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Thread: Kellie Pickler (AI 5)

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    I agree Misty8723, she isn't my favorite on the show, but I do like her and not because of what many so graciously calls her dumb routine. I think that she has a very nice voice and I usually like her singing. I ALWAYS like it better than either of the other girls who are left. I don't see her winning, and I don't see my favorite winning either because many people do not vote for talent but have their own reasons for voting the way that they do. I guess that's why everyone's vote carries the same weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabernetCally View Post
    It really does not matter....let the girl be! Why drag her familis dirty laundry into this?
    FOX should be ashamed for what they have dredged up already!
    I think it was Kellie herself that first broached the subject of her poor upbringing and her mom leaving her. It was the first time we saw her in the auditions. It's her story to tell and tell it she did. She got her much desired sympathy and continues to do so at every given chance.

    I wonder what happened to mother as others have. Where is she? You'd think the Enquirer would have found her by now. Kellie's dad is a convict. Who knows what he did to drive her away or to make sure she never was a mom to Kellie.

    In any event, her act is wearing thin with me, too, and it won't be too soon when she's voted off AI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rockytop Chick View Post
    I can't stand Kellie. It's not because she is a southerner. I'm a Southerner. I've lived in memphis, Nashville and Richmond. Been in the South all my life. The biggest thing about her that bothers me is that she is trying very hard to perpetuate every stereotype those outside the south have about southerners. And she's succeeding at it so far. The wide-eyed-innocent-country-girl-in-the-city act is wearing very thin with me. You may have no problem with the rest of the world thinking Southerners are al illiterate, uneducated, and live in trailers. But I definitely have a big problem with it. And here's this girl trying to tell America every week that this is how southerners are.

    Oh, and her voice is OK, but it's probably the worst voice of those left.
    I agree!
    And I wonder, why do people love her? Even if they are buying her "slack-jawed-yocal" act, do they really find that endearing? She sits there with a stupid gaze on her face, mouth open and eyes wide, trying to look as dumb as possible, and that's cute and/or sexy? Do we really want our young girls looking up to this pathetic model of feminity? ("Maybe if I act like Kellie, batting my eyes and acting like I don't understand what is going on, everyone will love me too"...) If she is as dumb as the act that she is putting on, then we need to get this girl some help, not put her on television. It's like watching a side-show geek.

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    I don't think the burden of Kellie perpetuating a stereotype should be laid on her shoulders. It's just like we can't judge all Texans from Kelly Clarkson or all judges from Paula. Personally, I think we should look at her for her. If you don't like her "dumb act", it's because it's HER dumb act. There are many Southerners that don't follow suit. Some of the best. most celebrated authors and thinkers come from the South.
    Why is it boys talk so much, when they have nothing to say? And girls have plenty to say, but no one will listen?
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    Surprisingly I thought this was the best Kellie has performed since she did "Since You've Been Gone" in her very first audition. And you know why that is? Because it wasn't country. Yay! I've been saying for the last few weeks that Kellie would do much better if she switched from country to pop.

    But still, I think she's one of the weakest of the remaining contestants. If anyone besides Ace leaves before her it will be a disappointment.

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    As far as the 'act' goes, I don't think it's completely an act. I think some of her naivete we saw early on was genuine. Either her or someone behind the scenes got the idea that the veiwing public thinks her sad country girl story and her lack of sophistication was cute. Then they decided to run with it and have taken it way too far.

    I can buy her never having had calamari or a spinach salad. I can buy the mis-pronounciation of salmon. People in my own extended family have used the l when pronouncing salmon. But the 'what's a ballsy', 'what's on paper' and the whole snot rag thing was probably completely manufactured to further promote her naive coutry girl image, IMO

    Also, IMO, she is not a good singer. last year Carrie Underwood was also a naive counrty girl to a certain extent. and she wasn't my favorite. But at least I could stand to hear her sing from week to week. Carrie is at least 10 times a better singer than Kellie.

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    I AGREE! Carrie underwood isn't even in the same class of vocal talent as Pickler. Not even close. Carrie underwood sounds much more professional, and did from the start, not just since she's recorded music, and had lots of experience. I never recall Carrie singing off-key or pitchy. I just refuse to vote for a contestant who uses the humor tactic to get votes. To each his/her own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misty8723 View Post
    I have a very hard time believing they would script anything like that. It's probably just what she's grown up calling a hanky.

    My friends called it that, and I grew up in Western PA.
    My dad always called it a snot rag and we live in the midwest. It kind of caught me off guard because I was surprised that anyone would say that on national TV, but I otherwise it didn't bother me.

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    Little Kellie and the big Bohemian Rhapsody.
    I would have never guessed in a million years that she picks that song.
    The thought of it is already ridiculous.

    But it was fun to watch and didn`t hurt my ears half as much as some wannabe rocker on the show.
    The first shot of the performance looked like a Batman movie.

    Not bad.
    Just when you think the trainwreck is overdue ,
    she wiggles her way through the competition.

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    She was freakin' FANTASTIC on Tuesday!! What is wrong with you people?! (lol... sorry... don't take this to heart ) Her whole performance - the choice of song, black eyeshadow, high heeled boots, "Night of the Living Dead" lighting, romp on the catwalk and sweet ending - was absolutely PURRRFECT.

    Also, I can't believe the lengths people are going to in arguing that she's fake and scripted. I mean, seriously. Why do you consider the other contestants' actions as natural and "unscripted", then? You might as well say that the whole show is rigged with all these people being actors!! Geesh.


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