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Thread: Carrie Underwood (AI 4)

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnsonator;2477483;
    Do you guys think this album will sell better than the first?
    That is the multi million dollar question. The bar has been set so high that it's going to be a tough one to scale. But, as we saw with the first album, if the singles are strong, then it is going to go far. Hopefully there will be another Before He Cheats waiting in the weeds, that song was an incredible force behind sustaining sales & getting Carries music to other than Country fans .

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Here is something that all “celebrities” should do, but a lot of them don’t.

    BCNG Portals Page (R)

    MountainFest grants teen’s wish

    By Colin Oswin

    In the face of tight security and limited access, one Merritt girl had her dreams fulfilled at the MountainFest.

    Brittany Rainbow, a special needs student heading into Grade 11 at Merritt Secondary School, had the time of her life on Saturday when she got to meet Carrie Underwood backstage at MountainFest. Rainbow says she had an amazing time with the country music star.

    “It was a blast,” she says.

    Working with special needs care-giver Tane Routely at MSS last year, Rainbow became one of Underwood’s biggest fans. Every time Rainbow finished her school work early she got to listen to a CD as a reward. Inevitably, it was Underwood’s 2005 debut album Some Hearts. On drives and field trips, Routely would put the album on the car stereo, and Rainbow would sing along.

    “She knows pretty much every word on every song,” Routley says.

    The pair also work on reading exercises with homemade Underwood-themed books.

    When Underwood was announced as one of MountainFest’s headliners Routely knew she had to bring Rainbow to the show. Unfortunately, reserve seating near the front was prohibitively expensive. A special education assistant at the school heard about Rainbow’s plight and mentioned it to her friend Claude Lelivere, co-owner of Active Mountain Entertainment, the company that produces MountainFest. He jumped on the problem, organizing the visit with Underwood’s management and offering the pair front row seats.

    Routely says the meeting was a great moment for Rainbow.

    “It was very brief,” she says, “but Carrie was very nice to Brittany.”

    During the concert, Rainbow was on her feet the whole time, singing her heart out. Rainbow says the show was better than she anticipated. Her favourite song, Before He Cheats, was a particular highlight.

    Both Routely and Rainbow expressed their gratitude to Lelivere for his work setting up the special meeting.

    Brittany’s mom Tamara didn’t get to go to the concert, but she is happy her daughter enjoyed herself.

    “I’m still jealous that she got to meet Carrie Underwood and I didn’t,” she jokes.

    After such a great time, Rainbow hopes to attend more Underwood shows. With that in mind, she has a small piece of advice for MountainFest organizers.

    “We should invite her again,” she says.

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Didn't her first album sell about six million?

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnsonator;2481829;
    Didn't her first album sell about six million?
    It has been certified as 6 X Platinum, meaning they have shipped 6 million from the label to the retail stores. Actual sales to the puiblic stand just a bit shy of 5.8 miillion for now.

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    In the absence of any new singles from Carrie, I thought I would update the status of Before He Cheats. This long after the single was first released to Country stations it is still cooking on almost all the other formats & is still on 16 different Billboard Charts. Thanks to Cary the Chart Guru for the data:

    Before He Cheats

    Billboard (12 Charts)
    #10 Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks (Down 2)
    #20 Top 40 Mainstream (Down 3)
    #7 Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks (2nd Straight Week – *Peak*)
    #18 Billboard Hot 100 (Down 1)
    #15 Hot 100 Airplay (Down 2)
    #19 Billboard Pop 100 (Down 1)
    #15 Pop 100 Airplay (2nd Straight Week)
    #26 Hot Digital Songs (Down 2)
    #21 Hot Digital Tracks (Down 1)
    #6 Hot Country Recurrents (Up 2)
    #6 Canadian Hot 100 (5th Straight Week)
    #7 Hot Canadian Digital Singles (3rd Straight Week)

    Radio & Records (3 Chart)
    #4 Canada Hot AC (2nd Straight Week)
    #21 Canada CHR/Top 40 (Down 2)
    #14 Canada AC (Up 2 – *New Peak*)

    BDS (1 Chart)
    #3 The Canadian Hits Chart (2nd Straight Week)

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Carries Live appearances are somewhat limited this Summer, but she was in Wisconsin a couple of nights ago. Here is what the local paper had to say.

    Kenosha News Online

    Thunder singers belt out tunes

    Audience members enjoy clear skies on second day

    RANDALL - The weather cleared up and the fans turned out for the second day of Country Thunder.

    Dierks Bentley, dressed in all black, opened up to a roaring crowd with "Every Mile a Memory." He also played his current single "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)."

    Audience members were on their feet, many of them enjoying Bentley's distinct sound.

    "He sounds good," said Jon Woodward, of Bensenville, Ill. "I like his sound. It's country and rock - a good mixture."

    As night fell and the temperatures cooled, Carrie Underwood took the stage. She sang her hits "Before He Cheats" and "Inside Your Heaven." She thanked fans for supporting her during her American Idol days.

    "I tried out for this show called 'American Idol,' and I had angels watching over me," Underwood said.

    Underwood played for packed festival grounds. Fans said they had been waiting all day to see her.

    "Her voice was beautiful, and she's so pretty," said Lindsay Brunder, a resident of Gurnee, Ill. "She's my new idol."

    Some fan club members said Thursday night's show was Underwood's best ever.

    "I've been all over the country for the past year seeing her," said Denise McIntyre, of Chicago. "She blew me away. I've seen her a million times, but this is the best I've ever seen."

    Earlier, Keith Anderson kept the crowd on their toes by singing a mix of serious and party songs. He kept insisting that the crowd get excited because "We got Carrie Underwood and Dierks Bentley getting ready to come out."

    At one point, members of the armed services came out and shook hands with the crowd. The crowd showed their gratitude with loud cheering for the troops.

