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Thread: Carrie Underwood (AI 4)

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    What Carrie Should Sing

    If I were advising her, I'd ask her to reprise her 3rd solo audition --- Independence Day ( this time with country background music, instead of the a capella she did ).

    Only, my advise is for her not to start from the beginning of the song but from the chorus that starts with the crescendo that starts with the words -- LET FREEDOM RING !

    You only have a few minutes in a group of 12 to highlight your vocal abilities and starting the song from the slow beginning won't impress.

    Start from the middle, return to the beginning and repeat the crescendo. That'll do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by balladman
    Whether Carrie wins or not, the fact that she is the ONLY female that has defined her niche -- Country ( and the only one that has this niche ), will guarantee a recording contract. That is, if she goes deep into the competition. But she need not win. All she needs is to make sure she sings competently and memorably.
    I really do love her voice, but evidently you haven't heard Jessica. She also has the country thing going on so it may be a battle of the blonde haired country singers. I for one hope they both do some other style so we can see some versatility. But I also think they will both survive tonight & move on.

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    OMG! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!...and she sang a Tiffany song...brings back memories LOL

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    Ahhh!! I dislike her so much lol. I am like hoping she does bad. I can't even deny that she deserves her spot, but something about her makes me dislike her tremendously. But biasly, I hope she leaves. Unbiasly, I thought she did... OK. (lol that was still biased...)
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    She just blew me away. <333333333 Aw. Top 10 at least <3 If not, I think they've totally missed out something.
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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, but this girl is a carbon copy of Kate Hudson. It's uncanny.

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    The Baron
    Hahahaha, that's so great! I really never noticed how much she looked like Kate...weird!

    Carrie was terrific last night (as usual), but I have to say, I didn't vote because of the fact that she is the one they want to win, and openly state that she is "the favorite to win the whole competition". Now when we first saw her back in Hollywood, I thought she was adorable and innocent. However, now that the judges have to decided to force-feed her to the American people, I am highly turned off. Sorry Carrie, but the judges lost you some votes.

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    Ah concur.

    It's really frustrating when the judges pick their favorite and groom them from the first semifinal audition. And it's worked each previous season- Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia- all three were practically told they would win after their first semi-final performance. Bah! And you know they're going to love everything she does and never criticize her.

    On her own merits, though, I thought she was definitely one of the better performances of the past 2 nights. She's technically just fine. And I'm NOT a country fan- but she doesn't overdo the twang or force it into her voice like Josh Gracin.
    And I sing sometimes like my life is at stake because you're only as loud as the noises you make.

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    Casrrie is really talented, and knows how to really sing a song. I like her confidence (on stage) and love the tone of her voice. She's a natural, and it shows. I thought she was excellent last night.
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    I thought Carrie absolutely glowed last night on stage. She came across as pretty polished, even though I'm sure her two-hands-grabbing-the-mic thing helped her avoid awkward movements. I don't know, there's something about her that really makes me want to pull for her. I guess its because I don't see her as "bubble gum," (aka Kelly Clarkson, Diana from last year). And I thought her taking pictures of the trees in Hollywood was pretty funny too.

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