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Thread: Taylor Hicks (AI 5)

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    WannaB I just love him and as a long-time Blues fan, find it utterly refreshing and just plain wonderful to have him make it through, here on Idol! He's definitely my #1 among the guys this year! Love feeling him and those vocals and Joe Cocker moves! What a sweet guy!

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    I love his smoky blues voice.

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    He is a favorite at my house. I think he is awesome, and much better than alot of the people that are on there. He brings something completely different to AI and I hope he goes all the way. The herky' jerky' is fun to watch, in fact we were wondering last night if he could even sing if you tied up his hands and legs.

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    I liked his performance last night - it's definitely something that hasn't been seen on AI before. I'd love to see him go very far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo View Post
    I liked his performance last night - it's definitely something that hasn't been seen on AI before. I'd love to see him go very far.
    I absolutey loved him last night. This guy bleeds music. He is just beside him self with joy while performing. I can't understand the negativity some are expressing. Anyway, he will go very deep into this competition & win or lose we will hear from him again.

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    Ray Charles! Joe Cocker!! This young man is talented beyond his years!!! He has more depth than any other contestant on the show this year! You can see and feel his joy when he performs!

    What a Man!!!!!

    If he doesn't win this, it's because they are looking to promote the same middle of the road, milquetoast that they usually like to go with. This contest could have been the wrong road for him to take. I'm hoping that a record producer sees what he's got and snatches him out of this competition before they are able to stifle him and put him into cookie-cutter mode, where I think a lot of people would like to see him.

    Folks are always challenged when they see something/someone that they don't understand. They don't want to understand him; they want him to change to fit their narrow comfort zones.
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    As Randy would say, "It was hot!" My wife and I love this guy! We find him fascinating; he's such a breath of fresh air when compared with most of the other "Idols," past and present. I could do with a little less spasming (is that a word?) but geez is this guy charismatic.

    I can honestly say I would buy a recording of his performance last night; I can't say that about anyone else. I suppose its already been brought up on this thread before, but at www.TaylorHicks2006.com, there are some short clips (1-2 minutes) of some of his songs off his CD. Pretty good stuff.

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    I think it is pretty obvious after Simon's comments last night, that he was on the Taylor train all along. I think he was giving him a hard time in the early eps to make sure that people would see a sort of Simon v. Taylor battle and that would win him more votes. Not for a single second did I ever believe that Simon wasn't a fan! I just wish they could be more honest and stop trying to manipulate the voters! (I Know, wishful thinking)

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    Regarding Taylor's future success, it's now moot. He's received SO much publicity, that if he was voted out today, he'd still make it big and be able to tour the U.S., based on his personality and performance to date.

    And, if he makes it to the Top 12, he'll be going on the Idol Tour, drumming up more interest. He's already got all the support he needs...GO TAYLOR!!!
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    I'm just not feeling the Taylor love. In general I like him, he's entertaining and seems like a sweetie. I don't think he was that good last night though. I do think he will stick around awhile and it will be fun to watch him progress.

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