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Thread: Elliott Yamin (AI 5)

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    virgina is for elliot lovers!
    Found a great story from entertainment weekly

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    Both the EW and VH1 articles/interviews are great. I love Elliot's spirit and heart and will miss him in the competition next week. But it sounds like he has some really great ideas and plans which hopefully he can follow up on.

    C'mon - who wasn't moved to tears in his exit interview when he said that before AI he was so lost. ? He was crying, his mom was crying, we were all crying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MiaT2 View Post
    Both the EW and VH1 articles/interviews are great. I love Elliot's spirit and heart and will miss him in the competition next week. But it sounds like he has some really great ideas and plans which hopefully he can follow up on.

    C'mon - who wasn't moved to tears in his exit interview when he said that before AI he was so lost. ? He was crying, his mom was crying, we were all crying.

    according the his post show interviews...the tears from he and his mom were not SAD cry tears..but HAPPY ones....!! Thats is the difference

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    Elliott mentions ADD in that article, and that's interesting. Everyone has made a big deal of his diabetes and his deafness, but those are the sort of lifelong afflictions that tens of millions of Americans live with every day and just deal with. There has to be another reason why a guy with a voice like that was working odd jobs. (This doesn't mean that everyone who can sing like Elliott is a star; only that they're making their living as well-paid professional singers in studios and on stage, rather than stocking shelves.) ADD and AS are treatable, if unfortunately not curable, and if that's what's been holding E back all his life, a successful treatment would be worth more than what every orthodontist in America could offer him put together.

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    dpiranha, I think Elliott was joking about ADD in that interview -- meaning that was the way he approached his life, in an "ADD-ish" manner, never settling his mind on his goals or how to reach them. That's my new favorite adjective, by the way.

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    Another great article on Elliott.


    Elliott finds solace in future
    He makes peace with 'Idol' vote, looks ahead to singing soulful R&B


    Elliott Yamin celebrated the end to his last three months on Fox's "American Idol" by getting takeout from Taco Bell.

    You were expecting room service from the Ritz?

    Not our Elliott.

    Yamin may have been one of the least surprised people Wednesday night when he found out, in "American Idol"-speak, that his journey had ended. He certainly wasn't the unhappiest.

    "I had the feeling all day long and night that my time was up. I was able to make peace with that and accept it," he said in a Fox teleconference yesterday.

    "There are great things that come along with winning. You're guaranteed a record deal, you're guaranteed hits. That's a great thing."

    But "the fact I didn't win and won't have those obligations to a management company and so forth is not a bad thing. I'll have the opportunity to go out and fish for the best deal I can possibly get and, if that happens, I'm looking forward to it. But either way, you're set."

    He even downplayed the photo finish that had votes for the three finalists differing by less than a percentage point.

    "I thought it was really flattering to have been involved in such a tight race. I had that intuition. I knew my name was going to be attached to that 33.06 percent. It was easy to take in and to grasp. It was a lot easier to make peace with that."

    Yamin, 27, a clerk at Westbury Pharmacy with next to no performing experience, was the "AI" underdog; the Cinderfella, as his aunt, Louise Hoffman, calls him.

    Not only did he make the semifinals with 23 other hopefuls way back in February, he made it all the way to the final three, outlasting a number of contestants predicted to go further in the competition.

    Along the way, he shared parts of his life in TV-sized bites: his battle with diabetes; his hearing loss in one ear; his closeness to his mother, Claudette Yamin, and her history of illness.

    "I guess people know I've beaten a few odds here and there. I think people can identify with it; it's real. It's who I genuinely am."

    Yamin is also a self-described "professional layabout," according to an article in the May 22 issue of TV Guide. (He shares the cover with "AI" finalists Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee.)

    "Before this contest started, I was lost. I was still trying to find my way as a human being, as an employee. Now, I feel like I've grown a lot, that I have confidence," he said yesterday.

    "I've accomplished what I set out to do. I've actually followed through with something and that's not something I've been accustomed to. I can honestly say I know what I'm going to do in the future. And, just a year ago, I couldn't have said that."

    Yamin doesn't know for certain what he'll be doing once his three-month obligation to "American Idol" is over, except that he'll be singing.

    He says he's been approached with offers indirectly.

    "People are talking. That's what's awesome about it. I can see my future in front of my own eyes in the recording industry. I'm looking forward to getting down to business with whomever that might be."

    And he's also been able to think about what a future album might sound like.

    "I want it to have a real soulful R&B sound. I wouldn't mind trying my hand at other genres. I think I have proven I'm as versatile as possible. I'm really looking forward to that time in my life."

    He also had this to say about:

    His sometimes obscure song choices
    "I know it's good to sing songs people know, that people can relate to and are familiar with. But at the same time, that's what turned me away from picking those songs. . . . I'm satisfied with every song I picked."

    And that goes for "I Believe to My Soul," the song he chose to close his Tuesday performance. He said several people tried to talk him out of it.

    "The bottom line, it was my choice, and I was conscious of that. And I'm living with that choice."

    How his looks changed over the season
    "The main thing about my look, I let my hair grow out. I never knew there was this much hair. Having hair enables you to style it, and they've been doing a great job with that."

    His bond with Paula Abdul, the "AI" judge who appeared to be one of his greatest fans
    "I think she likes me as a person, and the feeling is mutual. She is just a sweetheart; she is a joy to be around. We've had some good talks. She has a big heart like I do. I think that's why she identifies with me and she can relate. We're both Jewish, too. You know us Jews, we have a bond at birth. Maybe that has something to do with it."

    The number of Southern contestants on "American Idol"
    "It's great to know there's so much talent in that part of the country and it's been discovered. I love being from Virginia and I'm proud to be from there. And they represent me well."

    Impressions of the remaining contestants, Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee
    "Taylor, I'm close to him, he's my dawg. We're going to be friends for life. He's a great entertainer; he's doing what he's done all his life. Same thing with Kat, she's performed a lot.

    "I don't have the same experience. But I've gained it during this short amount of time. I'm still learning, but they've been great models, and I have nothing but the utmost respect."

    He also set a rumor straight he has a girlfriend, Amanda, but he's not engaged.

    "But we do have a great relationship, and I'm looking forward to getting back in her arms sooner than later, which will only be for a short while."

    Yamin is already busy with next week's two-hour "American Idol" finale at 8 p.m. Wednesday, which will include the final 12 contestants. And he'll be part of the "AI" concert tour that begins July 6 and stops at the Richmond Coliseum July 29.
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    Yep, he's the Cinderfella. Great articles, and thanks!
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    I was a bit annoyed that the article said we might feel sorry for him because of his teeth. (Otherwise, nice article). Why does everyone have to have these identical teeth? I like his teeth. It makes him an individual. It annoys the hell out of me that all celebrities are supposed to fit some mold of attractiveness. Jennifer Aniston's chin? Unacceptable. Elliot's teeth? Unacceptable.

    Rant over. Looking forward to the album. I wonder if he likes Scott Walker. I'd love to hear him cover Scott Walker.

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    Guys, have you heard the full-length version of "Moody's" yet? Wow! Be prepared for some full-on jazz, with very complex vocal passages beyond what we've already heard. Of course, Elliott sounds super-freaking-fantastic.

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    Tdoug where did you hear it? I want to hear it! I bet it is fan-freakin-tabulous!!

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