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Thread: Avril Lavigne

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    Boom Bazooka Joe! Amy Lee's Avatar
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    I like avril actually. I feel her to be genuine, except for hanging out with Paris hilton and looking a little too soft. I love "Losing grip".
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    I've always been a fan of Avril Lavigne and her music. I personally don't get why people consider her a "poser". Like Amy Lee said, Avril is definitely a genuine musician and she is who she is and there's something that is real and up-front about who she is and I love that whether it be her personality or her fashion sense, unlike someone like Ashlee Simpson where you can easily tell that she is "supposed to be punk" *insert gag* just to have that whole gimmick of being different from her sister. Plus, unlike lip-synching Ashlee, Avril has said that she never will lip-synch in concert I respect her a lot for it.


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    I'm a closet fan of Avril. I liked her recent "My Happy Ending" which has the cute guy in her music video.

    She is afterall not like the others.
    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    At least she is trying to do her own thing and actually make music rather than rely on her cleavage and navel to sell records. *cough*lindsaylohan*cough*
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    i think she is a sell out.

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    Avril Lavigne Is Kool
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    Avril Lavigne bores me.
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    She still has a lot of growing up to do but I respect what she's done for herself.

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    I actually went to one of her first concerts in NYC... I believe it was June 2002, or somewhere around there and she was pretty good.. the venue was small so it was pretty packed (I remember I bought 4 tickets for $15 each the day they went on sale and by the time of the event, tickets were long sold out and I was able to sell my 2 extra tickets for $125 each in front of the venue... )

    Anyways, I think Avril is cool... She trys to act all tough but its just a front she puts on... My favorite song by her is probably "Unwanted" from her first album... I actually havent listened to her newer album so I cant comment on that one, but her first album had a decent number of solid tracks that I still enjoy from time to time..

    She's gotten pretty popular now I guess and I have a feeling tickets for her concert arent $15 like they were when I went, so I would probably have no interest in seeing her live again... :deadhorse

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    Ladadida hungry_hippo's Avatar
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    She rocks!! her best songs are He wasn't and Don't tell me!!

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    Avril Lavigne Weds!


    Avril Lavigne Weds!

    July 15, 2006

    Chick rocker AVRIL LAVIGNE got a real-life "happy ending" this weekend! She wed Sum 41 frontman DERYCK WHIBLEY on Saturday near Santa Barbara in the exclusive area of Montecito, CA.

    The 21-year-old singer and Whibley, 26, said their vows in front of approximately 100 guests at a private resort. People magazine reports that the punk princess walked down the aisle with her father, JOHN, while the traditional "Wedding March" played. She reportedly looked fetching in a VERA WANG gown with a bouquet of champagne-colored roses in her hands.

    Earlier reports had suggested the wedding would take place in late August, but media attention apparently spurred the couple to move up the date. Friends and family of the pair were reportedly notified days ago of the plan and were told to book their tickets immediately for Santa Barbara, where the Grammy nominee and her punk rock groom bought a house together last year.

    The couple, who have been dating since February 2004, were officially engaged a year ago in June, when Deryck proposed to Avril while she was finishing up the last leg of her "Bonez" tour in Europe.

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