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Thread: Pop star Anastacia diagnosed with breast cancer

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    Pop star Anastacia diagnosed with breast cancer

    Pop star Anastacia diagnosed with breast cancer
    Associated Press

    LOS ANGELES - Pop singer-songwriter Anastacia is battling breast cancer.

    The 29-year-old performer was diagnosed with the disease last week during a routine checkup, she said in a statement released Tuesday.

    "My doctor was insistent that I have a mammogram even though it was not required. He saved my life!" she said. "I appreciate all who are concerned, but please don't worry. Either way, I have no intention of letting this news get me down. I'm a fighter by nature and nothing will ever change that."

    Representatives declined to discuss other details of the illness or her planned treatment.

    Publicist Paul Freundlich said Anastacia is currently in dance rehearsals in New York and plans to finish filming a video for her latest single, "Love Is A Crime," which is featured on the soundtrack to the new film "Chicago."

    The singer, who was born Anastacia Newkirk in Chicago and grew up in New York City, got her start as a dancer on "Club MTV."

    She has sold more than 5 million albums - mostly in Europe - since her debut, "Not That Kind" came out three years ago. Her second album, "Freak of Nature," was released last year.

    When she was 13, Anastacia was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammation of the digestive track. She has said she would never hide a large scar on her midriff, instead showing it off with formfitting cropped tops.

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    Little young to get cancer...

    I hope she recovers soon.

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    Anastacia getting cancer??


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    Wow, she is very young to have this.
    Thankfully it's been found and hopefully she can make a full recovery.
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    I cannot believe it. Somehow, popstars are like this in your mind. Perfect, living a long life and such. Shocking that they are just like the rest of us, susceptible to cancer. Very sad.
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