    "That's what it's all about," said Jared Elliot of Bristol. "My brother is in the Navy and I am really grateful to him."

    The members of the armed forces stood together and saluted the crowd before leaving.

    Anderson's most popular song with the crowd was "Pickin' Wildflowers."

    Trick Pony wowed the crowd with an impressive mix of country and a bit of funk as the trio got the crowd pumped up for later performers.

    Bassist Ira Dean got the crowd going when he spun his guitar around his body then jumped to a lower part of the stage while he kept jamming.

    At other times, Trick Pony had a hard time getting the crowd into it.

    "We played in North St. Paul last night and they were a lot louder," Dean said. "Make some noise!"

    Another time while playing, Dean said into the microphone "I wish I had my banjo, I wish I had my banjo," and the stage hand ran over to hand him his banjo.

    "They were great," said Kelly Mitchell of Crown Point, Ind. "They were a good lead-up to get everyone excited."

    The earlier shows included Brain Stace, Road Hammers, Sarah Buxton, Luke Bryan, and Chris Young.

    There was a bigger crowd on Thursday then Wednesday as the entire general admission section was full.

    The weather was beautiful all day as another episode of Country Thunder came to an end.

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Last night in Delaware. Sounds like a good show. I tell ya you have to see her do Sweet Child Of Mine to believe it. The girl can give Axl a lesson.

    delawareonline ¦ The News Journal, Wilmington, Del. ¦ Underwood rocks country crowd at state fair

    Underwood rocks country crowd at state fair
    By RYAN CORMIER, The News Journal

    HARRINGTON -- In a year with Daughtry as the lone rock act at the Delaware State Fair, Carrie Underwood made quick work of injecting a little more rock 'n' roll to the country-heavy line-up.

    Underwood broke out a surprisingly faithful cover of Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine" halfway through her 75-minute set Saturday night, leading to the unusual scene of thousands of mothers and grandmothers clapping along to one of Axl Rose's greatest hits.

    "Axl who?" called out Craig Crawley, 48, of Milford, after the song, which got one of the biggest crowd reactions of the night.

    What a week it's been for Underwood fans in Delaware.

    On Tuesday, it was announced that the 24-year-old would release the follow-up to her smash debut "Some Hearts" in October.

    And Saturday night, the country-loving "American Idol" winner treated a sold-out crowd to a breezy 17-song set, playing all but one song off her debut album, but stopping short of previewing any new songs from her forthcoming sophomore effort.

    The audience was unusually sedate throughout most of the performance and Underwood seemed to notice. Early on, she told the audience, "Anything you feel like doing, go ahead as long as you don't hurt anyone around you."

    Even though fans remained seated for most of the show, the crowd reveled in her repertoire of feel-good, sentimental anthems.

    Feel-good sells, and Underwood knows it.

    She's distanced herself a bit from her biggest crossover single, "Before He Cheats," in which she sings, "And he don't know that I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive/Carved my name into his leather seats."

    The song stands out on the album as the only track with any bite, squeezed between religious-themed tunes like "Jesus Take the Wheel" and "Inside Your Heaven." In her self-penned biography on MySpace, Underwood wrote about "Before He Cheats": "I do not condone the destruction of anyone's property, and I have never at anytime keyed anyone's car."

    Considering that, there was no reason to think she'd rock the boat too much at Saturday night's concert. And she didn't except for the Guns 'N' Roses song. Her two other covers were familiar: the Pretenders' "I'll Stand By You" from this year's "Idol Gives Back" special and "Alone" by Heart, which she covered on her winning season of "American Idol."

    Aside from a fiddle player, it would be hard to tell Underwood was a country act if you didn't know beforehand. With loud, screaming guitars from her six-piece dominating for most of the night, it's easy to see why she has crossed over to the pop charts.

    On Saturday night, while discussing her sudden rise to superstardom, she made quite an understatement after recalling her years of trying to break into the music industry and failing before deciding to try out for "American Idol."

    "It all seemed to work out OK," she said, laughing.

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Don't forget that tonight is Country's Night To Rock. The CMA Music Fest on ABC. You are going to be treated to some truly great performances. It might even entice you into attending next year. I already have tickets & Hotel reservations, so God willing I will be there.

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Some of you may not know it but Carrie is doing I Remember You by Skid Row as a part of her concert list. Sebastian Bach has some really nice things to say & if you click the link below there is a video of Carrie doing the song live. Check it out. And the comments made by the fans are more than a little glowing & show great respect for Carrie & her version. I hope SOMEONE watches this, I'm beginning to feel pretty lonely in here. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


    Monday, July 23, 2007
    'AMERICAN IDOL' Carrie Underwood does 'I Remember You' !
    Current mood: stoked
    Category: stoked Music
    Wow ! It will never cease to blow my mind when another successful artist covers one of my tunes. Here is the 'American Idol' herself, Carrie Underwood, doing 'I Remember You'. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined, coming up with this song in a New Jersey garage & recording it in the studio, that 20 years later it would live on in an arena stage being sung by a country artist in the USA, while I am still singing it myself on stages worldwide. Carrie Underwood , if you ever read this, ROCK ON & congrats on all your well-deserved success! You are very talented & I am %100 honoured that you are singing this song!! Sounds incredible & I wish you all the best !!
    Sebastian Bach

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    Re: Carrie Underwood

    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker;2487019;
    Some of you may not know it but Carrie is doing I Remember You by Skid Row....I hope SOMEONE watches this, I'm beginning to feel pretty lonely in here. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
    Well I had to join the party. That was impressive -- I admit I had my doubts but she did a beautiful job, very powerful. And so I dared to check out her version of "Sweet Child" (I'm still damaged from Sheryl Crow's version) and it is amazing.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

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