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Thread: Who is your all time favourite singer?

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    I agree ixcrisix! I used to like all her songs and she has a fantastic voice.
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    Hmm...I love pretty much any country artist, especially Shania Twain, but I also love Robbie Williams.

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    Wynonna Judd is my favorite. She has an amazing voice, is wonderful to her fans and is by far the best person I have ever seen in concert (9 times). Her new album is finally coming out in a month and I cannot wait to buy it!

    She is really an under-appreciated artist but I am ok with that because it allows me to get great seats to all her concerts!
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    There are so many talented singers out there, though CÚline Dion always seems shoulders above the crowd (in close seconds, Whitney Houston and, when on, Mariah Carey). Sarah Brightman also has a great voice, along with Charlotte Church.

    For the males, Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban have the best in terms of pure silky power. It's so tough to just pick one "favorite" singer.

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    Elton John .... and hopefully Clay Aiken will have enough songs out there to say him.

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    Steven Tyler is far and above my favorite singer in the world....

    Also, I agree Clay Aiken has a magnificent voice, and as childish as this may seem, did anyone watch American Juniors and hear Danielle White???? BEAUTIFUL voice from an 11 year old

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    2.Tom Jones
    3.Merle Haggard
    4.Jim Reeves
    5.Karen Carpenter
    6.Alison Krauss (did anyone hear Her "Get Me Through December"?
    On Natalie MacMaster's CD "In My Hands"? Great!
    7.Patsy Cline

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    I'm new school, so you're going to disagree with my answer

    But, Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D

    The man has talent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CashMoneySoviet
    I'm new school, so you're going to disagree with my answer

    But, Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D

    The man has talent.
    One of The Neptunes. Nooooh!!! *runs away screaming* Just kidding. N.E.R.D is actually very good.

    My favourites:

    Male: Thom Yorke, Johnny Cash (here's an oldie for ya), Beck, Jakob Dylan, Dave Mathews, Glenn Lewis, Bruce Springsteen (another classic icon), Duncan Sheik, Tom Waits (third oldie), Elvis Costello (fourth), Sam Roberts, Chris Martin (of Coldplay), Ryan Adams, Cornelius, Leonard Cohen (well, he doesn't really "sing", but...), Pelle Almqvist (of The Hives - yes, I know the Howlin' One is sometimes out of tune, but that just adds to the charm ), Jack White (of the White Stripes...cute!)

    Female: Bic Runga, Tori Amos, Bjork, Fiona Apple, India.Arie, Neko Case, Pink, Shakira (stop it! She's my guilty pleasure ), Gwen Stefani, Madonna ('cause she's never boring), Debbie Harry, Alannis Morissette, Tweet (she's sexy ), Cesaria Evora, Diana Krall, Alicia Keys

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