I was looking for the lyrics of a few songs that I wanted to quote for my National Novel Writing Month project when I accidentally stumbled across this site: Songfacts. Ever wondered about the trivia and songwriting history behind your favorite songs? Or what the artists had to say about a particular track?

Here it is, presented in a slick, professional site, including search functions and a community of users who comment and give their insights into the songs. (Particularly useful for me, as I wouldn't want to quote, say, Vindicated to illustrate a passage in my writing, when all it was intended for was Spider-Man's battle against Doctor Octopus in the Spider-Man 2 film.)

I know, I know--the best meanings behind your favorite music are the meanings that you draw from the music and how the music makes you feel, but I could see other uses for this (aside from my writing); student essays, for example, if the student wants to quote music to illustrate a point.

It's also good fun! Give it a try.