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Thread: Taylor Hicks (AI 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh View Post
    He doesn't look like he needs to lose weight to me. Anyone else think that he does? I just think that ten years is going to sort of bulk anyone up, but that's normal.
    Well, I see what you are saying. Ten years does bulk most people up, but it doesn't have to. Taylor is in no way fat, but if you look at his face back then, you will see that it looks better. He has a double chin now, but nothing that some gym time couldn't help.

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    I just listened to Roy Orbison's greatest hits and I kept thinking about how good Taylor would be singing the same songs. He'd be a hoot to watch while singing "Ooby Dooby" or "Candy Man."

    Wouldn't it be great to have a Roy Orbison tribute show? I'd love to hear Mandisa sing "Running Scared."

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    Taylor should do Pretty Woman! I bet he can growl. LOL

    And Kat can do Blue Bayou.

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    I've listened to Ray Lamontagne's version, and no disrespect to him, but I prefer Taylor's. It's more bluesy, more heartfelt, more raw and more believeable.

    Lamontagne has an incredible lifestory. I'd like to hear more of his work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by giz View Post
    I've listened to Ray Lamontagne's version, and no disrespect to him, but I prefer Taylor's. It's more bluesy, more heartfelt, more raw and more believeable.

    Lamontagne has an incredible lifestory. I'd like to hear more of his work.


    For anyone that wants to give Ray's version a listen..this was on Amazon...I agree with giz tho....Taylor's version is much more appealing...but thanks to Taylor he has probably introduced Ray Lamontagne to alot of people that had never heard of him (myself included!!)!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagney852000 View Post
    I hate to say this, but my ardor is cooling for this guy. He sang two songs in a row (Fade Away and Trouble) that I have never heard of, and, IMHO, both songs sucked. I will wait to see what he sings next to see if I want to get back on the bandwagon, but if he goes Blue Grass Hillbilly, like some are suggesting he should, he will be dead to me.

    Now I am wondering why I ever liked him, because Blues and Soul are just not my thing. I do love his voice, and I love his enthusiasm and quirkiness, but can't really get into the song choices. I mean, I still want to see him win this thing, or least get final two, but I doubt that I would buy his CD or download his music.

    I'm wondering, do you only buy records if you've heard and know every song? I didn't know these songs either, but thought Taylor did a great job with them. Perhaps his song choices will grow on you as you hear them more.

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    I'm not a big Taylor fan. I just don't think his vocal skill is very strong. But every time I feel like slamming Taylor, I go back and watch his "Takin' to the Streets" performance. He has a rhythmic spirit that just doesn't die. It's almost like he gets POSSESSED by rhythm and can't even control it. It's a fun thing to see. That will probably be my favorite AI performance of season 5.

    After seeing the picture of Taylor when he was younger, count me in the group of people who would like him to dye his hair back again (and cut those bangs).

    Or maybe dye it red, the color of passion.
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    This guy has the whole package as an entertainer, superstar quality. No teenybopper bubblegum appeal, so he may not make it to the end but he is the only one on this show who I would gladly lay down my hard earned bucks to see him in concert witht he possible exception of Mandisa. I wish she'd lay down some Aretha or Tina. I think she would definitely emerge as a favorite if she did.

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    From reading about various telephone polling estimates, I suspect Taylor has been the front-runner for a while--by a significant gap. That gap could increase--or decrease as other people are booted off in the coming weeks. If it increases, look for the judges to give Taylor a harder time. The AI producers are anxious that this still appear to be a contest. Up until now, it hasn't been, thanks to the soul man.

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    I've like all of Taylor's performances, Takin to the Streets was the best!! Trouble last week was very good, went back and listened to it again, very good . Listened to the original, Ray L., Taylor is much better, stronger voice, stronger vocals.

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