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Thread: SoulDesicion (and 2 people from Canadian Idol)

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    SoulDesicion (and 2 people from Canadian Idol)

    I'm not sure how many of you heard of them but their latest CD was only released in Canada unfortunately. Their fisrt album was released in the US too with some of the hits being "Faded", "Ooh it's kind of crazy" and "Noone does it better"....ring any bells? Their style changed a little and this new album called "Shady Satin Drug" is amazing. (and only 9.99$)

    Anyways...they were in Montreal last night and the show was really great. Billy Klippert opened up. I wasn't a Billy fan, but he was so sweet and the show was great. Also..Audrey DeMontigny was there to see him perform. I got to meet SoulDecision, Billy and Audrey and it was just so much fun.
    When I get the pictures scanned, I'll post them here in case anyone likes any of them.

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    I remember them! I listened to a couple of their songs, "Faded" & "Ooh it's kind of crazy." They were around during that whole boy band craze. I always liked them a little more than the others ones but then they just died off. Thanks for the update!

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