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Thread: Taylor Hicks (AI 5)

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    I honestly feel that his popularity will wane a bit if he touches the hair.

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    I really doubt that he'll dye it. Why mess with it when people so obviously like him just as he is? I would be disappointed if he did anything to change.

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    Courtesy and Goodwill Mantenna's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    This last performance show was the first full episode I've seen this season, and--hey! I like this psycho!

    Simon was right, though. It wasn't the best vocal showcase, but I did hear his performance of "Georgia on my Mind" before, so I know he's got the pipes to match the mesmerizing white-shoe dancing.

    Speaking of the dancing . . . I have to add that the judges were, once again, akin to waking up after a bad acid trip in this episode. Good Lord!

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    Duke Blue Devil Tickety's Avatar
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    Cameron Indoor
    Yeah, I'm glad he kept the hair. It's his thing.

    His performance this week was kind of blah to me, though. Luckily he's got enough fans to keep him out of the Bottom Three. I hope he sticks around for more weeks to come.

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    I hope that in this coming week, he sings more than dances. I don't mind the occasional "Dogpound Windup", but the jumping around the perimeter, or wherever he was (I was on serious cough medicine that night), was distracting me and probably many others from the singing. I really like Taylor and want to see him go much further in this.

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    FORT Fogey
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    Mar 2004
    I worry a bit for Taylor on the "theme nights".

    I hope he is able to find songs that work for him.

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    Ruben is "Soulful" pillbeam's Avatar
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    Remember this song from U2? Someone on another Web site suggested it. Great choice for Taylor. Joe Cocker did a great version, but I could see Taylor giving it his own distinctive stamp. It's a powerful song that would suit him beautifully.


    "Is it getting better
    Or do you feel the same
    Will it make it easier on you now
    You got someone to blame
    You say...

    One love
    One life
    When it's one need
    In the night
    One love
    We get to share it
    Leaves you baby if you
    Don't care for it

    Did I disappoint you
    Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
    You act like you never had love
    And you want me to go without
    Well it's...

    Too late
    To drag the past out into the light
    We're one, but we're not the same
    We get to
    Carry each other
    Carry each other

    .....You say
    Love is a temple
    Love a higher law
    Love is a temple
    Love the higher law
    You ask me to enter
    But then you make me crawl
    And I can’t be holding on
    To what you got
    When all you got is hurt

    One love
    One blood
    One life
    You got to do what you should

    One life
    With each other

    One life
    But we’re not the same
    We get to carry each other
    Carry each other



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    FORT Newbie connie's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    That would be a fabulous song for him! I had to go download it because it was one of those songs I used to love and hadn't heard in a long time. Now I'll be dreaming of Taylor singing it.

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    FORT Newbie funbunbun's Avatar
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    Just wondering if anyone else noticed that his hair was a little shorter this week? I know he had the a trim during the first week of finals, but thought it was trimmed again this past week. Maybe he'll soon have hair as short as George Clooney.

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    Gray Charles was awesome as always!!
    My first post ever!!

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