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Thread: Elliott Yamin (AI 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by roundercat View Post
    I confess to being partial to the home town guy....and of course we all know he can sing. I thought elliot looked extremely comfortable on stage last night...just look at the sparkle in his eyes.

    I think he is the real deal. Just like Marty on Rockstar, I am not sure that this is ultimately the best gig for him...but I hope this show opens many doors for him.
    I'm crazy about Elliott, and I do think that he looked more comfortable last night than he has in the past. I think he's been growing more comfortable as the weeks progress. However, I still get the sense that there's some underlying tension, nervousness, discomfort in his body, even now, and I wonder whether this doens't read to some of the audience. Much as I love his voice and cherish his performances, and much as I think he's adorable, I just feel he's not quite comfortable and not quite *in control* of the stage, and I think this is something that audiences crave. ...

    It reminds me of a few years ago when a singer/actor friend of mine was in a musical, playing a very tough role. He's extremely talented, but a slightly self-conscious, self-doubting person, as I suspect Elliott is. Anyway, I saw him in the show one night, and he was very good, but, just as I tend to feel with Elliott, there was a tiny tiny little disjoint between how well I objectively believed he'd done with the role, and how I actually felt about his performance. The next time I saw him, though, I *felt* he was absolutely brilliant, and I wasn't the only person who thought so. Turned out that he'd had a major massage that afternoon, and I'm guessing that it banished all the tension from his body so he just let go on stage, without any of his residual self-consciousness hanging around in his muscles for the audience to pick up and feel slightly uneasy about ...

    So ... I think Elliott needs to have an excellent massage every Tuesday. ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by natashapierre View Post
    So ... I think Elliott needs to have an excellent massage every Tuesday. ...
    **Raises hand** Um... I'll help out!

    I think Elliot is great and I voted quite a few times for him last night. It was actually very difficult because the line was busy for quite awhile. I hope that means good things!
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    I know I say Elliott was great every week, but our boy really did us proud last night. Great vocal, smooth performance, and it looked like he had fun! One of his best, right up there with "Teach Me Tonight." I've given up on figuring out why some people, including Simon, think there's something missing with Elliott. Some folks are just wrong, and if they weren't how would we know what right looks like?

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    I tried voting for Elliot last night, and I usually don't vote. But I never got through, not once!

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    Eliot was fantastic last night!

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    I thought he was fabulous last night! His voice is SO smooth and it still mind boggling to know he is deaf in one ear! I voted nonstop pretty much last night and only got in 5 votes. My sister who always votes for Chris did me a favor and only voted for Elliott last night. She said she got in about 200. She wants him to stick around longer. Of course I would feel bad for her if Chris gets the boot!lol I love my sister!

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    What did Elliott say to Simon or Paula last night?

    When one of the judges said something to Elliott (I think it was Simon) about wanting to be there till the end or the finale or something, what did Elliott say back-like I will be or what??
    Did not catch what he said to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReneeM View Post
    My sister who always votes for Chris did me a favor and only voted for Elliott last night. She said she got in about 200. She wants him to stick around longer. Of course I would feel bad for her if Chris gets the boot!lol I love my sister!
    LOL! I love your sister too! That was very sweet of her.

    Elliott was gorgeous last night in every category -- voice, looks, and performance. I always watch and listen to him over and over again just to make sure I'm not glossing over anything or being a blind fangirl. Elliott was flawless last night (). Every note was rich and fully developed, his breathing was controlled, his dynamics were so awesome -- soft and purring during the early seductive phrases, and then powerful and compelling during the jazzed-up ending. It was a great peformance. The only nit I could think of picking would be his holding on to the mic for dear life, but of course I found that endearing and not annoying.

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    When Elliot came out leaning on the mic stand and just smiling before he even started, I KNEW we were going to hear something good! And then he was perfect! Not a single note out of place. He looked and sounded relaxed and happy on stage. I felt so good for him. He was in his element and blew me away. Even though Kat got the pimp spot and this is more notably Paris' genre, Elliot kicked butt. Easily the best of the night.

    I was so angry with Simon's comments until I remembered that Simon picked his top three a LOOONG time ago and Elliot wasn't one of them. The only two guys Simon wants to see at the end are Chris and Taylor. How dare Elliot out-perform them! So, of course Simon had to say something negative and he couldn't talk about the vocals, so he picked an obscure comment about his "personality". I am afraid that a person who is sincere, polite and happy to have this opportunity has the BEST personality on that stage!

    Go Elliot!

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    now, now, I love Elliott as much as anyone and tried in vain to vote last night (the line was always busy, yay?) but I don't think Simon was being mean by pointing out that Elliott's personality (as exhibited ON STAGE) was his weak point. Elliott has been in the bottom three for weeks, of course Simon's aware that he could be in trouble, and I took it as Simon giving him a warning and suggesting something that could be his downfall. He does seem more nervous at times than other contestants. I thought Simon's criticisms last night were very objective, and his picks for the top three were more about who he thought would be most popular than who he WANTED to be the top three.

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