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Thread: Carrie Underwood (AI 4)

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Here are some box office totals for the past week of Carrie Keith shows. I was in Bossier City & it rocked. They are generating some big $$$.

    Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood
    Mississippi Coast Coliseum
    Biloxi, Miss.
    March 1, 2008
    Attendance/Capacity - 9,813/9,813
    Ticket Prices- $72.50/$55
    Gross - $653,657

    Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood
    CenturyTel Center
    Bossier City, La.
    March 2, 2008
    Attendance/Capacity - 10,671/11,000
    Ticket Prices- $69.50/$49.50
    Gross - $643,697

    Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood
    Kansas Coliseum
    Valley Center, Kan.
    March 6, 2008
    Attendance/Capacity - 7,978/7,978
    Ticket Prices- $72.50/$62.50
    Gross - $545,907

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    What's wrong with Bossier City? They had 329 unsold seats.

    Yeah Carrie and Keith!

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Quote Originally Posted by talldede;2839963;
    What's wrong with Bossier City? They had 329 unsold seats.

    Yeah Carrie and Keith!
    Those seats were way at the top in the back. Nose bleeders to be sure. But, yeah this tour is doing really well. Carries headlining tour just for comparison is out doing Martina McBride & Trace Adkins by a wide margin. She is also on a par with Brad Paisley, so she is doing extremely well even on her own.

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Just a quick reminder...Carrie will be on the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night. It'll be televised live on GAC.

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    This particular person at one time really didn’t like Carrie very much. But, just look what he has to say about her show in Anaheim a couple of nights ago. I believe he is a convert!!

    Entertainment: Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood a truly dynamic duo in Anaheim | urban, country, underwood, note, rock - OCRegister.com

    Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood a truly dynamic duo in Anaheim

    Review: More rock than country at this point, both stars illustrate how they have revamped both genres at superb Honda Center show.
    The Orange County Register
    Comments 0| Recommend 1

    Carrie Underwood simply couldn't have picked a better neo-country star to hook up with on tour than Keith Urban.

    True, on the charts the "American Idol" champ may outsell the hunky New Zealander by at least a 2-to-1 margin, which may explain why the duo's outing, which delighted a packed crowd at Honda Center Thursday night, is technically billed as a co-headlining jaunt. But even in the country realm, where fans are traditionally more devoted to supporting every facet of their favorites' careers, selling records doesn't instantly equate to putting butts in seats.

    In Underwood's seemingly rapid but rather cautiously calculated rise to Shania-level popularity, the safest route to advancement as a live attraction is to do exactly what she's doing right now – delivering rousing, longer-than-normal opening sets for a proven success like Urban. Anything more than that might have overestimated the level of enthusiasm from her audience – a pitfall Kelly Clarkson is still yanking herself out of.

    Why this pair makes such a perfect fit, however, has less to do with market demographics than each performer's considerably rocked-up approach to country music – if what Urban and Underwood offer can even be considered country at this point.

    It was funny, actually, to hear Urban's party-starter DJ Debonair spin Brooks & Dunn's "Play Something Country" in between sets – when nary another country tune ever made its way to his turntable, trumped by the likes of Skynyrd, Mellencamp, Queen and Led Zeppelin, then spiced up with dashes of Michael Jackson, Prince and Fergie. Likewise, note the riff medley Urban broke into just after "Days Go By" – first a bit of Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good," then "Sweet Home Alabama," "You Shook Me All Night Long," "Smoke on the Water," "Stairway to Heaven" and "Walk This Way."

    That crossover mish-mash speaks directly to the type of Big '80s material both Urban and Underwood concoct, eschewing fiddle flourishes and two-steppin' rhythms in favor of hearty arena-rock in the manner of Bryan Adams and Heart. Indeed, Underwood's tremendous belting – sustained high notes soar out of her effortlessly – reminds of no one so much as Ann Wilson, who surely would have stood in gape-mouthed awe at the robust wailing Underwood brought to Guns N' Roses "Paradise City" here. (That cover will kill when she helps close Stagecoach in May. Only in his dreams does Axl Rose sing it so well these days.)

