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Thread: Carrie Underwood (AI 4)

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    I would venture to say that Carrie appears to be a very *young* 21 years of age (while Mikalah was a very old - or, rather, precocious - 16-year-old), which would account at least partly for her lack of stage presence. She looks very stiff when compared with seasoned performers like Constantine and Bo. But she's easily the best vocalist in the group (I might even go so far as to say she's the best vocalist AI has ever seen). She falls short as far as confidence and experience goes, which she will gain as the weeks go by.

    Along with her huge raw talent, I think her lack of guile makes her attractive to the AI audience. It's obviously preferable to Mikalah's style, which turned off enough people to land her in the bottom 2 the first week, and voted out the second.
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    Quote Originally Posted by felix
    Carrie has a particular advantage over the other contestants.

    Her image appeals to the mainstream of the voting audience.

    She has strong vocals, beautiful and that "homegrown" look making her seem like the girl next door.

    I am sorry, everyone. Having talent is not an absolute prerequisite for success. There are many singers these days who are not phenomanal singers but are successes.

    Bo and Constantin have that "Rocker" image that limits their audience. Don't get me wrong, I am sure they can sing other music styles, but their image as "Rockers" is indeliably impressed in everyones mind.

    Carrie has more mobility for her. This weeks performance shows she can sing other than Country. Yes...there may be a country twang in her voice.

    But can you blame her? We are all constrained by the training and experiences that shape us. Do you expect George Micheal to sing Hip Hop?

    Give the girl a break. She has a great voice and is definitely not an incompetent. For me hearing her sing is enough. Granted Nadia and Vonzell has more stage presense, but the thing is I don't require Carrie to have that.

    I just need her to astound me with her looks and great music.

    Many Carrie fans, I think would agree with me.

    Sorry everyone. I am just voicing out my thoughts. We all have our prejudices and tastes. I simply hope all of you give Carrie a chance to(win or lose) pleasure everyone around the world with a great career.

    I think her previous performances show that Carrie is hardly an average singer. She has talent, perhaps even great star power.

    Give her a chance to shine. I have enough faith in her to say Carrie will not let you down.

    Exactly, she has the broadest appeal of any of the remaining 10. Not to take anything away from her talent but her appeal is what will enable her to win.

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    I can't imagine 19E letting someone call in on a regular basis to talk trash about their 'Idols' ... especially if the guy doesn'thave his voice altered and use a fake name
    He's been doing it for years. In fact it was Dean that first broke the "Vincent" fiasco in season two. You can usually find a recap somewhere on the boards from someone in the Chicago area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by strawberry71468
    While Carrie is a great vocalist, I don't think she should be the American Idol. The Idol should be able to sing, move well on the stage, do video, concert, promotions etc. They are looking for a real star.
    I'll give u Kelly and Fantasia....but what abt Rueben???

    I'm sure there are PLENTY of great singers who do nothing but sit down during their concerts...without the dancing and whatever...

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    I've seen Ruben in concert, and believe me, he's a lot more active on stage than Carrie's ever been. She has a beautiful voice, but, no emotion or personality. If it comes down to her and Bo, I'll be on the Bo train.
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    Quote Originally Posted by felix
    Personally, I think her expressions are fine. She seems a little nervous perhaps, but that does not detract from my enjoyment of her looks and voice.
    I think it's just a matter of overall taste in music. Maybe because I'm rather more a verbal person than an aural, melody-loving person, I tend always to prefer the person who expresses the story of songs, and I have lots of friends who prefer the other side. It's why my favorite of the tenors is Placido Domingo, when literally everybody else I know vastly prefers Pavarotti. ... Carrie, with her beautiful voice, and sing-y melodic, smiling delivery is the Pavarotti of the group, I think. ... I do like her -- and Pavarotti -- It's just that I prefer the primarily-expressers more. ... And, wanting it all, I hope that she takes her beautiful voice and brings it over to the primarily-expresser side. I think that the Carrie-Pavarotti sort appeals to more people. ... If more people were like me, Patti Lupone would be everybody's favorite Evita, instead of generally unemployed. ...

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    amazing singer. and with last week's performance, showed how versatile her voice is. but she needs to show emotion and not stare dead. still rooting for her though.

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    Personally I am sick of Carrie singing country songs the exact way you hear them on the radio. Real cool, carrie. We all know you have sung that driving in the car with your soroity sisters wayyyy too many times. Cool.....nope.

    Also, could the judges be more in love with her? She is being overrated and it is realllllllly annoying. I am sorry, but I know plenty of girls who can sing a country song just like the artist.

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    To me, Carrie Underwood is an unmined niche for the judges. They need someone like her to win so that they can fill out every genre with their winners.

    That's just what I feel they like about her (and Bo/Constantine as well, both unmined niches)

    As for her stage presence and performance, I am not sure what I prefer. I prolly won't go to an American Idol concert, so I just go for whose songs I listen to most often. :p And I do like her vocals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alyourpal
    She is being overrated and it is realllllllly annoying. I am sorry, but I know plenty of girls who can sing a country song just like the artist.
    I agree 100%!!! There is nothing special about carrie...at all!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by D/WBB5
    She's talented and the judges have thier favorites just like you and I, get over it.
    True, but its not fair to base comments based on your favorites. Anthony for example, rocked the stage, and got all negatives from the judges. Nadia also did an excellent job -- but not to Simon!!! Yet, every time Carrie sings, the judges bow down to her and say that she's the best thing since Fantasia! That makes me sick to see the compliments Carrie is getting while most of the others get the short end of the stick!!!
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