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Thread: Queen Latifah

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    Queen Latifah is not gay. Its a stereotypical thing. Just because she is empowered and independent and you don't see her with guys all the time or even if ever, people think she's gay. She said she was'nt gay herself. Plus jst because she may prefer that her privite life remains privite as to whether she has a boyfriend or what, doesn't mean that its not true. k. I think what started the whole gay thing too was her part in the movie Set it Off where she played a lesbian bank robber. So, its not true, she's just a great actress!!!

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    Go Queen Latifah!

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    I recently got a new doctor. Did not know her name as she is in a large practice, but had the appointment. In walks a beautiful big african-american woman, we sit down to "chat" first and I notice her name tag says:

    Dana Owens (Queen Latifah's real name). I basically blurt out without thinking: I LOVED your last album. We both laughed and she says:

    Oh, you are quick, most people don't catch that.

    So I tell my teenage daughter later, guess what? my new doctor is Queen Latifah.

    Bless her heart, she can be real dumb for being so smart and says:


    Yeah, when she's not making movies and recording albums, she's a coochie doctor in Naples, FL.

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    Has anyone heard her song Better Than The Rest? Isn't it the greatest song by her?
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    Just a passing thought...

    Of all the singers in her genre, Queen Latifah is the classiest by far. And all the kids today who look to the music industry to find their role models would do well to make QL theirs. She's a class act all the way around, without giving up the coolness factor.

    And even at my age, she appears to be someone who I'd enjoy having in my home sitting around chatting with or hanging out with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reality tv fan;1286418;
    No idea about her personal life, but she seems like a great lady, and I enjoy her in all her movies.

    Who doesn't love the queen in Chicago? She brought the house, or rather, theater down.
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