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Thread: Elliott Yamin (AI 5)

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    Elliott - take the ball and run with it! You have so much talent, I know your dream will come true. Thanks for the memories - see you on tour!

    From a Taylor fan who would have backed you, if Taylor had gone home tonight - glad you two formed an incredible friendship!
    Sing & dance the night away!

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    Welcome DtotheJ! Hope you stick around. I am extremely disappointed and sad today - not to mention angry. I hate this show!
    Count your blessings!

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    I couldn't BELIEVE how close it was!! I'm glad I voted or I would have been so mad at myself today.

    I was so bummed last night--BUT, the thing is, is that this will launch his career (as it has any other idol contestant--winner or not--who has talent.)

    When I think about it realistically, whether you win, or are second or third--five years from now with a multimillion dollar album out--what difference does it make where you placed on a tv show??

    Elliott's dream DID come true because he WILL have a singing career because of being on the show and exposing America to that fantastic voice!

    Elliott is going to have an incredible career and I'm really happy for him. Now, I'm just waiting for the CD to come out.

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    Darn. My fears were realized last night when Elliott was eliminated. What a sad night it was for me. So far I'm batting .000 at this Idol game as none of the winners have ever been my first choice. I guess I'm not in synch with the rest of America.

    I agree with a poster above who basically said that Elliott doesn't rely on theatrics. It's the voice...pure, smooth, warm, rich and oh so sexy. His voice reached me on a deep level, and to me, that's what music is all about. I was always excited to hear him sing each week, and I loved his personality. He was such a grateful, humble, genuine guy, and I think he has a great sense of fun and goofiness, too. It just all combined to make him my favorite ever on this show, and I don't say that lightly because I was a huge Clay fan back in the day. I never thought there would be another contestant who was as good as Clay and frankly never got quite as much into Idol since season 2 until Elliott came along this year. I certainly never spent the amount of time trying to vote for any of them in the past as I did for Elliott this year. As much as I liked Clay, I didn't spend any time voting for him until the final 2 night when I did try for a half hour or so. Yes, I really like Elliott, and I'm so proud of him, too.

    In next week's TV Guide with the final 3 on the cover, Elliott remarked that he's not a heartthrob. I think he's wrong about that. I've seen quite a bit of throbbing hearts on the internet for this guy. I know he made mine throb when he sang. And good grief, I'm 49 years old and the ole heart doesn't throb as easily as it did when I was younger! I hope he continues to grow in confidence and comes to realize that a lot of people care more about what's in the package than the fact that the package is wrapped pretty, meaning pretty by what the media tells us today's standards should be. Heck, I think he's quite handsome.

    I did think that they gave him a good send-off last night. It wasn't rude and hurried like some of the others have been. I think Elliott made an impact on all of them if I'm to go by the way they acted last night. I don't think they wanted him in the final 2, and I think they made sure that everyone knew that (which still upsets me), but overall, I do think that Ryan and the judges all liked and respected Elliott and recognize the talent he has. They just didn't think they could market him. Well, bully to them!

    I read somewhere that Elliott has a cousin who is a record producer, and he wasn't even aware that Elliott could sing. I'm sure Elliott will be putting out a CD, and I will definitely be buying it when it hits the market. I do think he'll find his niche in the music industry, and while it may not be superstardom, I think he has the potential to do quite well.

    As for next week, I'll watch Idol and I'll be rooting for Taylor to win. It won't bother me too much if Katharine wins, but I prefer Taylor to her. If he knocks my socks off, I may throw a few votes his way, but I will not spend hours voting.

    Congratulations to all Taylor and Katharine fans on your favorite making it to the finale.

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    FORT Fogey razorbacker's Avatar
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    Elliott seems like such a genuinely likeable & honest guy. The tears that come so easliy for him are testament to his feelings for the opportunitites he has been given. I wish him luck & hope the future opens many doors for him.

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    Elliott, you have so much natural talent. Take it and run with it. You will do great as long as you stay true to yourself. I was rooting for you to be in the finale after Chris left. I hope your dreams come true. Best of luck to you
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    Exactly, razorbacker. Elliot seems SO genuine, and I have LOTS of admiration for someone who treats his mother so well. Shows you what a wonderful person he is. Best of luck to you, Elliot! you are a star, already.
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    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    I felt like I was mourning last night! I cried for a while. I have never been so into a contestant before. Not only his voice capured me but him as a person. I think he is going to do big things and I will be buying his cd as soon as it arrives in stores!!

    Taylor will be getting my votes now.

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    FORT Fogey famita's Avatar
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    What a class act! Elliot proved himself last night, as well as the previous weeks. I will buy his cds. He has a great voice. He enjoys himself and entertains. Sorry to see him go before Katherine.

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    I just love Elliott's personality, and I think he'll do well in whatever he chooses to do. I'll definitely miss him. I so wanted a Taylor / Elliott final so I could just sit back and enjoy the show.

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