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Thread: Taylor Hicks (AI 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asylum-ECT-girl View Post
    If I paid money for a performance like that, I would ask for my money back
    I have seen better performances in Casino lounges than that!

    I've seen some pretty good performances in casino lounges. The Indigo Lounge at Bally's Las Vegas used to have great entertainment every night of the week.

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    I loved his performance last night. I don't think it was vocally challenging enough for him and yes, I would have preferred a different song. But since he made that choice, I thought he did wonderful with it. He always is a performer and he had everyone smiling and loving him bigtime.

    I loved how he dressed with the theme and just brought you right into the middle of the 50's, I would have loved to see a few girls dancing beside him wearing poodle skirts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockytop Chick View Post
    I've seen some pretty good performances in casino lounges. The Indigo Lounge at Bally's Las Vegas used to have great entertainment every night of the week.
    Vegas lounge singers are just background noise...you know they are there, but so what! You never really pay them any attention. If Taylor was doing that performance in a lounge act, I would watch, because I would be mildly amused.

    I like Taylor when he does his kind of music...he will win the competition for sure. He has all of the right ingredients: Southern, popular, and has a story to tell. He is more "deserving" to win than the others I think.

    I hope he dyes his hair--it would be fun to see how he would look!

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    Why would he dye his hair to look like "everybody else" when he is a stellar standout for his gray hair, alone?

    Simply put, the man is a joy!
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

    When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, you know which one you hit by the one that yelps!

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    I`m starting to like Taylor , last week was a great show.
    But what he did yesterday didn`t work for me at all.

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    Didn't work for me either. He and Lisa basically grabbed any aspect of the 50's no matter how cheesy and built a everything 50's themed performance.

    The only difference is that Taylor's 50's theme worked much better than Lisa's. Where most everybody took the more timeless and cool aspects, he took a risk with Buddy Holly. I think I can see why Taylor chose that song and get up, but if this wasn't AI, I don't think people would have warmed up to his performance as easily.

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    Taylor didn't choose a song that would show his voice so much, but, he did give a great performance. I've always loved when the contestants try to dress for the theme - good times when Tamyra, Kelly, Trenyce had fun with it. Remember Rickey Smith in the afro wig? Keep bringin' it, Taylor - you & Mandisa make me smile.
    Sing & dance the night away!

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    Not Taylor's best performance vocally - I got bored. I enjoy watching him though and his personality is terrific. Although, most of the time, he's great - not the best, but consistently good.

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    i think Taylor can sing any genre of music, and sing it very well. That, along with his personality and love of music make him outstanding, IMO.
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    Gang, Taylor's version of "Georgia" has been floating around the Internet lately. I listened to it today, and if he performs it on AI, he could bring the house down with it. He is loaded with feeling and great vocal tones. I might not be allowed to post the link to it, but if you nose around long enough on the Web, you'll find it. [Tho, since Taylor recorded it long before his AI appearance, I don't think Fox can claim copyright to it retroactively.]

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