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Thread: Bo Bice (AI 4)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warhol
    (At the risk of sounding very un-PC) I wouldn't worry too much about there being a re-vote caused by a closed captioning error. As I doubt very much that the impact of deaf viewers on the results of a singing competition is great enough to warrant it.
    When I'm at a restaurant, they often have the volume at a reasonable level and the closed-captioning showing. If I had been out to dinner last night and knew I wouldn't get home in time for the end of the show, I would have copied down Bo's number from the CC and used it to dial later in the evening. The same would apply in a bar. I don't think CC is just for hearing-impared any more - or would I be better to say, when one is in a noisy place and wanting to hear the music or TV, it seems like we're all at a disadvantage!
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    Article from The Birmingham News, 05/10/05:


    Gaining Bo-mentum
    Tuesday, May 10, 2005
    News staff writer
    It's the word on the street. And on dozens of storefront banners, hundreds of bumpers and backs of all 77 Helena Winn-Dixie employees.


    Helena's Bo Bice has moved into the final four of the "American Idol" competition, and the Shelby County city is rallying behind him.

    "We've got kindergartners making posters and businessmen wearing `Go Bo' buttons with their coats and ties," said Joy Childers. "Helena people are seeing his wonderful talent and are feeling they're in some way participating in the creation of a star."

    Childers is the originator of the "non-movement" Bo parades.

    Rather than marching a route, merchants, residents and other supporters line the streets at key locations during evening rush hour, waving signs to encourage passersby to "vote for Bo" that night.

    The "American Idol" singers perform and viewers call in their votes Tuesdays, with the results announced Wednesday nights.

    "Helena isn't a big city like Cleveland, where they encourage voters with phone banks and computer and big-screen giveaways," said Childers. "When you're small, you've got to gather together to be loud."

    The bedroom community of 16,000, known for its many parks and a historic Old Town district of shops and restaurants, has doubled in population since 1990. But city officials proudly boast about the "small town atmosphere" its residents and visitors enjoy.

    And they're rallying around Bice, even after his prior drug arrests were made public two weeks ago.

    "Everyone has things in their past they wouldn't want others to know," Childers said. "I was in college and did some things I wouldn't want anyone to know about. But the thing about being a Christian is forgiveness, and we're not here to judge."

    Even Helena's mayor, Charles "Sonny" Penhale, is getting on the Bice bandwagon.

    "People here love this city and are excited with Bo's success and his constant reminders to the nation that Helena is where he lives," he said. He and his wife will be in the "American Idol" audience on May 17.

    That's a Tuesday, when Bice will perform if he's still on the show, and on Wednesday, his fans will gather at Incahoots Restaurant, site of weekly voting results parties.

    Owner Claudia Deason said attendance at several of the recent weekly events has surpassed 200. The restaurant has had to rent additional televisions to accommodate the fans.

    "Wednesdays were traditionally one of our slowest nights, and now we have people line up outside," said Deason. "And we've seen business increase overall, just by word of mouth, which is a wonderful example of how support for the success of others can mean good things for the whole community."

    Tonya May-Taylor usually arrives at 4:30 p.m. to ensure a seat for the 8 p.m. broadcast and cheer for the long-haired musician.

    "I've never met him, but feel like I know him," said May-Taylor, an officer at Accent Mortgage. "He's part of the people here, representing us, and he's so humble you want him to be your next-door neighbor."

    And because neighbors look out for each other, May-Taylor said her company is taking care of Bice's April and May house payment.

    "He can't work right now, but the bills don't stop," she said. "We're trying to make it easier for him and hope other companies will do the same."

    Susie Maudlin's company, Pro-Image, is also trying to help defer the contestant's expenses.

    A member of the Helena Chapter of the Business Network International, Maudlin is producing and selling Bo T-shirts and donating $5 of the $10 price to Bice.

    "We sent $550 last week and expect another large amount in the next week," she said.

    Lynn Hightower-Moore, husband Kevin and daughters Kaitlin, 10, and Katherine, 5, have attended all but one of the Wednesday parties.

    "I've been on TV and held up "Go Bo" signs because I want him to know I think he's good," said Katherine.

    But asked if she thinks the singer is good-looking, she responded, "My daddy won't let me say boys are cute, yet"

    "Not until after college," said Moore, a title abstractor, who freely admits that "watching `American Idol' is not my thing. But Bo's good and from Helena, and plays instruments and writes music. He's not just a face with a voice."

    Lisa Bryan and daughter Maegen, 13, also arrive early every Wednesday.

    Confined to a wheelchair with cerebral palsy, Maegen nods vigorously when asked if Bo will win the competition.

    "She loves `American Idol' and picks out one person on the first show, following them just like a groupie," said Bryan. "Coming here with all this great crowd of enthusiastic people is wonderful for her."

    And the enthusiasm generated by Bice's steady climb to fame has also been good for the community, according to Childers.

    "He's from here and we've seen him for years at festivals and clubs, so his `American Idol' success has united us in his support," she said. "But if he was voted off tomorrow, we would be sad because our journey with him has ended, but happy because we know, no matter what, his journey has just begun."

    E-mail: mogle@bhamnews.com

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    I agree that it really doesn't matter if Bo wins at this point - in terms of future success- and it may even work against him if he does. For a rocker, winning a cheesy pop competition isn't necessarily a selling point. Bucking all odds to make the final four or three would be a nice achievement, and it has certainly got him a lot of exposure, but if I'm Bo, I wouldn't mind it at all if I were voted out prior to the finals. On the other hand, as a fan, I'd like to see him stick around.

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    Bo was so awesome yesterday that I think it might hurt him if his fans didn't get out and rabidly vote for him.

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    I tried for a full two hours to vote--- got a busy signal each and every time (NYC area).... I'm gonna guess he's safe tonight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatieKat
    I tried for a full two hours to vote--- got a busy signal each and every time (NYC area).... I'm gonna guess he's safe tonight!

    I hope you're right KatieKat. I was getting through every 10-20 times. I was really worried when I goth through 10 times in a row.
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    Everytime I called for Bo I got through & I never got through for Carrie because it was always busy.

    I have a bad feeling tonight about Bo & Vonzie being the bottom two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WakkaDakka
    Everytime I called for Bo I got through & I never got through for Carrie because it was always busy.

    I have a bad feeling tonight about Bo & Vonzie being the bottom two.

    I had a very difficult time getting through to Bo's line and Vonzell's line on the east coast.

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    I'm on the West Coast and only got 2 votes through last night. I tried the whole 2 hours. I'm hoping that's a good sign!

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    An interview with Bo's step-sister just aired on FOX news. She said that he really is laid-back but is probably nervous while performing on AI. She said that he was a great big brother - very protective of her.

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