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Thread: Taylor Hicks (AI 5)

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    Everyone, when they say goodbye to a contestant, everyone has gotten cut off while singing their song, it's not just Chris.

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    If Taylor didn't perform that extra song Chris would've been able to sing his entire song.I'm not of a fan of neither one of them.That was just not fair to Chris and the others.

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    I've noticed too, at the end of the show, a lot of the performers have been cut off during their final song. It had nothing to do with Taylor singing. That time slot is usually filled with a musician singing, anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by graycat11 View Post
    It wasn't Taylor's fault, they're going to ask the person who entertained the audience the most and that way Taylor. He sang JHR. Why would they ask Kat? She didn't perform or dance well.
    Kat didn't perform well, but neither did Taylor. He did not sound good on Tuesday night, either. He doesn't ever sing well.

    I do think that the Taylor performance was staged. He may very well be Rebecca Romjin's favorite, but they knew what she was going to say, and Taylor knew he'd be performing.

    I really noticed last night that Taylor looks as if he's gained at least 10 pounds. His shirt really showed his stomach. His face also looks quite fat.

    If Taylor wins (which I fully expect he will), I think he is going to be nearly impossible to market. What are they going to market him as? Ray Charles with sight? I don't think he's good enough for the Top 3, much less to win.

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    Taylor was the crowd favorite on Tuesday night. He had people dancing around like no one else. I didn't see the audience grooving to Kat's "Hound Dog." I don't understand what's so difficult about this. Ms. I'm-a-Supa-Model threw out a request and Taylor complied. I mean, like someone else said, what's he supposed to do, say "No thanks??"

    Even if it WAS staged (I wouldn't put that past the producers) who says it was Taylor's idea? The contestants are all pretty much puppets - they do as they're told - hell, Taylor is probably contractually bound to yell "Soul Patrol" at least 4 times per night.

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    All the remaining contestants should be prepared to go home on any given Wednesday...if they don't they are pretty arrogant.

    If Chris was shocked as he said he was...then he is as guilty as his fans for assuming he was a "shoe in".

    All the is SOUR grapes . Rest assured CHris will do just fine in fact probably better for not winning!

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    yay! the conspiracy theories are back on fort!

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    I think the problem that I, and it seems some others are having is that this isn't the "Taylor Show". If they had gone through the audience asking for requests, would the whole 1/2 hour been a Taylor songfest? I can understand that maybe TPTB prefer Taylor, but at least let us THINK that our votes are a part of it.

    And of course none of this is Taylors fault. Like someone just said, he wasn't going to say no, I'm not going to sing again.

    I think if they want to keep up the appearance that this is a contest then they need to stop pushing for their favorite to win.

    What I'm finding amusing is that to read this weeks posts, Taylor hasn't known any of the things that were going to happen. Nothing was staged. A few weeks ago, every word, or action connected with Kellie was planned and she was acting. We're going to need to decide if we think that certain things are staged, and if they're not. I, for one, really think that Taylor knew ahead of time that he would be singing last night. Like shrinking Violet said, where did the mic come from?
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    My opinion is that they are ALL told to prepare to sing, as they don't know who's going home. Therefore, the mic was there for Taylor, in case he was eliminated. Although, I believe the producers staged this with Rebecca, I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor didn't know, and thought while he was singing that he was going home. Normally, the bottom two each sing, but, they probably didn't want to put Kat out there to do another bad version of her songs, since, they knew she wasn't going home, so, they put Taylor out there instead. Why is it always Taylor? It's always Taylor, because that's who the producers decide it is, whether they're doing it to make him look bad (pick a side), or look good (last night).

    After 5 years of this, I realize 99% of what the kids do is staged for the show's benefit, not theirs.
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    i am just puzzle as tohow they will market him. well i am sure he will do ok.just like ruuben

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