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Thread: Bo Bice (AI 4)

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    I remember singing this song.. along with One in jr High Chior, our teacher was a broadway nut we had dance steps even lol. I think he did a decent job for someone not knowing a thing about musicals.

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    Bamabrain, thanks for posting the article. Very interesting stuff! Bo seems like such a good guy. It's funny that the guys in the band thought having strippers as groupies was a problem. Most guys would be pretty OK with that. Just shows how down to earth and "real" they are.

    Bo has been a little off for the past few weeks. I don't hold this week against him. He was totally out of his element doing showtunes. I don't think that is an appropriate category for this competition. Nothing against Broadway, but it just doesn't fit. AI could have come up with something better.

    I hope he gets back on track next week. With my luck, Bo, Nadia and Vonzell will be bottom three.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clay crazy
    I agree. I think he's been very honest this whole competition and definitely seems like a nice guy.

    I wasn't familiar with Bo's song, so I didn't realize it was a different tempo from the original, and I didn't notice a lyrics problem. While I don't think it was his best performance, I enjoyed it, mainly because I thought some of the other songs were a bit on the boring side.
    I may have heard that song one time before, lol, and I love Broadway. For some reason, though, I never had the urge to listen to "Pippin". For me, it was an enjoyable performance that entertained me. If it was a single, I'd buy it.
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    I wouldn't have had any problem with Bo this week if he hadn't completely collapsed the lyrics to the song. I mean it, I know that song backwards and forwards and he wasn't even close. I hope it's a fluke; if he typically has this much difficulty learning a song he's never seen before in a short time, he's going to be in very deep trouble later on. What if they make them do Disco? Big Band? Salsa night? :rolleyes

    I don't expect him to be good at everything. I do expect him to be prepared to muddle through a song that isn't just his cup of tea.

    However - and this is a huge saving grace - Bo knew he deserved to be in the bottom three, and he admitted it. I'll betcha good money he's on fire next week to make up for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abrahammy
    I don't expect him to be good at everything. I do expect him to be prepared to muddle through a song that isn't just his cup of tea.

    However - and this is a huge saving grace - Bo knew he deserved to be in the bottom three, and he admitted it. I'll betcha good money he's on fire next week to make up for it.
    Bo seems like such a good guy, I feel almost guilty slamming him. But that performance was one of the worst things I've ever heard from the top ten Idol contestants (though admittedly I didn't watch most of last season ). Honestly, I thought it sounded like very, very bad '70's AM radio - Tony Orlando & Dawn came first to my mind while I was watching. I generally enjoy Bo, but these past two weeks, he has illustrated in a most unfortunate fashion that AI itself is very probably not his cup of tea.

    Not that it's a bad thing. Very likely someone will offer him, and maybe his band, a recording contract and he can perform the genre of music he IS good at. He is obviously committed to a musical career and I would like to see him suceed at something he loves and has a passion for.
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    I never even knew he flubbed his lines. Of course the extent of my Broadway musical knowledge is Memory's from Cat's. I'm hoping that there are several million other's like myself who didn't notice the difference either. While he didn't blow the walls off the auditorium, he was still better than some.
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    I could hardly pay attention to the first seven performers because I was so worried about what the heck Bo could sing from this sucky theme. Then when he came out, looking all luscious in liquid leather, I thought he sounded pretty good. And listening to the mp3 on repeat, I still think so.

    To me the earlier, "evocative" version Bo sang fits the rebel rocker image better than the later version.

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    Article from The Birmingham News, 04/08/05:


    Pastor believes Bo Bice 'anointed' as an entertainer
    Friday, April 08, 2005
    Bike Fest might not strike you as the most reverent event, but the Rev. Donny Acton may beg to differ.

    Acton, 44, holds modern pastoral views that bring new members to a 176-year-old church in Shelby County.

    One of those recruits is Harold "Bo" Bice, 29, baptized into the fold at New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church last Easter.

    Traditional clergymen might look at a scraggly-haired clerk working in a guitar store and shrug their shoulders, thinking such a person wouldn't be interested in what a church has to offer. Not Acton.

    "I want the skateboarders; I want the Bo's," he says. "Bo is a good example of how a church can embrace people."

    Acton encouraged Bice to join New Hope's praise and worship band about two years ago, and supported the Helena musician wholeheartedly when Bice decided to try his luck and skill on "American Idol."

    These days Acton organizes weekly "Idol" viewing parties on Bice's behalf in the fellowship hall, amid shrouded instruments, buffet tables and handmade paper stars that shout "Bo" in paste and glitter.

    "Bo's ours," Acton says simply. "We're a small church and we like to support our folks."

    Until Bice left for Hollywood, he was a faithful presence at New Hope's casual 11 a.m. services on Sundays - playing guitar, singing and sometimes leading prayers in flip-flops.

    The singer-songwriter didn't hesitate to perform at an October motorcycle gathering on the church grounds. In fact, Acton credits Bice's music as a major factor in the success of Bike Fest.

    Also, Bice immediately responded when asked to help at a baby's funeral around Christmastime. He offered a tender rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" for the family of the child, and performed an original song for them to celebrate the infant's memory. Bice pressed a recorded copy of the tune into their hands, as well.

    "Bo has a rocker image, but he's proof that you don't have to be this hard jerk," Acton says. "He's a Southern gentleman. I took his mom up to the television station, and I told her, `Y'all have done so well instilling values in him.'"

    Acting as Bice's confidante is a task Acton has shouldered with careful attention, especially now that his friend is so far away from home. Calls from Bice in Los Angeles come in every week or two, Acton says, varying with the show's hectic schedule.

    Lately, their talks have caused Acton to pause for a few moments of prayer for Bice at the start of the "Idol" viewing parties on Tuesdays.

    "I felt the Lord prompting me," Acton says. "To be a Bo fan, I also have to be his pastor. My feeling was: Bo, he's weary, just from the work."

    Comfort from New Hope will be on its way soon; the 230-member congregation recently presented Acton and his wife, Mindy, with an all-expenses-paid trip to "Idol" territory.

    Acton says he's still figuring out the best week to attend the show, but adds that a few other church members already have made the trip, seen Bice off-camera and been treated warmly.

    That's partly why Acton bristles when he hears of "Idol" watchers who question Bice's Christianity or consider his commitment to the church mere window dressing.

    "Bo was at a point in his life where he was searching for something, and that's where our journey started," Acton says. "There are times when God makes these connections. It was a God encounter."

    He likewise believes that Bice has been "anointed" as an entertainer, rather like Elvis Presley, and looks forward to the time when Bice can return to his church, "Idol" or not.

    So what happens if 5,000 fans turn up to welcome Bice and catch his next Sunday performance?

    "Bring it on," Acton says. "We'll call it Bo Fest."

    Mary Colurso covers pop music and night life for The Birmingham News. To e-mail her, write to mcolurso@bhamnews.com.

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    Bo's Da Bomb!!! He made the song his own, especially when the theme sucked like a "Hoover!" Can't wait til Tuesday... He will blow us away again like he does every week! I can't wait... still wondering what the theme is....
    He'll get thru no matter what! I'll personally see to it lol.
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    Bo was singing an earlier version of Corner of the Sky. According to Stephen Schwartz, who wrote the song, it was changed during rehearsals to better fit the theme of the musical, but the earlier version had already been released, and is still floating around. So, as exciting as it may be to think Bo is able to make up entire verses on the fly, he didn't do it. I actually prefer the version he sang, as I think it better fits the rebel rocker image.

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