well, put much effort into the song.

    Taylor definitely wasn't himself last night - I could sense he was sick, and his voice had a bit of nasaly "twang" to it. But at the same time, he just didn't do anything else original with the song. It was very karaoke-ish, and just about anyone else could have done a similar rendition.

    Sick or not, he could have given the song new life ... at least he could have attempted that so that we wouldn't have to blame it on him being sick.
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    Maybe he just didn't feel the song and couldn't get into it. I could see that as being a possibility.
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