    Underwood is so unassuming yet so clearly the new paradigm – her classic beauty an update on the sort of big-hair gracefulness of Dolly and Tammy and Loretta, her swagger pure Pat Benatar. (The stinging "Before He Cheats" couldn't be a more dead-on embodiment of that blend.) No wonder Urban taps her for a midshow catwalk stroll while blasting out a note-for-note remake of the Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks duet "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around." No wonder, too, that said spotlight generates almost as much heat as Urban and Alicia Keys did last summer singing the Stones' "Gimme Shelter" at Live Earth.

    Sure, sure – it's not all classic-rock moves with these two. "Jesus, Take the Wheel" and the heart-tugging "Don't Forget to Remember Me" are finely cut from the Martina McBride mold, and one suspects Carrie will always want to remind people that "I Ain't in Checotah Anymore."

    Yet already the squeaky-clean demeanor of this "All-American Girl" is clearly being melted by fieriness. Never mind the gams-revealing minidresses she dons or the killer red boots she strutted in during the duet. Check her tunes. Dig the juiced-up soul patter of "Twisted" or the grand sadness of "I Know You Won't" – she's not so innocent, nor as flawless as her photos. She is, in fact, unlike any other pop star of the moment, and her quiet radicalization of rock and country is starting to revolutionize both genres in ways Shania never could.

    Urban's role in such overhauling shouldn't be underestimated, either, for he's achieving something else entirely – bridging the gap between the sexes.

    It doesn't hurt that an Urban show can seem a bit like the taping of a concert film, what with the giant HD screen behind him providing massive close-ups to make ladies swoon. Like John Mayer and Brad Paisley, he's a pinup who attracts gaggles of girls hoisting signs begging for a kiss – or, in Keith's case, to be hired as nanny to his coming child with Nicole Kidman, who could be spotted at Honda Center beaming at her hubby near the smaller second stage at center ice.

    But, like his most immediate peers, Urban has the shredding six-string skills, the no-nonsense manner and a manly enough sense of melody that surely no guy whose gal dragged him to this gig left feeling he had drowned in a pool of estrogen. His not-so-secret weapon: first-rate songs that blur boundaries. "Stupid Boy" could work for Maroon 5; Jimmy Buffett should cover "Raining on Monday."

    Probably helps his cause that he's from Down Under, not Music Row, but he's the sort of star we need a lot more of – an artist with commercial clout willing to amalgamate whatever strains strike his fancy, and trust that his audience will follow along. Sure makes you realize how far country has come since Garth Brooks tried to be Chris Gaines.

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    OK Ya'll, for those of you that decided not to watch the Grand Ole Opry tonight, did you ever miss a show.

    For Carries second song she did I Told You So which was a huge hit a few years back by Randy Travis. At the end of the song out of nowhere Randy walked up behind her & when she turned around her jaw just dropped to the floor. She has told the story before about crying the first time she met him. Anyway, he told her how great she is on that song & how the song was written for her type of vocals instead of his. Then he said "I understand it was your Birthday on the 10th & that you actually celebrate a Birthday week." She sheepishly responded yes. He said, "Well as an end to your Birthday week the management here at the Grand Ole Opry asked me to come out here tonight & invite you to be their newest member." She was completely floored & the crowd loved it. It is a tradition of the Opry that a long time member will just walk on stage somewhere to surprise the prospective new member during a show. Tonight it was Randy for Carrie.

    The official induction ceremony will be Saturday Night May 10th & it will be televised on GAC.

    Carrie Underwood Grand Ole Opry Member...it has a nice ring to it.

    Congratulations to Carrie

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    WOW! Excellent news razor, what an accomplishment for Carrie!

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Here is the official press release from the Grand Ole Opry. I just have to believe she is on cloud nine this morning. For those that haven’t seen it, I think you’d get a kick out of watching the invitation from Randy Travis, it’s truly a great moment for Carrie. Click the link & watch the video.

    Grand Ole Opry : Press Release

    Press Release
    March 15, 2008
    Carrie Underwood Invited to Become Member of the Grand Ole Opry
    Watch video of Randy Travis' surprise invitation. Formal induction will take place May 10
    ACM and CMA Female Vocalist of the Year Carrie Underwood was invited to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry this evening during a sold out show. Underwood will be formally inducted into the Opry family on Saturday, May 10.

