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Thread: Henry Mancini.

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    Henry Mancini.

    Henry Mancini is heaven. I like to just sit on my computer chair & sway back and forth to him, while watching the smoke from my incent rise towards my ceiling. I feel so peaceful when Henry's playing.

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    :: Henry ::

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    Reminds me of band and now I've got "Baby elephant walk" stuck in my brain ... (I play the tuba and "Baby Elephant Walk" was the COOLEST song ever to play!!! Lotsa nice walks there.... Henry Mancini rocks

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    Henry Mancini - are you kidding?

    Love Song - Romeo & Juliet (A Time for Us - love it!)

    That has to be my all-time-favoritest-ever song. Ever.

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    Mancini fans might want to check out this, uber-cool cover collection, Shots in the Dark: Del-Fi Does Mancini.


    Nan Vernon does a sublime version of "Moon River" and, hey, Rose MacGowan on the cover, how cool is that?

    The 1996 compilation album out of print, so if you run across a copy, make sure you snatch it up.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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