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Thread: Are you a singer?

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    Retired! hepcat's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    in a good place
    I joined the church choir when I was a kindergardner.
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    Put me in the group with Pom and Djeter. I love to sing, but I don't have a clue when I'm on or off key. Mr. Rose has a great voice, and he is a saint for listening to me for years, with never a complaint. Either that, or he needs to get his hearing checked. I know I'm a terrible singer, and confine my singing to the car and shower, though. You would never see me subjecting AI with my 'talent'.
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    Wonky snarkmistress Lucy's Avatar
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    I sing, but as it's in the car, the shower, or some unfortunate tipsy karaoke nights, I don't know that it makes me a singer, per se.
    I'm usually in key, but I don't have a very strong voice. But I love to sing harmony. Alone in the car with an Indigo Girls CD or something with harmony, and I'll sing at the top of my lungs.
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    I'm also a shower and car singer. My husband SHOULD be, but is always belting out some tune with his horrendous voice! At least we can sound awful together.

    Ah, the karaoke days. I was always the designated back-up dancer.

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    FORT Fogey JamiLee's Avatar
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    I wanted to be a singer when I was a kid. Unfortunately I've got a singing voice that is not very good. My brothers would tell me I was terrible but, my parents said I sounded like an angel. When I first heard myself on a recorder I was pissed off at my parents i tell ya.
    Funny thing is I go out with my girlfriends about once a week and do Kareokee (sp off I know)
    I have so many people come up to me and compliment my voice! Too much to drink and their hearing is off perhaps? OR, it could be I sing Janis Joplin, Guns N Roses, Alanis, Staind. Screaming stuff.
    Does good screaming count? Cuz I know I suck at singing!

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    I love singing! I sing in school everyday~
    no one could shut me up! ^ ^

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    Up Where They Belong SurvivorGirl's Avatar
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    San Francisco
    I was an occasional soloist in the school choir (which doesn't exist anymore). And I've been in a few musicals. But since choir stopped, I haven't really sung much.

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    I love to sing but don't know if much people like my singing. I reckon my voice is alright but once while i was singing my sister pulled out the cord and my brother said my voice was so bad it made the karaoke break down. I don't sing in the shower anymore because it wastes too much water. I can take up 25m in the shower averagely but now I only take up 15 minutes max.

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    RENThead JLuvs's Avatar
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    I love to sing.

    Have been in church and school choirs since the age of four and did my first solo in church at that age too.

    In high school I was in a special group called Madrigals that I loved, we all knew how to sight read music and sing a song from the first time viewing it. I loved being in that group. My senior year, due to the fact that I didn't want us to loose our all night class party and the perks that went along with it, I sang in front of over 2,000 people I was scared to no end but I did a great job --- no one in my class really knew I could sing up until that point.

    In college I was in a couple of musicals. Lots and lots of fun. I was also in some octets.

    Now I am in Easter and Christmas productions.

    Needless to say I love to sing.

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    I generally like to sing along to songs, but I have a terrible voice. I've actually been told that I don't sing very well . I guess the whole not-being-good at singing is a genetic thing; it would seem so in my family at least . My family-we suck. Practically, everyone in the family owns a karaoke machine, so it's like torture when they sing. My uncle, especially is terrible. He always sings this one song (I think it's "1,000 miles" or "500 miles" or something like that), and the worst part is that he thinks he's good . It's like AI .

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