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Thread: Help- need info/lyrics to Lee-Hom Wong song "Julia"

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    Help- need info/lyrics to Lee-Hom Wong song "Julia"

    I'm really hoping someone out there is a big Asian music fan, or knows one. Lee-hom Wong is a Taiwanese (sp?) pop singer- he's been big for at least 8 years. He has a song called "Julia" (I don't know what album it is on) that is in Chinese. I really need the English translation of it. Or at least the general idea. please please please please please try to help me!

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    I' don't know the meaning of that song.

    bui I think he's great as an artist.

    His new CD 'Shangri-la' is good too.

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    I knew him long ago- back then he was a great geeky kid. I'm glad to see that he's done so well.

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    While doing some investigating I found all sort of Info about Lee Hom Wang But all of the lyrics were in chinese. I wish I could be more help
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