    During Opry Live on GAC (Great American Country), Underwood sang “I Told You So,” a cut from her latest album, CARNIVAL RIDE, originally written and recorded by Opry member Randy Travis. As Underwood accepted a standing ovation from the crowd, Travis, himself, surprised her on stage. Hugging a shocked and emotional Underwood, Travis said, “That’s a better performance than I will ever do of that song. Thank you. I’m honored.”

    Travis went on to congratulate the artist who is on top of the charts this week with her single “All-American Girl” on having celebrated her 25th birthday earlier in the week. “To end your birthday week, I was asked by the management here at the Grand Ole Opry to come out here and ask you if you would like to be their next member,” he said.

    “Let me think about it,” Underwood playfully smiled before immediately responding “yes!” wiping tears from her eyes. After regaining her composure, Underwood said to the crowd before launching into her song “Crazy Dreams,” “This is one of the best nights of my life, and it’s certainly something I’ll never forget. And I’m glad each and every one of you were here to share it with me. This has been absolutely amazing!”

    Underwood made her Grand Ole Opry performance debut on June 10, 2005, just two weeks after winning American Idol. Her love for the Opry started as a child as she grew up watching and listening to the show, dreaming of one day performing there and even becoming a member herself.

    “It is with great excitement that we invite Carrie to become the Opry’s newest member,” said Pete Fisher, Opry vice president and general manager. “Since her debut nearly three years ago, Carrie has not only created many memorable Opry moments with her numerous appearances and extraordinary talents, but she has also shown us that she shares a heartfelt connection and a commitment to country music and its rich legacy. We look forward to May 10 when she will be formally welcomed as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

    Underwood’s debut CD, SOME HEARTS, released in 2005, is the best-selling solo female country debut album in RIAA history, with sales of seven million copies and five #1 singles including “Jesus, Take The Wheel” and “Before He Cheats,” which won Grammys as Best Country Song in 2007 and 2008, respectively. SOME HEARTS also surpasses all other releases as the all-time U.S. top-selling album by any American Idol contestant. At the close of 2007, Billboard ranked SOME HEARTS as the Top Country Album for the second consecutive year, making Underwood the first female artist in Billboard history to earn back-to-back honors for Top Country Album. Her follow up CD, CARNIVAL RIDE, released in 2007, has currently sold over two million copies and contains #1 hits “So Small” and “All-American Girl,” which became her first co-written songs released as singles.

    Underwood has garnered three Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, five ACM’s, four CMA’s, four CMT Awards, four American Music Awards, and two People’s Choice Awards, among many others.

    Fans can return to opry.com later this evening to see video of Carrie's invitation. Visit the Opry's MySpace page at myspace.com/grandoleopry to watch Carrie's performance of "All American Girl" from Opry Live!

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    With all the awards she has won during the past 3 years, I have to believe that the Opry membership is the cherry on the sundae. The Opry doesn’t give these memberships out to just anyone. Below is a list of Members, while reading through it, just picture the list of great artists that aren’t there. Faith Hill, LeAnnn Rimes, The Judds, Shania Twain, Rascal Flatts, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kenny Chesney, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, George Strait…

    Adkins, Trace
    Anderson, Bill
    Bentley Dierks
    Black, Clint
    Brooks, Garth
    Brown, Jim Ed
    Clark, Roy
    Clark, Terri
    Conlee, John
    Cooper, Wilma Lee
    Daniels, Charlie
    Diamond Rio
    Dickens, Jimmy
    Diffie, Joe
    Dunn, Holly
    Gatlin Brothers
    Gill, Vince
    Grammer, Billy
    Greene, Jack
    Hall, Tom T.
    Hamilton IV, George
    Harris, Emmylou
    Howard, Jan
    Jackson, Alan
    Jackson, Stonewall
    Jones, George
    Ketchum, Hal
    Krauss, Alison
    Locklin, Hank
    Louvin, Charlie
    Loveless, Patty
    Lynn, Loretta
    Mandrell, Barbara
    McBride, Martina
    McCoury, Del
    McDaniel, Mel
    McEntire, Reba
    McReynolds, Jesse
    Milsap, Ronnie
    Morgan, Lorrie
    Newman, Jimmy C.
    Osborne Brothers
    Paisley, Brad
    Parton, Dolly
    Phillips, Stu
    Pillow, Ray
    Pride, Charley
    Pruett, Jeanne
    Riders In The Sky
    Seely, Jeannie
    Shelton, Ricky Van
    Shepard, Jean
    Skaggs, Ricky
    Smith, Connie
    Snider, Mike
    Stanley, Ralph
    Stuart, Marty
    Tillis, Mel
    Tillis, Pam
    Travis, Randy
    Tritt, Travis
    Turner, Josh
    Underwood, Carrie
    Walker, Charlie
    Wariner, Steve
    Whites, The
    Yearwood, Trisha

