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Thread: UK Charts.... Elvis at number ONE every week!!

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    UK Charts.... Elvis at number ONE every week!!

    What's your thoughts on this? Elvis singles are being released every week this year ( as far as I know ) in the UK. AND every week the number one record is Elvis!

    Do you think this reflects the quality of new talent or the quality of Elvis?
    OR does it finally sound the death knell for singles with the phenomenal growth of legally downloaded music?

    I'm really interested in your opinion. I'm no Elvis fan and it's been many a year since I bought a single but I remember as a teenager really caring about what was number 1!
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    I think it probably reflects both the poor quality of talent these days and the brilliance of Elvis.

    I also think your downloading observation could have an impact on the charts.
    Perhaps it's older people (well, people my age ) who are buying singles while younger people are downloading.

    We were watching Top of the Pops on BBC Canada Kids the other day and act after act was utterly appalling imo.
    Manufactured, talentless crap.
    It doesn't surprise me that people don't want to pay for that and prefer to download.
    I can remember listening to the top 40 every Sunday afternoon and, like you, actually caring who was number 1.

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