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Thread: Taylor Hicks (AI 5)

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    A pirate's life for me suncat7's Avatar
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    I read that it may be either
    Click to see Spoiler:
    I Got a Woman by Ray Charles
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Easy by the Commodores

    I have no idea if those are accurate.
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    Blues Fan
    Well Suncat beat me to it. But that's what I've heard as well. PEACE !!

    Do you think that either of these songs fit Taylor's style at all ?

    More importantly -- DO YOU LOVE THE SONGS.

    Remember, no matter how good you are, song choice will either make or break you ( see for example -- Nadia Turner last season).

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Well, I think the first song would be best.........considering everything about Taylor........ I'm kinda iffy on the 2nd song........

    ETA: oops....just noticed there is a spoiler thread for songs...........
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    Ruben is "Soulful" pillbeam's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7 View Post
    I read that it may be either [spoiler] or [spoiler]

    I have no idea if those are accurate.
    I don't know the first song and I hate the second one [tho if anyone could make that tune sound good, Taylor could]. I think it's unlikely Taylor would be choosing the second one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pillbeam View Post
    I don't know the first song and I hate the second one [tho if anyone could make that tune sound good, Taylor could]. I think it's unlikely Taylor would be choosing the second one.

    The first one is a real lively, up-tempo song that would be perfect for Taylor Hicks. It's the second song that I haven't heard of.

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    FORT Fogey aname's Avatar
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    This guy is so unique and likeably so. However, his jerky body movements make me nervous. He is definitely and has a nice voice. I predict he'll go far.

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    Bye, I'm Spent! dahoney7's Avatar
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    Hmm...I love the second song but I've heard that second song messed up SO many times before that I am kinda hoping for the first song. I'm not saying he'd mess it up too but I just think the first would be better overall.

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    Blues Fan
    Here is a sample of the song list that Taylor performs during one of his "soul fires" circuits down south :


    Ray Charles
    Georgia on My Mind
    Hit the Road Jack
    You Don't Know Me
    What I Say

    The Temptations
    Ain't Too Proud to Beg
    My Girl

    Miles Davis
    All Kind of Blue

    Marvin Gaye
    Mercy, Mercy Me
    What's Going On

    Van Morrison
    Brown Eyed Girl
    Tupelo Honey
    Naked in the Jungle
    Crazy Love

    The Meters
    Mardi Gras Mambo
    Fire on the Bayou
    Sissy Strut
    Hey Pocky Way

    Curtis Mayfield
    People Get Ready

    Dolly Patron
    9 to 5

    The Commodores
    Easy Like Sunday Morning

    Elton John
    Daniel Song
    Border Song
    Honkey Cat
    Leave On

    Billy Joel
    Piano Man
    New York State of Mind

    Jim Croce
    Alabama Rain

    Otis Redding
    Love Man
    Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

    Sly and the Family Stone

    Billy Preston
    Will it Go Round in Circles

    Taylor Hicks Band
    Hell of a Day
    My Friend
    The Fall
    In Your Time
    West Texas Sky
    Soul Thing
    Son of a Carpenter

    So, if some spoiler says that Taylor is going to perform the Commodore song, it's probably the one from his performance song list ( see above )

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    FORT Figment KTinCT's Avatar
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    Wow. That is some list. Gets my toe tappin' just to read it.

    It's not on his list of Van Morrison tunes, but I'd love to hear him do the Ice Cream Man.

    Sendin' it out to all the ladies -- oh yeah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Fan View Post
    Let us not forget Ruben's gospel CD -- I NEED AN ANGEL, which I hear went GOLD. Does anyone have the sales figures for this CD ?

    Also, I'd like to know the sales figures of non-winners who made albums post-idol ( other than Clay.

    Specifically :

    LaToya London ...
    Kimberly Locke ...
    Tamyra Gray ...
    Bo Bice ...
    Diana Degarmo ...
    George Huff ...
    Thanks for any info you or anyone can provide.
    I have info on some of these people's sales and I will post it in their respective threads.
    If it's in Taylor's thread it's just going to get buried.

    Off the top of my head, though, I know that Bo's single and his album are already Gold (TRT has sold over 520,000 copies so far) and Josh Gracin's album has sold about 200k more than that. I think Tamyra, Kim L., and Diana D. are all somewhere around 200K in sales, with LaToya's and George's way under 100k (but they were released not long ago). William Hung, I think, may have sold more copies of his album than anyone 'from' Idol except Kelly, Clay, Carrie, Ruben, Fantasia, Bo, and Josh G.

    Remus, thanks for reminding me about Wikipedia. Sometimes that's the quickest place to find info (which is usually at least semi-accurate, anyway).
    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. ;-D

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