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  • Carlos Santana

    12 23.08%
  • Eddie Van Halen

    2 3.85%
  • Eric Clapton

    17 32.69%
  • Jimi Hendrix

    21 40.38%
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Thread: Let's prove John wrong, redux

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    I would imagine most are too young to appreciate Jimi Hendrix and his stuff wasn't highly commercialized.

    I see Randy Rhoads on that link Amanda posted and I used to literally "girl crush worship" him in my teens. *sigh* But alas, his life was not long here on earth to truly see how his career would have prospered further with Ozzy or others.

    So to answer the question, I'd have to go with Eddie Van Halen. Van Halen was hot in the 80's and his name is well recognized commercially. Mostly anyone could sing along to a Van Halen song, even St. Peter! I don't think he's "as talented" though as others, just going with the commercial answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda
    Oh, that one's easy. At the time I had this conversation, I was drunk.

    Little? My dear, those conversations are epic.

    No, that's a lie. It's a whole lot of me saying "I'm right and you're wrong", and John saying "Whatever, I don't even care, shut up for once."

    Anyway, I found this article (click me!) about the 100 greatest guitar solos of all time. It's on, which is a site I hate, but it's a cool article nonetheless.
    The 100 greatest article sure could start a lot of lively arguements. It brings aboult lot's of memories, but one glaring absence, probably among many, is there is no mention of Alvin Lee of Ten Years After. Maybe not as well known as some of the others, but not standing in too many shadows either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus
    Hendrix. Mainly because I saw and A&E Biography about him a couple of weeks ago and I felt really sorry for him.
    Now Rattus... you're the LAST poster I would expect to give out a pity vote.
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    Have to go with Hendrix, he lit his guitar on fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker
    Another old & aging hippie chiming in here. I like the reasons you gave for your decisions, however, as to what heights Hendrix would have acheived is an interesting concept. I, for one, feel that if all the greats hadn't died to early that Duane Allman would have surpassed Jimi as the greatest. It makes for interesting discussion one way or the other.
    Yes it does make for an interesting discussion, especially among us old hippies! lol! I still think Hendrix was better then Allman. Jimi just had more of a "natural" talent than Duane had. I'm sorry one old hippie to the other, Jimi was the best, would have been the best and still is the best!

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    Well, humph. I'll be contrary and say my all-time favorite guitar player evah is Mark Knopfler, and favorite guitar solo was off Jethro Tull's Aqualung. Since neither are listed I'm going with Eddie Van Halen, just because I had a wild crush on him way back when.

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    While I love Santana and saw him live once, I'd have to go with Hendrix.

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    Where the heck is SRV?

    I voted for Hendrix...but then I thought about it a little more, and I should have just voted for Eddie to get into heaven. That way, when I arrive in Hell for all the things I've done in my life, at least I would get to hang out with Hendrix, Clapton, Santana, Page and SRV...I think their music would make the heat bearable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinahann
    Well, humph. I'll be contrary and say my all-time favorite guitar player evah is Mark Knopfler
    Oh if we are talkin' favorites, Stevie Ray hands down!
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