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Another great concert review for Carrie. This was another person that had been not quite won over at some of her earlier shows.

    Carrie Underwood delivers -- themorningcall.com

    Carrie Underwood delivers
    By Keith Groller | Of The Morning Call

    At one point during her concert last night at Stabler Arena, country superstar Carrie Underwood acknowledged that she had performed in the area before, but wasn't totally sure if she had been in Bethlehem before.

    The confusion may have been understandable because someone named Carrie Underwood had performed in Bethlehem before -- at Musikfest in August of 2006.

    But that was a very different Carrie Underwood from the one who electrified a sellout crowd of 4,600 on Tuesday night.

    The Underwood who appeared at Musikfest in 2006 was a great singer, but didn't have a strong stage presence. She came out and sang her songs and thanked everyone over and over again for voting for her on American Idol and seemed nervous in trying to engage the audience.

    A similar version of Underwood appeared at the Allentown Fair last September.

    But this Underwood is the one we've been waiting for -- a confident, commanding performer who delivered a 90-minute feast for the eyes as well as the ears.

    From the moment a countdown clock appeared on a giant video screen and ticked down the last five minutes before Underwood's show began, you knew that this was going to be different from Underwood's solid, yet unspectacular previous appearances in the region.

    She made a dramatic entrance, rising up to the stage from trap door in the floor and launched into "Flat on the Floor," one of the rousing entries from "Carnival Ride," her second, fast-selling CD.

    Underwood's bolder-looking stage and accompanying special effects were well-suited to a much more dynamic entertainer, who seems to have shirked the shyness she had in those previous stops. She seemed to thrive in the more intimate arena. "I like it here because I can see so many familiar faces," she said.

    Underwood, who has won virtually every award in music since winning American Idol in May of 2005, is now much more than a pretty face and a powerful vocalist. She is now a consummate entertainer.

    "Carnival Ride" is also the name of the tour and Underwood's 20-song set, which included a medley, was like a visit to a carnival with something different on every turn.

    She even changed clothes several times -- going from an all-black ensemble with a diamond encrusted belt to a Cinderella-like gown, then back to casual -- jeans and layered tank top. Finally, a shiny jacket covered the tank top for the final few songs.

    She may have changed her look, but her voice never wavered in delivering 11 of the 13 songs from "Carnival Ride" as well as hits from "Some Hearts."

    She showcased her versatility, generously acknowledging her recent invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry with a tender version of Randy Travis' "I Told You So," one minute and then rattling the rafters with a cover of Guns 'N Roses "Paradise City" in the next.

    She also hit every high note on soaring ballads "I know You Won't" and "So Small."

    The one notable absence, one that was probably was noted by the many kids in the audience, was "Ever, Ever After," the theme song from the Disney movie "Enchanted." Copyright issues may have prevented her from performing that one.

    Of course, no one could stop from doing her signature song, "Before He Cheats" to close the show. While some of us are still waiting for her to unveil a real "Louisville Slugger" to bring home the vengeful lyric "I took a Louisville Slugger to both headlights," she has added one special effect to the finale -- two cannons shooting confetti into the air.

    Make no mistake, the biggest special effect in the room was always Underwood's impeccable voice. Those powerful lungs, along with knockout looks, and now, a more sassy, confident stage presence combine to make her the complete package -- one we wouldn't mind seeing around these parts again sometime soon.

    Josh Turner was a solid, classy opening act, exciting the many young females in the audience. His low register coolly carried him through nine songs, including hits such as "Firecracker," "Long Black Train" and "Your Man." Frankly, even though Underwood was clearly the headliner, no one was in a hurry for Turner to leave.

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