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Thread: Bo Bice (AI 4)

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    We don't need any more "proof" that Bo wants to win than his performances last night. After his incredible performance of DLTSGDOM, Bo stuck his neck out farther than any AI finalist has ever done - and succeeded beyond all expectations. "In a Dream" was one of the most awesome (isn't it funny how everyone keeps using that word?) things I've ever seen anywhere. (I predict it will be a regular highlight on his eventual tour.) I can't imagine anyone having the cojones to do that, and yet not want to win.

    Bo wants it -- and I'm going to do everything in my text-messaging power to help that happen!

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    I just need to say that Bo was absolutely amazing last night. It's a crime if he doesn't make it to the finale. He blows me away, every performance. It's just his prescence and everything about him. By the way, I also refuse to watch the finale if he is not in it!

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    Bo gets my vote. Whoever gets to join him in the final 2 will have to accept this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinahann
    If Bo goes home I won't be watching the finale!
    I truly enjoy Bo, but I'm the other way around ... I'll be a basket-case watching the finale! But then, I didn't even like to watch my son's elementary league play-for-fun baseball games I'm a weenie
    I, too, believe Bo proved to his fans that he's in it to win ... I really hope this comes true for him - what a neat guy! BOTE!!
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    Article from The Birmingham News , 5/14/05:


    Bo's home run leaves no 'Idol' time
    'American Idol' finalist makes whirlwind tour to Alabama and back
    Saturday, May 14, 2005
    News staff writers
    Sweet home Ala-Bo-ma?

    Lynyrd Skynyrd might have to change the words to one of its best-known tunes after singing that Southern-rock anthem Friday with Harold "Bo" Bice in Helena.

    The "American Idol" contestant, 29, was in the Birmingham area most of the day, meeting an enthusiastic public and whipping up support for his top-three run on the Fox TV reality series.

    Bice's encounter with Skynyrd took place around 5:30 p.m. in Helena Amphitheater Park before a crowd of about 5,000 people, most of whom appeared surprised to see the grizzled rock band take the stage.

    "How many people love Lynyrd Skynyrd?" Bice asked.

    After teasing the audience, he announced that Skynyrd was in the house, then performed "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Free Bird" with the group.

    Lead singer Johnny Van Zant, guitarist Rickey Medlocke and the other members of Skynyrd were in Alabama because of a Thursday concert at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Pelham, followed by a show tonight at the Von Braun Center Arena in Huntsville.

    The band's quick gig with Bice was a party-hearty addition to a packed schedule of public and private events planned for Friday by "Idol" producers.

    All were filmed by crew that followed the Helena resident start to finish - from a 7 a.m. appearance on radio's "Rick & Bubba Show" to his last wave before boarding a private plane in Birmingham more than 12 hours later.

    Bice traveled mostly in a black Ford Excursion stretched and customized as a limousine, preceded by three police officers on motorcycles. He also rode in a 5 p.m. procession through Helena's Old Town district in a black Ford Mustang convertible.

    The long-haired singer spent part of his homecoming greeting thousands of fans and part relaxing in a small circle of loved ones - including his parents, Nancy and Earle Downes; his girlfriend, Caroline Fisher; his bandmates from SugarMoney, John Cooper and Shane Sexton; his pastor, the Rev. Donny Acton; and his basset hound, Gracie.

    'This is insane!':

    "I'm just so thrilled for him," Bice's mother said. "I'm happy to share him. I just want everybody to enjoy him."

    Bice appeared jubilant at early appearances, such as a 10:30 a.m. stop at a Pelham Wal-Mart, where he signed copies of a CD single released by "Idol" finalists and mugged for about 1,000 people.

    "This is crazy. This is insane!" he said.

    The long line of admirers present responded by chanting Bice's name and waving homemade signs that bore slogans such as "Gone Bo-nanas," "Bo, we skipped school!" and "Bo, are you tired yet?"

    Bice let his fatigue seep through later in the day, shedding a few tears around 3 p.m. at Helena City Hall when he was met by more than 350 city employees and their families.

    Bice received a special key to the city, fashioned into a necklace by artist Lora Popwell, and was informed by Mayor Charles "Sonny" Penhale that May 13 had been proclaimed Bo Bice Day in Helena.

    He'll keep trying:

    "I never thought I'd have a place or people embrace me like you have," Bice said. "Remember, I used to hang out on my couch about 200 yards from here."

    He blamed his emotional state on jet lag, and added that it had been a long, tough day.

    At appearance after appearance, Bice sang for fans, signed autographs, posed for photos, flashed peace signs and professed affection for everyone who supported him on "Idol."

    When asked if he would win on the show, Bice flashed a grin and responded, "We're gonna try."

    On Tuesday, he will vie to become one of two singers left in the high-profile competition, dueling with Carrie Underwood of Checotah, Okla., and Vonzell Solomon of Fort Myers, Fla.

    If Bice survives the cut announced on Wednesday's results episode, he'll progress to the series finale, set for May 24-25 in Los Angeles.

    Win or lose, Bice said, he'll always leave his heart - and keep a house key - in the South.

    "People in LA keep telling me I need to move there," he said. "But I keep telling them no matter what I do or where I go, I'll always have a home in the great state of Alabama."

    E-mail: mcolurso@bhamnews.com
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    watching the results show, I felt that Bo should have sung one of the other 2 songs instead...his first rendition was so good, it seemed almost a waste to do it again (if that makes any sense watsoeva)...

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    Having now seen the results show and the very short clip of Bo singing with Lynyrd Skynyrd, does anyone else think he will be singing "Sweet Home Alabama" in the finale? I'm actually surprised he hasn't done that song yet...

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    I know what you mean....I myself was holding my breath for Bo..that he wouldn't have a mistake in that same song last night, but he didn't.
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    Okay. I have to say something. I finally heard Badlands version of "In A Dream" and I have to say, believe it or not, that I liked Bo's version much, much better. He slowed down a little bit and I think it sounded better without that guitar in it. GO BO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am so very glad that Bo is in the finale. Woo-hoot actually, I'm thrilled about it. No matter what happens, he will definitely be putting a cd out soon. Good luck Bo......bring it home Tuesday night.
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