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Thread: Bo Bice (AI 4)

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    defn a better singer than the other rocker...

    hope he makes it into the top12...

    would like to see him do songs from Train (Drops Of Jupiter), Bon Jovi (Always) in the next 2 weeks...

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    Summer Break bamabrain's Avatar
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    Birmingham News article 2/25/05:


    'Idol's' Bice Guy
    Friday, February 25, 2005
    News staff writer
    His fans already call themselves the Bice Squad and the Bo Peeps.

    He admits to being "a bit of a ham" at times, and has been seen flashing a double thumbs-up sign on national television.

    He has long hair, a soul patch and an affinity for baggy clothes.

    He wears a cross around his neck that was given to him by his mother.

    In some photos, he looks as if he could easily play the lead role in "Jesus Christ Superstar."

    He's Harold "Bo" Bice, 29, the Birmingham area's latest hopeful on "American Idol."

    Following a path blazed by second-season winner Ruben Studdard, the Helena resident is one of 20 finalists competing on the Fox reality series.

    He is the third "Idol" finalist with Birmingham ties. Studdard, of course, proudly proclaimed his allegiance to the 205 area code, and the third-season runner-up, Diana DeGarmo, was born in Birmingham.

    "When I first found out I was in the finals, I was pretty stunned," says Bice, a Huntsville native. "There's a lot of great talent here."

    Bice, a singer-songwriter who leans to rock and blues, has become one of the most talked-about vocalists on the show, now in its fourth season.

    On Monday, his confident performance of "Drift Away," a soul ballad popularized by Dobie Gray, pushed the previously quiet, shaggy Bice to the forefront and earned him high praise from all three "Idol" judges.

    "I like people who know who they are," said Randy Jackson. "That was hot."

    Paula Abdul, who has a tendency to gush, said listening to Bice was like putting on a soft, comfortable, "perfect" pair of jeans.

    Simon Cowell, the toughest of the troika, pointedly noted that Bice had a "good recording voice." A recording contract is part of the booty for anyone who grabs the "Idol" crown.

    Although his prospects going into this week were uncertain, Bice deftly survived Wednesday's cut, when four finalists - two male and two female - were sent packing.

    Win or lose, this musician is more than ready for his close-up. He's been singing since childhood and entering competitions since age 9. In addition to singing, Bice plays guitar, bass, piano, saxophone and harmonica.

    He is a veteran of the nightclub circuit, having performed solo and in groups such as Sugar Money, Purge and the Bo Bice Band. Among his credits: opening for Blackfoot and Warrant.

    "I'm going to pursue music, no matter what," he says. "It's in my blood. And I'll be doing this until the day I die whether I'm working in a guitar store, or digging a ditch."

    Bice, who auditioned for "American Idol" in Orlando, didn't receive much airtime on the series until mid-February, when he was glimpsed singing "The Letter" by the Box Tops.

    His influences include Led Zeppelin, James Taylor, Matchbox Twenty, Jim Croce and Willie Nelson.

    Unlike other contestants, Bice hasn't been afraid to take "Idol" to task for its unwavering focus on pop material.

    "I think they need a kick in the rear with some rock 'n' roll music," he says. "I feel like I could bring my craft to the forefront and really show off some good rock."

    If he makes it to the top of the "Idol" heap, Bice says, he'll thank God, his family and the "Idol" crew.

    And if he fails?

    "I will probably be helping these guys roll up cords to pay my plane ticket home," Bice jokes. "You never know."
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    Quote Originally Posted by funnygirl422
    Cool or not he's got charisma. Why else would a big handful of "quite a bit older than him" ladies start acting like middle schoolers and not be afraid to discuss it on-line.
    Where is that happening? Over at the official "Idol" site?

    Bo is talented but he does not have a unique voice. He just doesn't look like your typical boy bander (thank God) and he's sings songs that are a little more rugged than your typical AI contestant. We must have been in the mood for a change and he couldn't have come along at a better time.
    I agree.
    As for the uniqueness of his voice, I'll have to hear a couple more songs to judge that. (Someone can have a distinctive sound even with a voice that's not unique.) I'm not sure how unique most pop (and hip-hop, r&b, country, etc.) stars' voices are, anyway. A bunch of them sound like each other.
    I do think he's a refreshing change for AI, and I understand he's as much a blues man, folky, and even Christian contemporary musician in "real life" as he is a "rocker." He listed both James Taylor and Led Zeppelin as among his favorites. I really hope he stays around long enough to display more than one genre. (And I expect he will, but with AI voting, you never know.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grisabella
    Where is that happening? Over at the official "Idol" site?

    I couldn't tell you if that's what's being said on the net, but my two older sisters (late 30's/ early 40's) have the ga-ga's over him as well as their friends. Must be the throwback to long hair of the 80's?
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    [QUOTE=funnygirl422]Cool or not he's got charisma. Why else would a big handful of "quite a bit older than him" ladies start acting like middle schoolers and not be afraid to discuss it on-line.

    Funnygirl, the answer is probably that we were THERE when the real rockers began the genre!

    Yes, I was uncomfortable when he mentioned his recording studio because many of these young people could never afford one. It made him appear to be more professional than the others. I do believe there is a difference between having a band that does local gigs and having a band who is an opening act for a concert (Carrie).

    I hope he does well this week!

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    FORT Newbie connie's Avatar
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    He was the absolute favorite of my office this week and many were going crazy/gaga over him. 12 of us (ages 26-52) love the show and always watch. Unfortunately they feel really proud if they get 3 to 10 votes in for him. I have a feeling that Bo is going to do well but may be overtaken by the contestants with fans that are voting machines.

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    I am glad that most people see Bo for how he really is, a unique and good hearted person. He was great last week and I wish him the best of luck this week. I just wish that he was singing an original with his guitar and harmonica. And Kariann1, he doesn't have a studio in his house because, he has more money than the other contestants do. He has it because he worked hard and put the equipment into it one piece at a time. I don't know how much he made working at the guitar store, but after he found out he was going to the LA auditions, his employer made him decide between the job or possibly being on this show. He took a chance and is pursuing what he loves. He is an exceptional person and deserves every good thing that comes his way.

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    I think Bo is just an awesome singer! I hope he makes it to the top 6 maybe even farther! And b'hamkev!!

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    My boyfriend was firmly entrenched in the Constantine camp. He disliked Bo because he was another rocker and "There should only be one rocker: Constantine." I personally liked them both. After Bo's performance on Monday, my boyfriend got really quiet then said, "Actually, I think there's room for two rockers on this show."

    Well done, Bo! Congradulations on a great performance!

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    Thanks, b'hamkev for providing additional information on Bo. I was expressing what I feared others were thinking. To have your own recording studio is cool but something that most contestants can only dream about. Hopefully, the comment didn't turn others away!


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