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Thread: Carrie Underwood (AI 4)

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    Am I the only one who doesn't like her?

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    I liked her initial audition, but I really resent how Simon is pimping her on all the talk shows and how ditzy she was made to look in the Hollywood snippets. I'm reserving judgement on all contestants until we actually hear them sing an entire song. It is crazy how everone has such strong opinions based on so little at this point.
    Count your blessings!

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    Gutmutter, I SO agree with you about Carrie being ditzy. It's so weird how I don't like the one person on the show with the same name as me!

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    I think she is over rated, but I really do like her. Nothing special, and wont win, but I really hope she makes the top 12.

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    I don't think ditzy is what she is being promoted as, rather just-off-the-farm naivete. Whether she is a front-runner or not, I can't say from what little we have heard from all of these contestants. She has a nice voice and is very attractive.

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    This is my first post

    Randy did an interview and stated that he was pretty sure AI 4 would be a guy. I think the talent this year is way better than the past years.

    I like Carrie and really liked her initial audition, " I can't make you love me"
    What makes Simon like someone? Ya know? What do they have to have to be liked by him...other than talent and all?

    David Brown and Carrie Underwood are the most talented in my opinion. So that means they wont make it very far....
    At any rate, I am anxious for the show to start and excited for the contestants.

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    I agree that the talent this year is a huge step up, and Carrie has a very nice voice. If she can remain consistant, I see her going far.

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    I Carrie Underwood. I think she has an amazing voice. My friend doesnt think she will make it very far, because "this is a popstar search, not country singer search" according to her. Although she has an accent, thats not gonna stop her. She can still sing, and she has an amazing talent that God gave her. I think that if the judges didnt think she was right for this competition, they wouldnt have let her continue. But then again, its up to Americas votes.

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    Carrie didn't waste a whole lot of energy applauding anyone elses performacne last night.
    I couldn't help but notice that on the rare occasions she did start clapping, she was invariably the first to stop.

    Perhaps she's just not very demonstrative that way.
    I like to see the contestants give each other some support though.

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    Whether Carrie wins or not, the fact that she is the ONLY female that has defined her niche -- Country ( and the only one that has this niche ), will guarantee a recording contract. That is, if she goes deep into the competition. But she need not win. All she needs is to make sure she sings competently and memorably.

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