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Thread: The Chicken Dance....Yah? or Nay?

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    The Chicken Dance....Yah? or Nay?

    I don't know why this song just popped into my head. Weird.
    How do you feel about this wedding classic? Yay? or Nay?

    I personally don't like it but for some reason, if it's played, I can't help but pop out of my seat and start dancing the Chicken Dance. And I have a lot of fun doing it. But it's such a stupid song. I guess that's the magic of the Chicken Dance song.

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    Nothing on earth could compel me to chicken dance. Or macarena. I am, however, available for a good bunny hop.
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    I think it is a DJ's way of getting the party started. Young and old, most everyone knows this song.

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    Total. Freakin'. "yay". This thread title totally grabbed my attention. Anyhow, I'm a dancin' machine, so...whatever, however, tables, macarena, chicken, swing, elaborate choreographed hip hop numbers.....I'm there. You say "german clog" I say, "süsser Jesus ja!" <---"sweet Jesus....yes!"

    Bunny hops or any form of human-chain-of-dance is also cool.
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    Oh, yeah! I love the chicken dance! We did it at my wedding as well as the macarena, the electric slide, and the tarantella.
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    Oh I'm loving me some Electric Slide....WOO HOO....last year at my son's 6th grade Valentine Dance, the DJ cranked that up and this momma here hopped out on the floor and boogied (I had already "warned" my son ahead of time that I might feel the urge to boogie...he just didn't believe I'd do it!!)
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    Chicken Dance?
    Heck yeah! The kids at work (pre-school) love it!

    Electric slide, a few country line dances back in the day, a nice Soul Train Line, whatever . . .I am there. That's me, the one saying, "Come on! Get out here and dance!" Well, among friends anyway.

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    Of course yes on the Chicken Dance. It's one of the few dances everyone knows or can learn really fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    Oh, yeah! I love the chicken dance! We did it at my wedding as well as the macarena, the electric slide, and the tarantella.
    The tarantella...a staple at Italian weddings. Double My mom's side is from Quebec, so we had the tarantella for my father and my husband's family and the 7-carré (square dancing) for my mom's side. It makes for some interesting mish mash, but everyone had a blast.

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    Chicken Dance forever!

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