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Thread: Janet Jackson: Secret Mom?

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    Janet Jackson: Secret Mom?

    Janet Jackson: Secret Mom?

    by Joal Ryan
    Oct 24, 2005, 5:15 PM PT

    First comes love, then comes secret marriage, then comes secret baby.

    According to a former brother-in-law of Janet Jackson, that's how things worked during the pop star's hush-hush union to singer James DeBarge, with the couple producing, but never publicly acknowledging, a daughter.

    The Jackson-DeBarge offspring was raised by Rebbie Jackson, the eldest and lowest-profile of the musically inclined siblings, Young DeBarge, a brother of James DeBarge, told New York City's WQHT-FM ("Hot 97") on Friday. His reputed niece, identified as Renee, is now 18, he claimed.

    Jackson, 39, has not responded to Young DeBarge's statements, which is nothing new. The pop star is never in a rush to confirm or deny information about her off-stage life. It was years before she acknowledged that she'd been married to James DeBarge as a teen-ager; it wasn't until choreographer Rene Elizondo filed for divorce that his relationship with Jackson was revealed to be of the husband-and-wife variety. Even today, there are whispers that record producer Jermaine Dupri is more than Jackson's boyfriend, and is, in fact, her third husband.

    The secret baby story is one that has kicked around for years. Brian Oxman, an attorney for the Jackson family, said the version he heard had Jackson's record label urging the then-emerging star to keep the kid out of the picture. Since Oxman was in a position to ask if it was true, he said he did. "The answer is no way, no how," he said Monday. "From the sisters to the mother, every last one of them said it never happened."

    Oxman said he believes the Jacksons, labeling the secret baby story an "urban legend."

    By all accounts, Janet Jackson wed James DeBarge, of the family band DeBarge ("Rhythm of the Night"), in 1984, when the future Super Bowl flasher was 18 and he was 21. The marriage was said to have ended in annulment in 1985.

    Doing the math, a Jackson-DeBarge baby who was 18 in October 2005, would have to have been born in 1987, or possibly late 1986. Either way, the timeline means the child would have been born after the couple's reported breakup, and during Jackson's emergence as a superstar with her solo breakthrough, Control

    Rebbie Jackson, 56, is the mother of three children with longtime husband Nathaniel Brown.

    According to the U.K. entertainment Website, FemaleFirst, Janet Jackson told British Glamour last year that, thanks to her relationship with Dupri, she was contemplating having children.

    "For the first time in my life," Jackson said.

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    The thing that doesn't add up is that he claims that they had the child in the short time they were married, but.... they were married 21 years ago and the child is only 18?

    Errr... this article does actually mention it.. but all of the other ones that I've seen cited to Young DeBarge have him placing conception while they were married.

    Me thinks this is his publicity stunt, thanks to the fact that he's got an album coming out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    Me thinks this is his publicity stunt, thanks to the fact that he's got an album coming out.
    Yep, he has some album promoting to do...shameless publicity
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    Ya know.. all "reasons" for him to do this aside..what bugs me about it is: who is HE to publicly out this child?

    I have no idea whether she has a daughter or not (nor do I care), but lets pretend that there IS a daughter out there, who's lived in anonymity for 18 years, probably happy... WHO IS HE to think it's appropriate to turn her innocent life upside down by saying this?? I just don't get it. What would he gain if this were true?

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