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Thread: Chris Daughtry (AI 5)

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    Chris is right up there with Taylor Hicks in our household. Chris seems like a genuine person - I love the whole backstory about his wife and her - their - kids. And man did he ever sound like Jon Bon Jovi! (is it "John?") I like him because he's not the stereotypical effeminate bubblegum type a lot of the pop stars/wannabe pop stars seem to be. He brings a nice edge; and I think a lot of guys are going to like him. Oh and I like the look with the cowboy hat; he should bring that back once in a while.

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    Chris is definitely the guy to win this competition. They talk about not much of a personality, but when he is on stage he has all the personality needed to sell a song. Easily the best guy last night and so much fun to listen to, I actually like his voice better than John Bon Jovi(always thought he was too soft sounding to be a real hair band singer, but that's also why I think they have stuck around the last 15 years). I can't wait to hear him again next week. If he doesn't make the top 12, I don't know what is wrong with this show!

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    Totally, totally hot. I would love to see him go all the way.

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    Marleybone, you and me both. He did a fantastic job. And the thing I like about him is that not only can he sing, but he just seems like such a gentleman.
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    Unless something happens to change my mind, which I totally doubt, Chris is my pick to win it all!! The man can sang! I think he's going to have some very interesting song choices, plus he's very easy on the eye (I'm even digging the baldness, that's hott!) I just love everything about him
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    Along with Taylor, Elliot, Ace, Mandisa, Lisa, Katherine, and Paris, this guy is an absolute lock to reach the top twelve.

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    I love how he balances Family and Music. So many musicians use the Music Lifestyle as their excuse to be a "dawg".

    No! You're a dawg whether you sing or collect trash. You just sound better while you're cheatin'!
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    My #1 favorite right now, Katharine a close second. GO CHRIS GO! Rock on, brother!
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    Definitely my favorite male performer so far...

    I hope he can swing the different muisc styles well.

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    This guys sounds better than at least 85% of professional rock vocalists out today..

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