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Thread: Kellie Pickler (AI 5)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimrs View Post
    So far I think Kellie has had only one performance that could be called "good" and that was last week. All of her other performances have been worthy of the bottom three, if not the actual cast off.
    I agree! Her vocal talents are "just average"...and there are some still here competing with above-average voices. I have heard her sing pitchy now a few different songs. Katherine's last perofrmance wasn't up to par, either...but on the average, Katherine has a much more trained voice than Kellie's..by far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tickety View Post
    Ummm... Elliott seems to have a... erm... wandering eye... in that picture.

    Kellie's quite photogenic too, I've realized. Pastel shades look good on her. Yes they do.
    Yep, Elliot seems to be having a really good time there, doesn't he?

    She really is a pretty girl and looks cute most of the time. I like some of the tops she wears.

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    Tickety, I agree that there's raw potential to her voice. She may not be as trained as Katherine, but I find her more interesting to watch and look forward to any growth she can have during this process. I think Paula said something to that effect. Normally, I don't take into account what Paula says, but I also think Barry quite liked her voice as well.

    I look forward to seeing what she does in her comfort zone this week. And her new make-up really works for her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by graycat11 View Post
    If Kellie makes the final 2, I'll have a fit
    Agreed. This simply cannot happen in the world where I live. She has a thin voice and a thin personality. No depth. Nothing interesting. Plus she is way tacky. Goodbye soon. please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victrola View Post
    Agreed. This simply cannot happen in the world where I live. She has a thin voice and a thin personality. No depth. Nothing interesting. Plus she is way tacky. Goodbye soon. please.
    Soon may be this Wednesday, and she can take the suds in a bucket, I mean Bucky, with her.
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    It could easily happen in the world in which I live. She's a talented and very pretty girl. I wish her luck, and lots of votes.

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    Yuck, just yuck.

    She has made it on her looks and dumb blonde act. Guess that stuff works better for girls than guys (hmm Ace) as her fan base seems to be very large and vocal. She has a pretty enough sounding voice, but thin, lacking range or strength and overall average.

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    She and Ace are about the same for me. I think they are both cute and have charming personas, but neither has impressive vocal chops.

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    I am having a hard time believing the story about Kelly paying $300 for her haircuts. Does anyone know where young Kelly Pickler, roller skating waitress from Albemarle, NC who lives with her grandparents, would get $300 for a haircut??? The story that she has been a regular customer at Carmen Carmen in Charlotte, NC seems crazy to me. Yes, I realize the story was in the Charlotte Observer, but even if she did have $300 to spend on a haircut, where would the girl (who had never had calamari and who did not know how to pronounce "salmon") even find out about a swanky salon like that???
    Seems strange. Perhaps the salon is looking for some free publicity??
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    She is a cutie who pushes the corn pone card and has a decent voice for twanging her country schtick. Final 2? No way. Are there really that many country fans to push her above the 3 men (Chris, Taylor and Elliot)? That thought scars me. I detest country music.

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