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Thread: The Eagles

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    The Eagles

    The Eagles are coming to Montreal at the end of March 2005. The tickets go on sale this Saturday. I am thinking of attending but the ticket prices haven't been announced yet. I would be surprised if the tickets are less than $125 CDN. I'm not prepared to pay that much to see ANY band. Has anyone seen The Eagles recently? Are they still a great band or have they sunk to mediocrity?

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    They came by around here in the summer, but I didn't go. I'm a fan, but I wouldn't pay that much to see them either.
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    I saw them in London in... 1995 or 1996. The "Hell Freezes Over" tour. They were still good then.
    But no way could I have afforded a regular ticket -- they were outrageously priced even then. I had a friend who was in a wheelchair, and she had to have an escort to go. The escort ticket was about 15 pounds. I told her to see the Eagles for 15 pounds I'd carry her on my back.
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    I saw The Eagles (minus Don Henley.. can you still call them The Eagles? ) when they performed at one of our Dealer Business Conferences in Las Vegas in 2000. They sounded absolutely fabulous.. but even so, I'm not sure that I'd pay $100 American to see them.

    It was even more fun as it was in a large ballroom at the Bellagio and the guys just rocked... loudly. I still wanted to hear The Confessor, tho. *sniff*
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