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Thread: Best and Worst Holiday Songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel View Post
    We might as well add Adam Sandlers Hannukah song to the mix, funny
    Of course, and since we are visiting Mr. Sandler, we should add his "I Love Thanksgiving!" song too.
    "...Turkey for girls and turkey for boys. My favorite pants are corduroys."

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    LOVE Fairy Tale of New York, by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl!

    HATE any Cliff Richard Christmas song!!! AAAGGGHHH!!!
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    My Favorite is Carol of the Bells. Ever since Home Alone, I love that song hehe.

    The worst Holiday song in my opinion Noel Noel.
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    Best- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland
    River by Robert Downy Jr and Please Come Home for Christmas by the Eagles. (yes, all depressing in their own little ways) Plus anything by Manniham Steamroller.

    Worst-The Christmas shoes one, that is so unnecessary, and I want a Hippopotumus for Christmas and Barbara Stresand's version of Jingle Bells.
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    To the consternation of my former employees, I LUV Christmas music. The classics and the modern stuff (though with more than a few notable exceptions). I grew up with the Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians Christmas records, so there is will always be a soft spot for them.


    Brian Setzer Orchestra - Woogie Woogie Christmas and Dig That Crazy Christmas - these are 2 fun big band albums.

    Cindi Lauper - Merry Christmas...Have a Nice Life! - I love In the Bleak Midwinter as well as December Child.

    the A Very Special Christmas series - alt/rock/pop benefit albums with something for everyone.

    It's Christmas Time - Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole - A collection of their classic and pop holiday hits. White Christmas, O Holy Night, I'll be Home for Christmas, etc.

    Dr. Demento presents the Greatest Christmas Novelty CD of All Time - a collection of all the christmas novelty songs you love or hate - Christmas at Ground Zero, The Chipmunk Song, I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus, etc

    Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses

    All I Want For Christmas - Dread Zeppelin

    Christmas Day - Squeeze


    The N'Sync, Destiny's Child, and Mariah Carry Christmas albums make my teeth hurt. I'm sorry, but both Beyoncé and Mariah destroy some beautiful songs with overwrought vocal gymnastics (at least Mariah has the pipes to do it, Ms. Knowles does not).

    ReJoyce - The Christmas Album from Jessica Simpson is also on this list.
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    Worst I've Heard Ever

    I have just heard THE WORST Christmas song ever! It made me start to cry in the car on the way home. It was about a kitty who got left out in a snowstorm. She befriended a little mouse who was almost frozen and they stayed together in a snowbank to wait out Christmas Eve. (that part is ok). But then, by the time Santa arrives and the reindeer find the kitty kat, she is DEAD! FROZEN DEAD! The mouse, however, survives. What kind of Christmas cheer is that! And that music is hauntingly awful. Dreary. Sad. Very sad. Even though at the end, Santa lifts the Dead Body of the Kitty up to the stars so she can be a constellation forever, it's still AWFUL. I kept waiting for a good part, for the kitty to be brought back to life, that it was a mistake that she was FROZEN DEAD! But it didn't happen. . What a horrible, horrible. song. For all cat lovers alike.

    Sorry for ranting. I got home and kissed my kitts.

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    I love every song on the "Twisted Christmas" album. Especially "The 12 pains of Christmas". And "Something stuck Up In The Chimney"
    To whoever said they like Breath of Heaven. I'm actually singing that at a Christmas Event at my church next week. It's my second year doing it. I also like any version (I've heard 3) of Mary Did You Know. And anything by David Phelps (Gaither Vocal Group). He's just got this amazing voice and when he goes really high, it just gives me chills.
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    My grown Up Christmas list/Oh Holy Night--Both by Kelly Clarkson <3

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    Best: any of the Christmas songs by Nat King Cole or Johnny Mathis. I really like Christmas In Hollis by Run-DMC too. (and who can forget the McKenzie Brothers version of The Twelve Days of Christmas? )

    Worst: for me, hands down, is that damn Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer song.
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    Best: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Judy Garland
    Silent Night - Mannheim Steamroller
    Charlie Brown/Peanuts Soundtrack

    Worst: Any holiday song by Mariah Carey.
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